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  1. You guys ups for some raiding with myself, @KYUSS and my regular destiny partner? Kyuss has done a little bit of raiding, but we've never done any. So hopefully we'regoing to try and get a game going one weeknight over the next week.
  2. Interesting,I briefly started Vault Of Glass,but assumed you needed at least three to stand on all those platforms at the same time.
  3. Ok dude, let me talk to my buddy and we can sort something. Is it right that you need more than three for some raids?
  4. Hopefully it's a little more 'significant' than Ian Mcshane's.
  5. Oh I forgot about this too. Thats a big bag of nope right there.
  6. I think I'm going to get RIGS, Battlezone and the Batman game. Then Eve when that comes out. I'd like to play Resident Evil, but I know it'd be too scary for me. EDIT: Apparently Eve is a launch title.
  7. She changed her appearance so as not to get caught.
  8. She's a previously seen character who's become a time traveller and that's how we get different seasons set in different eras without it being an anthology show. Sorry to ruin the surprise guys.
  9. Is anyone up for doing some raids with myself and a friend some time this week? As neither of us have played any of the raids it'd be preferable to find someone in the same position.
  10. I suppose it's kind of analogous to films shot in 3D and those converted after the fact. Although cinema style 3D isn't anywhere near as good.
  11. Nah they don't need to encourage people I shouldn't think. The vast majority of people who buy psvr will be picking it up if they have any interest at all in competitive online shooters. I don't think the day one market for psvr has much concern about cost of games, but there are actually quite a few budget priced games coming out at launch if they do.
  12. No man's sky cost £49.99 too. Although really it cost less if you knew where to look, same as Rigs will. £49.99 is standard new game pricing.
  13. Myself and a work mate are around light level 300 right now too and have been looking to do some raids. Ideally with others who are doing them for the first time also.
  14. Or your character is sat down like in star trek bridge crew.
  15. I haven't used psvr, but I'm pretty confident all the stuff they've shown is just two move controllers rather than a move controller and a navigation controller.
  16. There's offline stuff too, but it's not up to much from what I've read.
  17. And you can get battlefront for about a tenner.
  18. Problem with that @hobo is there's no such thing as an amazing discovery. I've not once seen a video or photograph or read an explanation of something I haven't already seen in the game beyond that one bug where the buildings were overgrown with plants. With distance from the game now, the more I think about it the more I realise what a wasted opportunity it is. Everything is plentiful, so there's nothing unique in anyone's experience of it.
  19. Just a month away from launch now. What are the known launch titles?
  20. Has anyone completed the game that is willing to post up some impressions about that, whether in spoilers or not.
  21. Thing is fifty notes ain't a halfway price. Anyway that's my copy sold. Only cost me two quid to rent it for two weeks.
  22. Yeah i can see all that, the franchise fatigue and the wariness of prequels in general. But hopefully they've realised that while the eventual outcome is known, the turns along the way and the ins and outs of who the characters are isn't. Hopefully the film will rely on characters as much as if not more than plot and so overcome the inbuilt limitations of its fate as a prequel. For what it's worth I think it looks great and although I liked ep7 a lot I welcome the break from the main characters storyline and all the expectations and dramatic requirements that has weighing down on it.
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