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  1. I find this too easy on easy and too hard on normal Always seem to struggle on reading the bosses, and on that bloody lift up in stage 9. Absolutely shines in 2P though, when I can get connected to someone. For the second stage of the final boss, is there a way to tell where the attacks are going to come from? Fighting the other is simple enough in itself, but getting seemingly randomly battered from the back of the screen seems not very avoidable no matter what.
  2. Throw recovery is press jump, after being booted into the air via attacks I don't think it works though if that's what you're after. I guess you're supposed to mitigate that happening by using the defence skill, but most of the time I never seem to get the timing right to pull it off properly.
  3. That one is easily my favourite goal to watch, ever. The speed and power, almost as soon as it comes off his chest the determination and directness is visible, one of those "I'm fucking having this" moments that's so relatable to anyone who's kicked a ball, except he actually pulls it off. Doesn't have the wonderful precision and elegance of the Scholes volley just before, or the craft and lightness of touch and control of something like Bergkamp's classic vs Argentina, but it doesn't matter. It beats the latter for me simply because it's as visceral as it's deft, plus who can't love such a be
  4. Just watched this, thought it was great from start to finish. Flicked back a few pages and surprised to see some people think it's so shit, whereas the only bad feeling I have is that I'm gutted it's the first one I've not been to the cinema to see since 1983. Sure, there was a lack of strong iconic moments, some bits were a bit vestigial, and there was a fair bit of fan service with little point, but it did more than enough for me overall. Best bit is it was my daughters first experience of Star Wars, and she loved it, wide eyes throughout. This was with her waking up and coming d
  5. I liked the ten minutes I played of Sunset Overdrive! Not sure if that's damning with faint praise or whatever. Bought it in a sale years ago, it's actually quite annoying to see stuff you've bought and never had time to play crop up on Gamepass, but on the other hand since activating it for three years I don't think I've bought any game since (on Xbox, anyway), even having been generating enough MS rewards points to make it so I was getting anything for free anyway. Not sure if this is good or bad. Good for my pocket I guess.
  6. Happy Death Day 2 U is the sequel to Happy Death Day that you described, first one is good fun but I've not seen the second. Sequel is a bit more sci-fi than the first in that I think it tries to explain the phenomenon behind it. Whether that's actually necessary or not I dunno, first film didn't care and nor did I
  7. This weirded me out. Searched for a trailer on Youtube, found it was French and tried looking for one with subs and there was a near identical trailer for Perfect Strangers. So near it took me a while to realise it was different actors, I thought it was just a different cut trailer at first. Looked that up and it's actually the original, with Nothing to Hide being a remake. One of many remakes as it turns out, with no less than 18 versions having been produced by mid-2019. Given the original only came out in 2016 I felt like I was in one of the sort of weird, localised situations half of these
  8. You'd be ok if your sub has lapsed though, that's the usual case. Used to really fuck me off when there was a game I wanted to buy, that.
  9. 206 was my limit, wonder if more than a literal handful of people in the world ever did get that AGES console mod. Pointless anyway and just a completion nicety really, it's not something that'd change much plus you'd literally be completely done with the game at that point. And the Golden Axe tunnel jump height got me more than once, probably the one place in the game where you shouldn't trick off a jump as a barrel roll would often hit the roof. I'd definitely buy and play a remake again, great game. Weird how I've had almost no interest in the Sonic Teams one whatsoe
  10. Played West of Dead in what must've been a beta, thought it was pretty awful. It just felt off and wasn't much fun. Still, that could have changed.
  11. Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One) I've enjoyed the racing when I do it, but it's just too far towards being nothing but busywork in a drab, featureless setting of largely flat Australian desert. The popping up of a dozen+ more fucking events - and pretty much unknown til you get to them - just because you've had the temerity to complete a couple more is a proper demotivator, it's an overwhelming slog. Started FH2 to see whether to delete that as well, and that's immediately shown that FH3 (and similarly FH4) is too open, to its detriment. Also less of a looker, but a far more
  12. Yes, it's different and perhaps doesn't feel enough like racing but there's fun in there. I'm actually about to go back to it as FH3 has burnt me out, need something more immediate.
  13. How does it compare to the game it's a sequel to, similar enough or not worth sullying the memory?
  14. I have absolutely no idea which tables I own on which platforms any more. Will this further fracture my collection between the Steam and Xbox/Windows version, or go someway to equalising them? Not a clue, here goes! Edit: actually, wonder if I listed them out at some point in the FX thread. I'll have to have a look.
  15. Is that true (the "most returned" bit)? I can kind of see it, the TV ads were awesome but were pretty much just intro FMV, can see how people would buy it based off that, start playing it then wondering what the fuck they'd actually bought in comparison to their expectations. Maybe that's the nostalgia SqEnix are going for with this one?
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