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  1. I just created a new account to apply it to. Don't bother with playlists and the like (although you can transfer them if you can be arsed), so it doesn't bother me to start afresh.
  2. stefcha


    I'd just like to say, that when you're the last to post and your avatar is the one showing up in the thread listings next to "Arsenal", it's absolutely bloody perfect.
  3. It's possibly the best PC gaming joypad available given it can be individually tailored to work wonderfully with pretty much any game out there, but at the same time almost impossible to make use of because to get the best out of it you need to individually tailor it to pretty much any game out there.
  4. Bear in mind you can only do it once, so load up on Gold before converting to Ultimate or using any Ultimate trials or anything.
  5. Superhot. I'm crap at, but enjoy first person shooters. So the idea of a sort of abstract puzzle shooter where the reaction times are on my terms should be ideal, but I tried and failed to get on with it. It just felt weird, wrong, and even unfair (it's probably not, but getting that feeling isn't much fun). As a result I'd probably never have tried Superhot VR if it wasn't on sale, but I did and it's incredible. A wonderful game, I guessed it'd just clicked. So I went back to Superhot again now I "get" it, there was some Gamepass Rewards challenge to do something in it. And I found it's still a horrible game that I can't get on with at all, it's like the same game only completely different in feel but it's annoying that I can't quite put my finger on precisely what it is.
  6. I totally forgot I'd done that. Evidently I've made almost no use of it at all then, and I guess it's only on 'til the end of the month then I'll be back to 60 points I've got enough to add another 6 months or so on, wondering whether do do that or save up for a wedge off the next hardware.
  7. Here's some of the new stuff in the Game Pass app anyway, if you're able to see these at all you'll need the beta version from the Play store: Here's the current/old version of it, just the standard Rewards stuff:
  8. Aha, it doesn't have "hot deal" plastered on it in yellow like it used to, must be why I was missing it. Only about a 5% discount though which is pretty shit, maybe that's why they're not highlighting it so much. edit: that 5% off is solely from being level 2 I just realised, apart from it existing is this really a deal at all? No idea how much it's usually be, if there's even anything to compare with. I suppose if 1 month of Ultimate is 12k points then this translates to 2 months of Ultimate for about the same so my that measure it's probably decent. Mine is 120 mobile now, beyond the three daily things for the streak it seems fairly sparse like no extra 30/40/50 point little extra quizzes on top that there used to be just the odd extra 10 point click here and there. Mind you I don't look at it that often these days.
  9. Has this changed from how I told you where to find the option that does that automatically last time?
  10. I've no idea what's happening with this any more. The website/search side seems to have gradually slimmed down and become more mobile focused given you can get more for mobile searches than PC now, plus there are fewer things to click on daily on site, the Xbox and now GamePass side seems to be becoming the main focus more and more. In addition to the usual Xbox Rewards quests there are now also Gamepass quests (you can find them under the Gamepass top level section on the dash if you have them, think you need to be an Insider for it to show up), daily, weekly, monthly for all sorts of things like downloading games from the mobile app, playing said games, doing specific things ingame and so on. Only spotted those because I got a notification for completing one and had didn't even realise it wasn't something held under the Rewards app for a while. Voucher hot deals seem to no longer be a thing now given they haven't done one of those for a couple of months far as I can tell, so while it's easier than ever to earn more the rewards you can get cost more.
  11. I know, right? Every month I've been looking for a discount but bar a small one or two a while back it's steered clear. Mind you, not that I'm short of stuff to play in the meantime.
  12. The credits. Finally, the credits! Long ass never ending credits that have been going on for what must be well over 20 minutes now, just to keep up with the tradition of the rest of the game. Phew. What a game, in its way.
  13. The gameworld seems impressive, but it's all smoke and mirrors and ultimately unrealised potential. It doesn't work as well as it pretends to, but it does do a superb job of pretending nevertheless. Maybe it's the way I've played it but it does seem the gaming equivalent of The Neverending Story though. It just keeps going and going and going and I want it to stop but I've played it so long I need to see how it ends. But Christ I wish it'd get on with it. Got to be the final, final stretch now though, it's been cool finally seeing certain things but in general this part especially could've done without returning to treacle pace. I'll miss it when it's gone.
  14. Quite cool to just jump into a game I've played before that's available (ReCore), jump straight in and carry on where I left off without a download. That's why this sort of service beats Stadia from the off, they're building on am infrastructure I've already been invested in for years. On that front it works really well, and it's clearly classed as a beta. But on the other hand, when it lags and slows even for a moment... this is why I wouldn't ever bother playing like this when a local option is available and rock solid in its consistency. When it's working perfectly, it's pretty good, but then "pretty good" isn't quite good enough either. Good enough would be near indistinguishable and ultimately it's little different to any other streaming solution I've tried. Everything feels like I'm controlling Arthur in RDR2. Ok, not that bad but it's towards that way. Also I haven't got a fucking clue how to actually play ReCore any more so the thought of actually doing anything in it is instantly off-putting on that level. Also also, some games just aren't made to be played on even an 8" screen. And by some games I mean every single one I tried. It's alright, it doesn't change anything.
  15. Why can you never run these fucking things on the Nvidia Shield
  16. The audio lag on this is worse than the video lag. It's doing my head in a bit, but I've not had much of a try on it yet. Seems a polished enough experience as far as actually using it goes so far though, wasn't expecting there to be such a large bunch of playable games (even if I'm not interested in most of what's there) thought it'd just be what I owned or something.
  17. Well, it's 5 or 6 MB/s solid for an hour, so that alone is going to make it unusable for the vast majority of people in this country. Plus it's not just that alone, it's then throwing this successfully around your internal network over wifi or whatever. And potentially with competing services running at the same time, Netflix, Spotify round the house and so on, it all adds up. Be alright if you're on a decent cable deal with a good powerline or mesh setup, obviously.
  18. Weber Mastertouch for £169 here https://www.bbqworld.co.uk/weber-barbecues/charcoal/weber-mastertouch-57cm-gbs-red-limited-edition-bbq.asp I'm tempted, as my Landmann barrel type thing, while decent enough is a bit of a pain in the arse to use at times. Worth going for? What else would be needed to go with it?
  19. I actually quite like the look of this now! Detective Pikachu with a bit less charm and a bit more schmaltz? And Jim Carrey eating scenery? and Knuckles (?).
  20. Catch up. The Dead Don't Die - 1/5 - Shite. Far too much of it simply didn't go anywhere, and it didn't seem to know what it wanted to be. Dark Phoenix - 3/5 - Far better than I feared. Saying that, some of the acting was complete bollocks. Fortunately, Fassbender exists. Brightburn - 3/5 - Daft but generally decent with some shocking moments that made us squirm more than expected. A nice change.
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