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  1. @KriessG I picked up Surgeon Simulator as it's getting VR support patched in and it's only about three quid right now.
  2. Great work guys. Few more like that, then we'll start on the Star Wars puns.
  3. Yeah we can come up with better than that. Here's two to get the ball rolling: Fate of the Krays. Death of the Krays. Whoevers is chosen gets a producers credit.
  4. You've earned your place on the tech team today @Commander Jameson
  5. Just saw this on sale at the Co op. It's got your name on the back.
  6. The most expensive I've seen is RIGS for £50. Which isn't too bad really, so I've just preordered it. So now that's PSVR Worlds, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and RIGS. It is indeed going to be an expensive month. I'm just glad I decided to keep my Christmas and summer bonuses for it.
  7. They're also up for pre order on amazon as well as a few others. Pricing seems in line with non vr games or a cheaper for some, so very reasonable.
  8. Cos football fans are stupid lol.
  9. I'll ask her tomorrow. She's doing Paella.
  10. Power and the throne. That's what she holds most dear. It always has been. More so than her children and her pursuit of them has ultimately led to the demise of each of children.
  11. @McSpeed can you tell us a little about how rush of blood works. Is your character sat down for the entire thing and is the second move controller a torch, do you think you could use one of those gun shaped adaptors that came out with move for the gun? What's it like to play?
  12. Ah it's my mum's phone rather than mine, I didn't get to play with it much outside the headset, but it is very pretty and flashy looking. I'm pretty sure it was an O2 deal, it was definitely from Carphone warehouse.
  13. What was I on? Not sure I understand what you mean there. It was the S7 edge though if that's what you mean. which I think is bigger than the standard one, I didn't notice any light leak, but maybe that was why. As well as what I wrote above, I was just thinking about other complaints people made about VR in general. I didn't see any giant pixels, it wasn't blurry and I didn't notice any kind of screen door effect. Just get one dude, you won't regret it and you can always flip it if I'm wrong, but I'm confident I'm not. Oh, bear in mind. The headset is free with the phone again now, so don't get conned into splashing out extra for it.
  14. Yeah man S7 and gear VR. Firstly, I played on a proper Oculus about two years ago at a show and was blown away by that so kind of already knew what to expect. But I put it on with only a not great set of headphones to go with it and was instantly amazed by it to almost the same degree. If I wasn't already getting PSVR I'd buy an S7 and headset based just on that twenty minutes with it. The graphics are what you'd expect from a mobile phone but the 3D is great and there's something about the sense of reality of what you're looking at that makes me not only not care about comparisons of graphics, but forget about any possible disparities altogether. I didn't even think about what the graphics were like in that sense until I started thinking about how to reply to you. People talk about the sense of presence so much that the phrase is almost a cliche, but it's said because its true. There I was sat on the moon watching some trailer on a giant cinema screen, I put my arm out to try and touch the arm rest and it landed on the kitchen counter, that was pretty cool. Then I got out of the chair and tried to walk around, which didn't work with it because the program keeps you stuck in the seat. But the sense of being there was so strong that I felt really weird that the scenery wasn't moving with me. Another thing that's impressive is how things are all to scale around you, the size of the screen and the chairs displayed around me. As well as that if you haven't used a decent VR headset there's something about the nature of the 3D that gives it a real physicality that you don't get with old fashioned 3D. The second game/experience we messed about with was an underwater experience with different types of animals and fish swimming around you, from sea turtles to sharks to giant whales. My mum had to take it off because she was getting so tense waiting for the whales to appear and having them loom over you. It's really easy to use and so if you're mum would be open to trying it out she'd be amazed by it I reckon.
  15. I played on an S7 Occulus today. Nothing major, just tried out a few cinemas. A traditional cinema and one on the moon. Then I played with the vr equivalent of Google star map and an underwater fish viewing thing. I know it's not psvr, but it was awesome and made me really excited again for when it finally comes out. I just can't see how this won't be the next big thing. The phone and headset are my mum's and when I got to her house she was sat using it in the kitchen as I let myself in. She's totally in awe of it.
  16. If you have a look about you can find move controllers very cheap at a lot of car boot sales.
  17. Nice. Are you getting psvr angel? What games are you looking at getting?
  18. There's got to be a better one than that.
  19. Amazon. Prices don't seem too bad.
  20. I've preordered until dawn and playstation worlds ad they're the two lower priced ones. I'm sure I'll preorder more, but not sure which yet. Probably Re7 and Rigs. I want valkyrie and the Batman game too, but it's not available to preorder yet. Plus I'm thinking I could flip until dawn and ps worlds to fund one of the others without losing much after I'm done with them.
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