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  1. stefcha

    Football Thread 2018/19

    And one team was a man (or more) down? I suppose it's kind of expected but might put the team with fewer players at an advantage.
  2. stefcha

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I wonder what would have happened had penalties gone right through the team, if one team doesn't have someone to take the 11th kick (due to the red) then do they cycle back to the front out of sync with the other team? Or do they lose because one of their players was a dick? Or does the game just hang then crash?
  3. Couldn't give a fuck. They've always been a badly implemented ripoff of Xbox achievements which was having its high point on 360 where you'd get an achievement pop, hit the guide button, there you go. Know what you've done, nice list right there in front of you, simple, easy and brilliant. When I get one on Vita, if they sound interesting or otherwise opaquely named, I want to know what they are but to find out is a complete pain in the arse. How they're presented on Xbox One and PS4 is fortunately better than that and they're about comparable with respect to accessibility, but I still think it's noticeably worse than it used to be in the glory days so I care about them a lot less. Everything just seems over-engineered for the sake of it, making what was once a little joyful nicety generate little more than a shrug of the shoulders now.
  4. stefcha

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    That giant skull dog seems to have an anus for a mouth. About all I can take from it, really.
  5. stefcha

    Microsoft Rewards

    You've mentioned it before and I've given it a good chance largely off the back of that... but I really do think it's crap and it rarely brings back exactly what I want whereas I know the same search in google will get something relevant first time. Yeah, that's US only at the moment, but as you say it's a bit broken anyway. I know some people have got the xbox logins to work, others it's just not registering at all. Me included! Plus you can use any credit you earn to put towards any hardware purchase in the first place. They've occasionally had some decent bundle deals, that's partly how I managed to get my X so cheap direct from them.
  6. stefcha

    Microsoft Rewards

    Microsoft's Reward scheme. It's alright. In about 15 months I've made just over £240 from it and I've not been doing it religiously. It's not the gravy train it once was, but it's still a simple way to get Xbox credit in return for a good use of your time while sitting on the toilet, a tenner a month or so is easy enough to attain. Interested? Of course you are! Go here https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/rewards sign up using the MS login you use for your Xbox, follow the instructions. Click on everything available for points under https://account.microsoft.com/rewards/ and also do the desktop PC Bing searches to finish off - for those it's easiest to search for a letter under image search, and middle click on 30 different options. You can do it on mobile in a browser desktop mode, for that just put in a search term 30 characters long and delete a letter, search, delete a letter and so on until you've done the searches. Once you're earned 500 points (takes a day or two, there are all sorts of welcome offers to hoover up) you'll be at Level 2 and be able to earn direct from mobile searches as well (again, via Bing - app or set it to default search on your browser), and that's your lot. Daily, you get 3 points per mobile search (up to 60) and 3 points per desktop search (up to 90), along with three "daily sets" of things to click on. They're usually 10 points each, but there will be a couple of occasions per week where it's a quiz on one of them for 30 points or similar. Do those every day, and you can earn extra points for "streaks" where every few days you'll get a bonus for your streak: Streak 1, Day 3 (3 days) = 45 pts Streak 2, Day 8 (5 days) = 75 pts Streak 3, Day 13 (5 days) = 75 pts Streak 4, Day 20 (7 days) = 105 pts Streak 5, Day 28 (7 days) = 105 pts There's often additional stuff to click on daily and you can also pick up a number of points a day by using the Xbox Rewards app on the Xbox One, but that's tended to be 15 points per day so is a bit crap. You can get a couple of thousand for buying particular games or hardware, but sales generally beat doing that. You also get some points back for any game you buy from the MS store regardless. The occasional email gets sent with links for additional points, usually only 50 and they're only once few weeks at most. All in all, you can get an absolute minimum of 180 points per day just from a couple of minutes searching and clicking, with some extras on top. To what end? Rewards! Live Gold subs, Game Pass subs, Xbox Credit, Microsoft Credit, and things from other vendors that are really poor value. You can easily fund a month of Game Pass every month (6800 points, 17000 for 3 months), I usually save points for credit, of which Xbox and MS Credit are identical so pick whatever makes sense (currently they're 5850 or 4410 points for a fiver, respectively - the latter is on a 30% off deal 'til the 15th of October). As of the other month, any credit gets deposited directly into the redeeming account and you've got 3 months to spend it so you can build up 30 quid in your account if you like but then you have to spend some, but it gives plenty of time to hang on and see what comes up in the various sales. Gold and Game Pass are still supplied as codes to use anywhere. Anyway, the sums above only add up to a fiver of credit a month at best though, but you can near double it up. You're allowed 5 accounts per household, and if you set up a pair of accounts as a family you can transfer 5000 points per month between them. The only thing I'd recommend is using a separate phone number to verify each if you're asked, and don't ever set up a kids account as it's a right pain in the arse with the age restrictions. If you have two pairs of accounts, you can use the other pair to gift games to yourself if you go for credit (a code for the game gets emailed). If you want to rapidly gain points it's a bit finicky but you can use a VPN and pretend you're in the US, where they generate points almost twice as fast as we can. Switch back to UK, deposit points to the paired account, switch back. Might get your account banned doing that, but it'll only be the rewards part of it so there's little to lose. Here are my accounts, this is after exactly the first two weeks in September which is when the Streaks were added to the UK side of it. I use the second account to feed 5000 points to the first every month, and I'll probably use some of the slack to buy Gamepass subs. Not sure why the second account has earned so few by this point in comparison. Same sort of thing here with another couple of accounts, but the second account is gaining points from the US side of it and you can see the difference - almost a couple of thousand points more in 14 days. Lost that streak the day after, bloody timezones did for me. Again, second account feeds 5k points per month to the first but getting it to work was a bit of a pain given the functionality wasn't available on the US side so lots of region switching in the MS account was needed as well. Think it just works now, they got the transfer functionality added the other week. There you go then, that's it. I can appreciate a lot of people can't be arsed as it does take a bit of effort to really go for it plus Bing is awful and so is the Bing app, so there's that.
  7. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    Oh for fuck's sake!
  8. stefcha

