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  1. I can't tonight, I've got to go to a belly dancing event, but anytime we can get on that would be good. And don't worry about rushing us, like I said last night I think we've missed the boat on doing them with fellow noobs.
  2. That's OK, I may be about for another raid tomorrow so we can squad up then if you like. Last night was a lot of fun, thanks for sorting a team @Jerec, although I'm not too sure entirely who was who from rllmuk. I'm really looking forward to being involved in the early days of the ROI raid now. Just maybe I'll leave the white wine until after the jumping puzzles next time...
  3. Bomb avatar? Just sent you a friend thing.
  4. Sent you an invite. Its just me and my one mate so far though.
  5. Sure what's your psn? We're going to do vault of glass I think. Looking to start some time not long after nine now.
  6. It might be my most anticipated vr title LeChuck, but I get to be captain when we play.
  7. Ok awesome. We're already friends I think, so I'll drop you an invite to our party when we start up.
  8. Aye the film grain does look dreadful doesn't it.
  9. @boxoctosis @Billy Brown @Klaark @KYUSS And anyone else interested. My friend Scott and myself are going to try and sort a raiding party to have our first attempt at a raid from about 8 tonight. All are welcome, so please join in if you'd like to!
  10. Give it a few more weeks and it'll be a tenner everywhere.
  11. So the thing is Sean, that you amortise the cost of the console across the games that you play on it. So it doesn't cost the whole price of the console plus the price of the headset etc to play a vr game unless you only ever play one game on it. But you already knew that, unless you really are incredibly dense.
  12. Do you buy a new console for every game you play?
  13. I don't know anything about the comics, but isn't this a problem there as well?
  14. I've noticed that too. Not promising if it's to come out on day one.
  15. This demo disc is great news. All the big titles there. I was going to buy RIGS, Driveclub, Eve and Battlezone at launch most probably. I'll wait on all of them except maybe RIGS or Eve now.
  16. It's not about there being a 'need' to preorder. I 'want' to preorder. It doesn't cost me any extra and I want it day one without having to have go out to the shops, or pay for parking in town, or pay over the odds in Game to get it. Sure there will be bundles and price reductions in the future, but then you have to wait around and miss out on enjoying the hype, on experiencing and getting to grips with it alongside everyone else. Im really looking forward to my first match in RIGS, it's not like COD where we all know what to expect, I imagine there's going to be quite a learning curve. And anyway it's like No Man's Sky, I preordered that and enjoyed it for two weeks. Then my opinion of it flipped like a switch and I sold it in CEX. All in all, including car park fees, it cost me about four quid. There's no reason to think I won't be able to do the same with PSVR if it turns out to be a massive flop. Which hopefully it won't.
  17. Ok no worries. You'll be all ready for next time now.
  18. @boxoctosis @Billy Brown Shall we try for ten tonight?
  19. Will do. I've just sent you a friend request on PSN.
  20. Cool, what's your PSN ID? I'll add you.
  21. @KYUSS @Klaark @boxoctosis @Billy Brown Any if you guys up for some raiding this week? Myself and my friend are available either tonight, tomorrow night or Thursday night... Or all three probably.
  22. Shame about the presenters, but these two videos do a good job of showing a basic mission playthrough
  23. @Klaark awesome, what's your psn ID? @boxoctosis did a strike and a few quick Court of Oryx games with myself and a friend last night so maybe he can join us if we need to make numbers up. He's certainly welcome to jump in again any time he likes anyway.
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