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  1. I guess the light that burns twice as bright burns twice as short.
  2. Awesome, it's like a Tie Interceptor crossed with a Viper from BSG.
  3. When I see ships like that I wish some of them had rotating wings.
  4. So you saw a ship you couldn't afford, then it just mysteriously crashed on the next planet you landed on by 'accident'. And the crew were 'already dead' when you got there..?
  5. Go visit Gold valley on We're Gonna Be Rich! in the Enigma system if you're looking to make a quick buck. That planet is a literal gold mine. Really though just keep playing and eventually you'll find a system you can make a lot of units in in a short amount of time.
  6. Ah no, found what I was thinking of on wikipedia: The Office started when Stephen Merchant, while on a BBC production course, had to make his own short film. In August 1999 he made a docu-soap parody, set in an office, with help from Ash Atalla, who was shown a 7-minute video called 'The Seedy Boss', thus David Brent was created, Merchant passed this tape on to the BBC's Head of Entertainment Paul Jackson at the Edinburgh Fringe, who then passed it on to Head of Comedy Jon Plowman, who eventually commissioned a full-pilot script from Merchant and Gervais.[36]
  7. Ah ok, I'm sure he used to play a character called 'annoying boss' or something that eventually became David Brent.
  8. Isn't he the character he used to perform on the eleven o'clock show?
  9. I did wonder whether that cloud making tech they were talking about patching in is an attempt at solving the fade in when flying over planet surfaces.
  10. I bought one of the Firefly style ships the other day. And here are my obligatory epic landing shots.
  11. The item descriptions you get when you select objects in there slots also hold information on the items value.
  12. I bet when she gets up here she smells like fucked buttholes.
  13. The game could really do with a proper map system for both space and whilst you're on planets.
  14. It's a Disney Star Wars film. As if the finished film isn't going to have stellar effects...
  15. I spent a good few hours today in my second system going between its two or three planets and one moon and the local space station. Managed to make a fair bit of money and bought myself a firefly style cargo ship so I could stop constantly worrying about inventory space finally. I'm not sure I love it yet, but it is very engrossing and such an easy time sink.
  16. That's okay. I'm taking tomorrow instead. I did have to rescind the pos I gave you though.
  17. Had the disc since saturday morning, I've just been holding off on playing it until the update is live and thought I'd take a day off for it.
  18. Guys? I'm running out if time to book it off!
  19. Am I right in understanding the day one patch is live on psn in the UK now? I might take tomorrow off work if so.
  20. This is cruel. So now I've got this sat in my disc drive, but I can't play it properly until it 'launches'!
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