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  1. People are a bit down on the trailer on here aren't they. What is it people didn't like?
  2. Well there's something I haven't seen before; that overgrown building interior.
  3. Decided to sell this today. If CEX are giving £36 cash then that's just a pound a week I've paid to play this. I'll hold on to the cash and put it towards a psvr game in a month or so. Then I'll rebuy this when it's about a tenner and they modded something worthwhile into it in six months time.
  4. So what you're saying is the galaxy is like a length of string; one end represents the outer rim, the other represents the centre. If one were to tie the ends of the string together, the galaxy becomes a loop. Next, by balling the loop together, the stars in the galaxy would touch one another out of sequence. Therefore, jumping from one part of the string to another would allow someone to travel back and forth within their own galaxy thus making a "quantum leap" between each star system.
  5. The already dealt with that at the beginning of esb.
  6. Think I'm going to sell this now too. Get the money back before it depreciates too much, then go back to Destiny until the next big disappointment (psvr) comes out. If all the rumoured updates happen and they patch something fun and worthwhile into nms then I'll pick it back up at that point.
  7. Have you noticed that since the patch some of the elements on planets look a lot more natural in their placement? Like they're just naturally coming out of the side of the hills and so on.
  8. So I just got to the end of the Atlas path I feel completely empty regarding it. The game's still not finished, but I feel like I saw everything on offer hours ago. I've enjoyed my time with the game, I loved it for a good while, although I'm feeling kind of disillusioned now and I know I'll enjoy more time with it, but at the moment it feels to me like its ten hours of content in a who knows how many hours game. It doesn't even feel like there was any reason to follow the path. Beyond the obvious shallow storyline, what's the point of it? The No Man's Sky universe is hollow.
  9. You can't. Someone already tried and uploaded it to YouTube.
  10. It's worked once for me, but all it did was highlight the very last system I'd visited, so pretty useless really.
  11. I agree they should give you the option to turn it off via the software, but I can see why it's not high on their priority list.
  12. Well the LED in the DS4 pad isn't going to be using more than around 5mA of current, I believe the battery on the pad is a 1000mAh capacity cell. So you could run just that LED for 200 hours before the battery runs out. You get about eight hours out of a single charge of a DS4, so its drawing about 125mA an hour. So, it's roughly worked out in my head, but removing the LED would barely get you an extra twenty minutes of battery life.
  13. Could be animals I think they're red before you've scanned them, then go white afterwards.
  14. It's also demonstrably not true. Lots of people have criticised things like the menu system, the galactic map, the lack of planetary maps, the pop in etc whilst also still enjoying the game. Similarly plenty of people have said it's not for them. So the idea that there are two polarised camps and discussion is impossible really holds no water.
  15. I don't get the point of base building, or owning a freighter. Base building especially doesn't seem to fit with the ethos of ever moving forward that they have. They sound cool, but I can't see the point of them in the context of the game unless it's going to change substantially as it goes on.
  16. Nope, all three looked shite and are shite. This looks good though. Don't understand the complaints at all.
  17. Class design. I saw a ship for nine million the other day.
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