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  1. Simply Games' stock status is now In Stock. Play it tomorrow! So maybe we reall will get our pre orders this weekend.
  2. What did they take from Generations?
  3. Yeah that sounds like he's saying they'd like it to happen, but it isn't happening.
  4. I don't know much about the issues reported with them, but Lion batteries can have as long as a twenty year shelf life (although generally closer to five) should work well for between 500 and 1000 charge cycles. So again I don't know much about the move batteries in particular, but I can't see it being that much of a risk buying second hand.
  5. I couldn't tell you to be honest. Mine came from a car boot and seemed fine, but I only turned them on long enough to see they worked then they went in the cupboard to await October.
  6. Car boot sales. You'll get them for a couple of quid. It's pot luck whether you see any though obviously.
  7. You can't use the ps3 camera because it has no depth perception.
  8. Well that's me done. 96.4%, no way am I going after all those Riddler trophies. I suppose I'll watch the ending on youtube later. Great game.
  9. Just finished the main story for the first time tonight myself. Just need to do two more side missions to activate the knightfall protocol now. As has been said its great. The story is really well done. However there isn't much originality in the gameplay outside the often unwelcome batmobile stuff. Thankfully it becomes a lot more bearable, fun even once you unlock a few of the upgrades for it.
  10. How do you edit the address on a simply games order? If I don't find out soon my ex-girlfriend is going to receive nicest gift I ever bought her.
  11. @Alex W. has turned into the Star Trek police in this thread.
  12. A lot of people are going to be interested in talking about a new show that would never have gone into the old thread.
  13. OK I'll let you say KOTOR as it's an answer I can respect. Good game
  14. How can one man be so consistently wrong about all areas of film and TV. What's your favorite computer game @makkuwata
  15. @makkuwata Decent dialogue, a story with a little more originality. Action scenes that had some sort of heft and consequence to them. For the characters to grow and develop in some way. An actual science fiction premise rather than just the trappings of a generic Sci Fi movie. Some emotional motivation for the interactions between the heroes and the villain. Sure you could argue that some of that's there, but it all really just feels like lip service. I once again, as I have with each of these new films, feel that the franchise name and costume design is there just to sell movies. That's all its inherited from the old timeline
  16. Well if all you wanted was a good triumphing over evil plot line and some references to the old shows then I can see how you'd like it. But that's a pretty low bar to set.
  17. The enterprise was used in three different series each in a different era. Same deal.
  18. Saw this yesterday, what a dreadful film. I didn't like the last two, but this is the worst of the three. Completely lacking in character, with nothing stand out about it that I'll remember six months from now. The dialogue was terrible and the plot was little more than an excuse to stage a series of action scenes on. It's an over the top modern blockbuster with Star Trek clothing hung on it. Such a waste of the franchise.
  19. I'm not saying we'll find the amazing secret multiplayer. I mean the amount of real world time it'll take for people to arrive at the same spot and not be able to see each other will depend on how long it takes to travel from one system to another.
  20. It was very fast paced this season in comparison to the prior ones @Commander Jameson yes. But 14 hours isn't much to tie up everything with worthy payoffs to the build up we've seen so far.
  21. I struggle to see how they can wrap everything up satisfactorily in just fourteen episodes, there must be a massive change of pace coming.
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