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  1. The current hot deal will end in two days or so, but either of the MS or Xbox credit hot deals will be around again in a month or two. It might even swap to Xbox credit when this one ends, there doesn't seem a set pattern to it (see first post).
  2. I felt similarly when I watched it. It's a slow burn, and pretty confusing at times - like I'd forgotten what had happened in the stinger at the end of ant-man and the wasp so I was totally confused as to how he was even there, had to go look it up which took me out of it a bit. I even left it at the halfway mark as it was late and it seemed like it had an awfully long time to go at the pace, which is probably a first as far as my filmwatching goes. Watched the second half the next night and it was ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AMAZING and I was kicking myself for not sticking with it because it'd have woken me right up just from the sheer exhilaration of it all.
  3. This man, Vedat Muriqi of the Kosovo national football team, is 25. Bollocks is he. I only looked him up because I wondered how ancient he was on seeing the pic, ready to be impressed at how such an old man was still playing international football and doing a good job of it.
  4. Same, needs ARCore support. My Honor 8 appears to have died and that didn't have it anyway, and this Moto G6 Play from work doesn't have it either. And you lose access if you don't log in for a few days. List of ARCore devices here https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices#android_play
  5. The Everton website is literally impossible to buy tickets from. In previous years I've been in some catch 22 situation where you needed an ID number that I had but didn't know in order to buy a ticket, and they didn't know it either. Now I simply "don’t meet the necessary criteria to purchase from this section at this time" and it doesn't tell me what those criteria are Shite. So there's stubhub (https://www.stubhub.co.uk/everton-tickets-everton-liverpool-goodison-park-28-9-2019/event/104207706/?sort=price+asc&tktbkt=5), only had a brief look and the prices aren't too horrible however I didn't see any mention of restricted views, which is definitely possible at Goodison depending on seat although it's not that bad if you get one. Alternatively you could give a go at a request in the ticket threat on the grandoldteam forum, might need to sign up to see it (https://www.grandoldteam.com/forum/threads/match-ticket-thread-spares-requests-face-value-only.51495) Your biggest problem might be that the match is actually on the 28th though (5.30pm kickoff).
  6. Saw an article posted up on reddit (from the Echo) about this yesterday, featuring this wonderful bit of pettiness in the middle
  7. Education and trust. My godson is 13 and his S is my home xbox so since I got my X he gets everything. Literally so, when I buy stuff on xbox.com it autodownloads to that machine which is a bit of a pain as I can't see a way round it, but it means that his xbox has a consistently 100% full drive so he can barely download Fortnite updates never mind install anything he shouldn't. He could, sure, but I'm pretty sure my continual purchases have utterly worn him down so he can't be bothered. The system works! Also, I hope they don't have a cap on their net data
  8. Yes. I created one for my daughter, mainly as a secondary Rewards points generator but even for that it's been an utter pain in the arse because I used her proper date of birth. Create a full account, and create it so that they're 18 minimum.
  9. In the sense of your post prior to that?
  10. They were there briefly, now they're not. Wonder if they weren't correct?
  11. stefcha

    Xbox Game Pass

    It says console & PC for all the Bard's Tale stuff, on this very page. Unless this post goes onto the next page.
  12. Will this just update on its own or do I need to switch on the PS4? I've never actually noticed anything updating ever, so it's either doing it happily and successfully in the background, or it's not doing anything at all.
  13. That Escher-esque setup is making me feel ill. I can't reconcile the back wall and the image going straight across with what appears to be the back corner of the wall by the ceiling.
  14. I was going to look at this from a "what am I left with" angle, not too bothered about anything physical any more but I'll have to go back and see what's on my 360 that's just never going to be transported to the X and see if it's worth leaving rigged up. I'd been gradually whittling things off it as games were made compatible, but I'm sure there's still a fair amount left on there.
  15. Why not just put something in the basket, apply the code and see? edit: I went to the massive effort of doing this myself, and it's definitely a single use code.
  16. Oh yeah, and given the game is downloaded now is it going to have to go get the big update to download and install when available or is it all kind of there now and just waiting to unlock the Beyond stuff tomorrow?
  17. I've bought the game. Is it interchangeably playable between vr and normal or do you have to pick one or the other do you know? Wondering if it's worth starting up tonight to familiarise with the beginning stages of.
  18. How difficult would it be to construct a massive cock and balls, visible from space? Asking for a friend.
  19. HellfireWZ has some superb tutorials on YouTube. I've been bouncing off the series since Wipe3out (literally, in the case of the fucking track walls) but since watching this I've actually been able to make it round the track, finally.
  20. I can't believe I've never tried the demo before, it's brilliant. Only thing is I find pretty much every VR game a bit lacking in clarity (don't think my eyes help) and this is the worst of the lot. Definitely buying given its disappearing forever.
  21. Yeah, if you go to https://help.steampowered.com/en/ you can drill down through most of anything to get to a "contact steam support" option, you need to narrow it down a bit as to what your issue is to get there but it's generally only a couple of clicks away. What are their FAQ pages? What's the problem?
  22. Yep, you'll just lose all online interaction - online races, the clubs stuff and so on. I'd guess time trial times would be the only things that are vaguely online-y to continue.
  23. Apparently the Driveclub VR demo is on the first VR demo pack, right? For some reason I've never noticed or tried it if so, never bought it due to the mixed opinions and didn't know if it'd just make me throw up, but if it's disappearing forever it'd be a shame not to at least give it a go to see if I'd get on with it.
  24. In the funeral scene, who was the bloke stood on his own? Behind Scarlet Witch, in front of Maria Hill.
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