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  1. I actually quite like the look of this now! Detective Pikachu with a bit less charm and a bit more schmaltz? And Jim Carrey eating scenery? and Knuckles (?).
  2. Catch up. The Dead Don't Die - 1/5 - Shite. Far too much of it simply didn't go anywhere, and it didn't seem to know what it wanted to be. Dark Phoenix - 3/5 - Far better than I feared. Saying that, some of the acting was complete bollocks. Fortunately, Fassbender exists. Brightburn - 3/5 - Daft but generally decent with some shocking moments that made us squirm more than expected. A nice change.
  3. stefcha

    Xbox Game Pass

    Teens go for one last adventure on an abandoned island and strange things happen, a story driven 2D slow-walking simulator with the lightest of puzzle elements. Easy! More of the same but slightly faster and I'll be more than pleased.
  4. Hellboy (the new one) - 1.5/5 - Really disappointing. Should have rewatched one of the first two rather than watch David Harbour be a bit uncomfortable for a couple of hours. A shame, as it could have been good as the idea of the underlying Nimue plot wasn't too bad as far as these things go. Sadly everything else around it was all over the bloody shop. Detective Pikachu - 4/5 - Whereas this was surprisingly brilliant. Expected more of a little kids film, didn't get it, and found it really funny throughout as Ryan Reynolds delivery couldn't have been better. Still get a smile on my face thinking about it, sheer fun.
  5. stefcha

    Xbox Game Pass

    If he's already got Gold you don't need any sort of Gamepass code, you just need a quid to upgrade that gold sub to Gamepass Ultimate which will then latch itself onto the current Gold end date. All a Gamepass code will do is give you Gamepass for whatever length of time. And Gamepass in itself will just work on PC anyway (if you buy the Xbox sub - don't think it works the other way round), Ultimate has no bearing on that. If you apply a Gamepass Ultimate code onto an existing Gold account... no idea what happens there with respect to the end date. So you'd be better off getting a Gold sub extension then get him to upgrade to Ultimate for a quid, and he'll have Gamepass for the length of his Gold sub. And he'll get 6 months Spotify Premium thrown in as well for doing so at the moment. edit: Switch off autorenew of Gold and anything else before doing any of this - you often get given an extra month for switching autorenew on when you apply a code if it isn't already. Then switch autorenew off again once you're done.
  6. This is kind of nice and kind of irritating at the same time. Shortcuts I rarely notice until I've passed them as the tells that it may or may not be one are very minimal, and I guess the intention is to learn a path but often you have to pick your way down the unfamiliarity and danger of them so it's difficult to know if it's actually worth the risk or not. Some sort of minimap, overview, or an actual map that you fill in as you find every route and shortcut would be nice just so you can plan an effective route or at least track where you went. Or like a zoomed out overview controllable replay of your run. That sort of thing might lead to one "best" path for the best time, but there seems to be enough variety in route choice for multiple routes to be viable (reminds me of Pure in a way, that, where there wasn't always a definitively optimal route but there were plenty of options regardless). I'd like to know what exactly made a difference to that checkpoint time vs a previous run, that sort of thing. Also I've not checked in much detail, but can you view replays of others runs?
  7. That sounds really high, just off of one account? I used to max out at around 5-6000 a month but that was before they added all the extra rewards quests stuff.
  8. stefcha

    Xbox Game Pass

    Just as long as the characters don't shuffle along as bloody slowly as they did in Ice free (Oxenfree) (wifi)
  9. Saturday night double bill. Pet Sematary (2019) - 1/5 - Shite. Spider-Man: Far From Home - 4/5 - Far from shite. I quite liked The Illusionist, was on my own in the US once and went to the cinema where there was a choice between that and The Wicker Man (2006). Christ, I wish I'd have watched The Illusionist instead. Not the bees!
  10. I like the idea of things going wrong as a challenge but when it comes to it I hate things going wrong because of those - all too frequent times - when the first thing fucks up then you can instantly see it's going to snowball with there being little you can do about it. It's hard to balance. And stuff like inflicting your own disasters in Sim City on yourself is completely out. Like why would you do that to your lovely city?! Also, no-one on my side in Fire Emblem dies, ever. It's just not allowed.
  11. It's http://xbox.com/redeemcode in the email that redirects fine for me to https://redeem.microsoft.com/enter?ref=xboxcom&xr=shellnav&rtc=1 I said above somewhere how to get the actual code from your rewards account rather than from the email as well in case they've messed that bit up (it's happened before), so try use the code from there and see if that works. This one >
  12. We do get less in general, but I think they just about all get posted. Last few with points are: <your name> are you brave enough to open this email? <your name> what are you watching this Autumn? <your name> score a try with our epic rugby quiz <your name> the top league is here And they're all on there. A couple prior didn't appear to be, but were posted with different names (the first line of the email as opposed to the title) <your name> sport's great rivalry is back - posted as "Will England win the urn?" <your name> test your knowledge with the back to school challenge - posted as "Not long until school starts" Matches everything I've got since the start of August, so it's not missing much if anything.
  13. Did you just follow the link in the email to redeem? It's just there's a "redeem a code" link on the rewards page website as well which doesn't work for these codes that I tried in case you were doing that. If you did and it's that that's not working there's a link to contact support at the bottom of the same email.
  14. @Pistol Check the microsoftrewards Reddit sub, they usually get posted up and in a usable form for others. Plus you can search through and do all those you missed as well. Edit: for example
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