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  1. Not really, no. Unless you don't have Titanfall 2 already, or Assassin's Creed Origins maybe.
  2. Played through this a couple of months back, not the best game ever but decent enough to keep my interest. Seemed a bit ill thought out in places, like you can get a lot of orbs but some seemed so massively overpowered that there was never any point using subsequent ones. Never really understood the point of the familiars either. Also I kept forgetting to use the time freeze or not realising where I could... like in that gif I could've just used that sort of thing on so many bosses but didn't. Tended to just brutalise my way through instead, it's not a hard game. It's alright, worked well on the Vita anyway.
  3. Who's playing this on PSVR, I've no idea who's actually on my leaderboards because when I checked last night for the first time PSN must've been down or something. My PSN ID is stefchauk.
  4. You get to see some quality players and your team isn't necessarily going to get reamed, I remember seeing Everton v Chelsea (0-0, Dec 2017) it wasn't a terrible game but despite the scoreline they really were a noticeably better team and you had to appreciate the comparative quality of passing alone, never mind Hazard who was exceptional and I'll likely only ever seem him again on TV. Whereas an experience of a win vs Burnley only included seeing Joey Barton clog about in what I think was his last away match appearance before being banned forever, notable but not quite the same really is it.
  5. stefcha

    PC Engine Mini

    No, that'll have been the Neo-Geo won't it?
  6. Asura's Wrath (360) This is without doubt the most ridiculously over the top game I've ever played, it revels in the insanity it offers up and is all the better for it. It's brilliantly and uniquely presented, the style of the characters still looks wonderful, and I love the creaking crunchiness of the sound effects which make it seem like everyone's made of teak. So you're effectively aiding a crazed demigod push his way forwards through an anime storyline by timing QTEs, jumping from one scene to the next and punching many, many things in various arena battles and rail shooter sections. The battle system is fairly simple, but there's enough to it to know if you're doing well or not (although it can be frustrating when you don't realise why you're not doing well - usually bad timing of dodge/parry, not holding X to run at and launch enemies in order to really pummel the shit out of them being my two) and its fairly forgiving. It's just intense and by the end you'll probably have RSI, my left hand was aching like hell after doing the last two chapters last night because I'd been gripping the pad so tightly. What a ride it was. There's a cracking summary of it all in this article: And just as I was finishing it, it got added to the Xbox One BC list. While there was some shite in the last additions, this makes it worthwhile because it's something that should be experienced just to see an example of a game where they've just gloriously gone off on one and it's not something we're likely to see again any time soon, if ever. I can see how a lot of people would say "what the fuck is this shit?" but if you don't then you'll likely have a massive grin on your face as you punch someone's continent sized finger with such force that your arms fall off, the sort of thing which seems not to faze the angriest videogame character ever created in the slightest. Yours for six quid delivered, squire
  7. stefcha

