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  1. I know pressing R gives you a power boost but how do you use the power-ups you collect during the race ???
  2. I've just found a crack on the left hinge of my DS lite. I know NoA is fixing them for free but I can't find any info about what NoE is doing. Any one know ??
  3. What did you find out ?? whats the best deals or trade in with my old DS ?? I saw asda are selling them for £90 (Only for the first week) and better ??
  4. What has Pete done to be called a sheep or weak ?? When did he get the job of shahbaz's bodyguard??
  5. fly53r135


    What size is the guppy ??
  6. I've had loads of "green flat weeds" but it never says anything, they just disappear like normal weeds. Did you get to keep the clover ??
  7. Is joan the only character to leave at 12 ?? Do the rest hang around all day ??
  8. fly53r135

    Fossil Exchange

    Thanks for the offer but I can't get online.
  9. Yeah I did that today. Expensive meal.
  10. fly53r135

    Fossil Exchange

    I only have about 10 fossils to collect but I've noticed that I'm only finding 2 a day. Is this normal or should I just look hard for the third fossil.
  11. I know you need to grow a red turnip for a week, but how long can it last once you've dug it up ??
  12. I pretty much do that all the time anyway thanks.
  13. I've just seen my first shooting star, Does this mean anything. Am I blessed for the week ???
  14. I've had to return it today. Couldn't get it to work and my PC started to crash. I'm on Blueyonder with a USB modem. Think I'll try the nintendo one.
  15. I've been pissing about with the C+W dongle for a week with no joy. I think I have the same problem as Disciple. Error Code 52001 - Unable to obtain an IP address. The dongle it's self seem to be working ok. eg. when I remove my internet connection it goes to an error code for "Connected to access point but no web connection". I've removed my firewall and then ran out of ideas. So I need the help from the good good people of rllmuk to sort this out. Please and thanks.
  16. fly53r135

    Arctic Monkeys

    Sorry mate but your completely wrong. I've had these demos for about a year (get me) and I've been to a couple of their gig's. You have to scrap the people off the ceiling at the end of the night. If a fake-grassroots PR campaign can achieve that they wouldn't be selling records they'd be running countries. Yes there's a shit load of hype with this band but IMHO it's started by the people who've seen them play and snowballed into all of this attention and a #1 hit. As for the libertines tag - go and clean your ears out. AM have a clean funky/pop sound and libs sound like a raw jagged mess. Their both white boys with guitars but at different ends of the scale.
  17. just got my conformation email. I ordered about 9:20.
  18. How safe it that site ???
  19. The end of Rambo: First Blood where sly trys his hand at "acting" and fails miserably.
  20. It 's a music video !! Michael and Janet Jackson never live on a space ship in black and white with special effects it was just the Scream video !! NME have a wank over a band every year, there just trying to shift more copies of the mag. That's why I don't read or trust there opions. But if you stopped listening to music just because the NME like it, your a cunt. I went to see babyshambles earlier in the year and it was class. I didn't know what I was going to get from song to song. It was something different and raw. This guy is killing himself for our entertainment (and to feed his habit) and that's Rock n Roll !!! As for the late Liverpool gig, it was meant to be late as he was performing in Blackpool. The guy can write a good tune but he can't be in 2 places at once.
  21. fly53r135

    The Killers

    I'm guessing you didn't hear them at this years Glastonbury then ?
  22. I missed this the other day......anyone know where I can get a torrent of it ???
  23. fly53r135


    The Fatima Mansions - Everything I do (I do for you) = pure genius Check out this guy Richard Cheese
  24. Anyone know if I could choose the PRG 2 + 12 months Xbox Live bundle ??
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