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  1. 206 was my limit, wonder if more than a literal handful of people in the world ever did get that AGES console mod. Pointless anyway and just a completion nicety really, it's not something that'd change much plus you'd literally be completely done with the game at that point. And the Golden Axe tunnel jump height got me more than once, probably the one place in the game where you shouldn't trick off a jump as a barrel roll would often hit the roof. I'd definitely buy and play a remake again, great game. Weird how I've had almost no interest in the Sonic Teams one whatsoever.
  2. Played West of Dead in what must've been a beta, thought it was pretty awful. It just felt off and wasn't much fun. Still, that could have changed.
  3. Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One) I've enjoyed the racing when I do it, but it's just too far towards being nothing but busywork in a drab, featureless setting of largely flat Australian desert. The popping up of a dozen+ more fucking events - and pretty much unknown til you get to them - just because you've had the temerity to complete a couple more is a proper demotivator, it's an overwhelming slog. Started FH2 to see whether to delete that as well, and that's immediately shown that FH3 (and similarly FH4) is too open, to its detriment. Also less of a looker, but a far more appealing environment from the off.
  4. Yes, it's different and perhaps doesn't feel enough like racing but there's fun in there. I'm actually about to go back to it as FH3 has burnt me out, need something more immediate.
  5. How does it compare to the game it's a sequel to, similar enough or not worth sullying the memory?
  6. I have absolutely no idea which tables I own on which platforms any more. Will this further fracture my collection between the Steam and Xbox/Windows version, or go someway to equalising them? Not a clue, here goes! Edit: actually, wonder if I listed them out at some point in the FX thread. I'll have to have a look.
  7. Is that true (the "most returned" bit)? I can kind of see it, the TV ads were awesome but were pretty much just intro FMV, can see how people would buy it based off that, start playing it then wondering what the fuck they'd actually bought in comparison to their expectations. Maybe that's the nostalgia SqEnix are going for with this one?
  8. Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox One) Or "Lynne, I've pierced my foot on a [difficulty] spiiiike". I'm crap at FPS's, but the wonder of Titanfall 2 left me wanting more, this seemed sort of what'd work. And it was and it did, not as good as Titanfall 2 but then what would be. Dragged on a bit, and sometimes when it got a a bullet sponge arena with many supersoldiers I tended to die, a lot. But great fun overall, over the top and written to fit, knowing it's a videogame and can do what the fuck it wants. What's similar? There's Wolf 2 on gamepass which doesn't seem as well received (even worse on the daft bullet sponge front?), then Youngblood. No Old Blood available. Anything else besides that? I've got Bulletstorm, that might fit the bill.
  9. @dumpster, I dunno, maybe it is a skill thing, but it does read like you've never quite got what I was saying. For example, I've S ranked all the GP's myself but there are easier ways to gain extra stars elsewhere if needed is all I've ever said. The traffic passing ones are not one of those, and to be able to do those you need to be able to get to grips with the drifting at which point they're more doable. Hence the suggestions of tank, drift and flying levels. Your main gripe is the game cheats, and on those levels it can't. The tank ones are definitely easy stars - there's no time limit, and you can go as slow as you like. The drift ones are mostly simple as you don't always need to go flat out, but you do need to be able to hold a drift for the duration of the entire curve, and thus get max boost and max time (the timer stops when you're in the drift lane, and boost levels increase while you're drifting so as long as you're getting the drift right the only timing issue is getting to the next zone). If you can do that you can use that skill to get through the entire game, if you can't then yes you're going to struggle with it. Drifting and boosting all the time, as much as possible in any situation is what works. Still, testament to the game being good enough in some way that you're still playing it regardless :-)
  10. stefcha

    Xbox Game Pass

    Cool, think I'll give tomato a go.
  11. Also the 360 games are yours to keep forever (once "bought"), whereas the Xbox One games are just rentals for the period of your subscription, same as PS+.
  12. Forget the speedruns, have you ever followed the simple advice on how to give yourself the best chance to do it that I've given you more than once
  13. Three pages in and no mention of Outrun 2 or more specifically: Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast The fuck is wrong with you all
  14. Back on tonight, hopefully the funniest thing since Boris got the virus.
  15. Felt the same although I kept at it. I'd say you need to persevere to chapter 3 before it gets going, and even then you might not like it.
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