    PC Engine Mini

    The one thing I always wanted a PC Engine for was Parasol Stars. That and Rainbow Islands would make it worthwhile on their own, was Rainbow Islands a CD only one though?
  8. There's been a lot of hunting. Not sure why, because it's one of those parts of the game that, when you really get into it, is pretty rubbish. The hunting itself is random chance on animal appearance, the whole bait system is complete rubbish that doesn't really work, legendary hunting is either supremely frustrating (too much activity in this area, etc, when there's no-one or nothing around for miles) or just plain unfulfilling when you do get it going (find two or three "clues" right in front of you, then blow away the magically appearing creature with no nuance whatsoever, then invariably lose the pelt before getting it to a trapper not that it matters as it was worth peanuts and they get it anyway), legendary fishing is one of the most tedious chores that almost always ends in failure. And so on. Yet I couldn't get enough of it for an incredibly long time. I've spent longer than is sane on the challenges too, some of them are all over the shop with their requirements (and difficulty of achieving them) but I like to plug away. Winning 3 hands of Blackjack with 3 hits or more can get stuffed though, that's just never going to happen. And all this for largely pointless and inconsequential reward! I'm an idiot. I have toned it down a bit of late, but I'm sure I only need 4 yarrow to finish off Herbalist 7 after what must have been hours of scrabbling about for 30 each of currant, yarrow and burdock so why not...
  9. I thought you were just taking the piss about the name "Imagine Dragons" and making shit up by this point. Christ, I know nothing, I am become my parents.
  10. 3 days 6 hours 11 minutes with a mere 67.4% completion so far. I thought I'd been playing it longer and done more, unless remaining storyline bits will really bump that number up. Also there's a fair old spoiler on your image, although I'd assumed something along those lines would happen at some point.
  11. Asura's Wrath is the most brilliantly over the top anime cutscene you'll ever sort of play, never seen anything else with this sort of presentation. Was just going back to the finish off the final couple of chapters last night on 360 as it happens, Asura's arms haven't fallen off for a while but there's still time! Bear in mind there's some near essential DLC that continues and finishes the story off (Episode Pack: Part IV). I'll get it finished tonight and stick it in trading, it's well worth experiencing.
  12. Yeah, I've always thought that Chris Hemsworth's Thor looked kinda like a cross between Barry Gibb and Jesus edit: It seems that Peter Sutcliffe is hiding in that otherwise-not-bad Iron Man suit as well
  13. This is such a long game (well, it is how I'm playing it at least - I hate leaving side stories unexplored but they're all so sodding far apart), is there somewhere ingame that tells me how many hours I've put into it? Chapter 6 now and it's getting to the point where I'm thinking "not this again, get on with it" though. Also the longer you play it, the more you can see the smoke and mirrors and that under the skin it just doesn't really work very well and isn't that well designed in so many ways, then you hit a glorious view of a landscape, sun coming up, mist in the trees and you can't help just stare in awe at the magic they've captured.
  14. Just been through the lot, I have indeed heard Believer - or at least some of it - but that's it. It seems to be the highlight too, the rest of them are a bit slow and insipid for Beat Saber surely? What a weird selection unless they're remixed. Thunder and Whatever It Takes might work quite well though I guess, if there's one thing Beat Saber has made me do with music it's to close my eyes and imagine what it'd be like to wave lightsabers along to.
  15. Imagine Dragons Music Pack contains tracks: - Bad Liar - Believer - Digital - It's Time - Machine - Natural - Radioactive - Thunder - Warriors - Whatever It Takes I'd like to pretend I know what they are, but evidently I'm past it.
  16. stefcha

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's too late now but what you should have done is extend your gold sub as far as possible and then do the ultimate upgrade. Then you'd have had ultimate for £1 to match the length of your gold sub (so to around mid 2022, had you bought three years worth of gold).
  17. I was too, but it seems completely sale resistant so far. You can sort of generate your own sale though, the game + dlc pack is a couple of quid less than buying separately, bit of reduced credit from cdkeys and hey presto, justification! Worked for me.
  18. They didn't have any. Gentleman Jack was on offer for twenty quid though, so I didn't leave empty handed.
  19. Your tastes sound like mine, and I'm running low on stocks (I've been playing a lot of RDR2, which demands to be played with whisky). I'm going to, against my better instincts, give this a try assuming my Tesco have it. The worst that can happen is you gain my eternal hatred, and I'm willing to take that risk.
  20. https://www.pcgamesupply.com/buygames/sony-playstation-network-cards/ No discount, but the exchange rate isn't awful (well, no more awful than it actually is). Even if I pay in $ via Revolut I'd only save 4p per $10 vs the £ cost direct.
  21. Yeah, here's the full US list: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/06/06/days-of-play-deals-hit-playstation-store/ I've got $11.92 in that account so top up time I think.
  22. Where can I get an Asian version one for shipping to the UK, without it costing the earth? Or failing that, just the first part will do. I presume the Asian version has the same styling as the JP one? We had a JP import MD so not having one that looked how I remember would be weird. Mind you, we also had 3 button joypads but they were the crap part anyway.
  23. This thing - Richies Plank Experience - was me and my wife's first experience of VR at some VR place near us. We were on separate units playing our own instances at the same time, I leapt first (or more accurately, fell off by accident while testing the boundaries) and absolutely shat myself. This meant I had time to get the headset off and watch my wifes attempt, and this time I pissed myself laughing. Not literally in either case fortunately, but you get the gist. The whole package is a bit of a throwaway VR experience beyond that though, wouldn't pay more than a fiver for it.
  24. stefcha

    Outer Wilds

    You've probably already got it, press RB.
  25. It's pretty clunky, and given the amount of bolt-ons its had over the years I think its sorely in need of a design overhaul, it's got menus all over the place. Yeah, you can skin the client but I think it still ends up a bit messy. Stuff like Big Picture as well is what, 7 years old now, and I think it shows. All this is apparently coming, but as ever the pace is beyond glacial. Genuine competition is definitely needed.
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