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    No, I just read it wrong, it's the same way even in my quote Perils of posting before having the first cup of tea of the day and all that.
  9. stefcha

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    That was released over here, if here is the UK. edit: Misread it. Still, it's a nice bit of boxart anyway isn't it?
  10. stefcha

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Just watched this, enjoyable fluff that left me with a smile on my face throughout. It all felt Solo enough without anything of particular consequence ever happening and I was actually alright with that. Doubt I'll remember much about it by next week, but more than happy to have watched it. Ehrenreich was more than decent, I was expecting a lot worse.
  11. stefcha

    Sous Vide

    I agree, good steak it's a waste of time and effort to sous vide and there are many more, better uses you can put the setup to. For cooking steak, I always do how Neil Rankin suggests in here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Low-Slow-How-Cook-Meat/dp/1785030876 Which, despite the title, pretty much says the same for steaks in that its best cooked in a pan hot and fast, moving and turning. It does get a few mins in a very low oven at the end to finish but that's it, never had one less than perfect.
  12. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    Repressed memories of that Dreamcast drive are likely to blame for going digital only as and where possible, this gen is the first time I've been able to go 100% digital throughout and it's great It'll be a joyous day when the handful of 360/PS3 physical games I've got are finally played and moved on. It'll just be bloody Wii U stuff left then, damn those high digital prices, lack of storage and timeless replayability
  13. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    It's possible, there has been a change in model numbers from the release ones (7116 from 7000, or something like that) and apparently there are two different fan makes in use as well, it's annoying things like this are still so variable even this far into a console's life. Mind you, I even sent back my first X because the fan was noisy so it's not like premium stuff can't have the occasional problem, but at least I knew that should be near silent. Problem I have here is there's no consensus on whether the Pro should be quiet or not in the first place, and I hate that uncertainty.
  14. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    You're not lost at all, that's precisely it. I've already got all the games, but my recently inherited PS4 is not long for this world and it'll need replacing with... I dunno, I'm scared to choose in case it inadvertently kicks off World War 3 now.
  15. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    What? It's just something I take into consideration that I happen to find pretty important. Games are also important, they're why I own a PS4. Jesus Christ, why does everything have to be so binary?

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