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  1. I think you don't /have/ to upload a ghost, and you only get the option to upload one if you're in the top 100 anyway. Maybe. You can race against your own by filtering to your times, as mentioned.
  2. Go on then, someone needs to bring up the rear! gt = stefcha
  3. As I played through it I had the occasional "area x is now available" type messages when you go up a rank, but it was mostly open from the off I'd say. I usually had no clue where these "now available" bits it was referring to were anyway.
  4. That was the case with Carcassonne, it was just available to download without having to hand over points for it.
  5. Got any more info about what that involves, exactly? All I could find was something on ntsc-uk about "filing away the protective ring". Which sounds rude. And using anything other than a Zipstik for Sensi is heresy anyway.
  6. I'd read that as the inclusion of takedowns and all that crap meant they had to shoehorn in stuff like not crashing when you hit other traffic so much to even out the gameplay... so in that case, I'd say get rid of the importance of takedowns. Which brings me back to harping on about Burnout 2 and how it can solve all the world's problems, probably
  7. That showtime video reminds me of Katamari Damacy for some reason, which, for a crash mode, is just wrong.
  8. As long as it's more about actual racing than purposely crashing into others during said racing, then I'm in. Problem is, given there are achievements for takedowns I'm not holding my breath. Roll on demo, I live in eternal hope! While I think on, does anyone know if Burnout 2 has a widescreen mode on GC? If it does, I might just get that again for Wii for happy reminiscing.
  9. Ta, but more interested in hearing other's experiences than documenting mine. Even though I did. What makes a game worth waiting for, is saving a few quid worth an extra month's wait, etc.
  10. Until my next inevitable Tesco Jersey "order delayed" email. I can't wait! Christ, DS Trauma Center better be worth it if / when it does actually get sent, 35 days and counting now. Anyone else have equally fun stories of not getting games that have been out for ages already?
  11. Has nobody mentioned Samba De Amigo yet? Probably a pricey setup these days, but guaranteed exhaustion after a good session.
  12. Not nearly as amazing as the miniature hamster and wheel which they crammed into the cart to keep the battery charged.
  13. Oh Currys, why must you toy with my emotions so?
  14. Yay, followed by d'oh. Fixed, anyway. I'm just going to close my eyes and think about it.
  15. Currys: What a bunch of utterly, utterly, utterly useless cnuts. This is in response to the "Jan 31" that some drone just buzzed at me, which I don't believe a word of but it's still shit to even hear. So that'll miss xmas, my birthday, and to top it off I just split up with the lass I was seeing too. Merry fckin' xmas indeed. It's going to be very one handed.
  16. When did you place your order? I want to self-flagellate myself with the fact of how close I might have been, 3 days difference is my current gap of pain.
  17. Aha! So when'd you make your order then?
  18. I'm not surprised, just, er, surprised. About the other bit. I ordered 31st October and I was being a cheapskate anyway (hence Currys - 10% off, free delivery etc. etc.), I've just got caught up in all the imminent release excitement nonsense is all. Plus I know someone who ordered on the 28th is getting one which doesn't help. Gah!
  19. Joy entered my heart as an email from Currys fell into the inbox, undoubtedly information about imminent shipment! But what did it say? Here's what: "Dear Customer, Thank you for pre-ordering your Nintendo Wii with us. As communicated at the time of your pre-order and due to the unprecedented demand for the console, along with a European shortage in stock, we are currently unable to deliver your order. We are working closely with Nintendo to ensure we will fulfil your pre-order before Christmas We are working on a first come, first serve basis and we will contact you again, once your Wii pre-order is available for dispatch." Arseholes. And are they actually suggesting they told me this when I preordered?
  20. Anyone got confirmation from currys yet? Phoned them up but they were utterly clueless, the dozy sod couldn't even get my order date right "OK, you order on the 31st November it will arrive within 5 days". Even after explaining: 1. I ordered on the 31st of October 2. Even if it was the mythical 31st Nov, 5 days would have passed by now 3. It's not even officially out 'til tomorrow anyway I got the best representation of a blank stare that you can get over the phone. Jesus wept.
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