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  1. So there's a Senior Executive Associate Vice President of Xbox Game Pass Game Uploading eh. I'm not sure I could find a picture of Jimmy Hill's chin big enough.
  2. stefcha

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)

    The challenge mode levels are the best bit, they're a wonderful time attack addition and are so well put together Does the Switch version come with all the superplay videos as well, showing how some of the levels can be played? Mesmerising. When I was having look through my save I had no clue where I'd got to and didn't recognise any of the area I was in or even around, might start again and I'd actively look forward to that for a change to most games.
  3. stefcha

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)

    No, deKay is talking bollocks. Sort of. Yes, some levels that have more than one exit and those are red, but that's not what I'm talking about. Aside from being red, they're fairly clear that there's another way out as you can usually see something right next to it on the map. It's the secret exits I think are needlessly obtuse, but that's what they're like in this game. 1-2 has three exits, but you'd probably never even think to look for any as there's no indication any might exist - it's a blue dot level, on Wii U at least, plus the map doesn't look like it might hold a hidden path - and even if you are curious enough to have looked around based on what you might know of previous 2D Mario games and find the second exit you'll still likely miss the third, more interesting one, because you think you've done well to find the second one and it was a bit of a nicety, a nod to your Mario knowledge and that must be it. And why would you think otherwise? You'd go insane applying that thinking to every single level in the game. I've purposely not spoilered any of that, I think it's a good place to go into armed with that bit of knowledge as while it's clever I think it's being too clever for its own good, too much of an in-joke that's hiding other levels. Perhaps I'm being unfair because the SMW Ghost Houses always had two exits and you had to work that out in and there was that sneaky level in Forest of Illusion that doubled back on itself. Actually that was from a Ghost House as well wasn't it not just an unusual third exit out of nowhere so no, I take it back I'm not being unfair it's just not as fun in the discovery in this one. I genuinely don't think I'd ever, ever have discovered any of them because there's no subtle pointer to even check.
  4. stefcha

    Nvidia Shield GeForce Now

    I'm gonna need all this explaining. First up, all I'd tried so far was Tomb Raider (the first one in the "Free Nvidia Games" featured bit on the main Shield TV dash). It was fine, but looked a little soft to my eyes, decent but certainly nowhere as near as good as playing native. I've also got the Steam Link beta app installed, so I gave that a go, again ran fine. Comparing the two, I'd say the Steam Link version looked better, but that's running off my local network. Got a few more options to compare, and I might shift it to a direct link to the router as well to really see how much of a difference that makes. It's after that I get confused. I presume that I'm running Steam on an instance on one of their servers and then using my Shield TV as a client to that remote Steam instance, right? If that's the case, how do I see the spec of the machine it's running on? I know it doesn't matter as long as it works, more a point of interest, but given in that situation it looks like I need to install the games I want to play (that I own, on my Steam account) then it's be useful to know how much space I have - if it's even limited - for example. How do you change the settings, I see "set the shield to 1080 60" above but where's the option to do that? Obviously I can see settings while ingame, but other than that nothing. Finally when not doing things within Steam itself it's a pain viewing the list of Geforce Now games and trying to work out from there what I do and do not own already, and on which platform, I wish I could just input all my details for all stores and have a curated list of what I own. As it is, I can see there's a link to a "store" for Steam and battle.net, which is actually a link to the client for both, but there doesn't seem to be one for Uplay and I only realised there was support there when I happened to chance across Assassin's Creed 4 and wondered why it was listed twice and why one had a Steam icon on it when most games don't - I own that one on Uplay so was able to give it a go via that, the one without the Steam icon being the Uplay one. Needs a bit more user friendliness, I think. Or I'm being shit. Anyway, from what I did try of AC4 it looks miles better running on a 1080p monitor off my PC than it does on a 4k TV over Geforce Now, and I may need to faff with the TV settings and Shield TV wiring (I was on wifi then, not ideal) but it was hugely more responsive on PC locally as well. I will say, for non Shield controller users (which I presume lets you use the touchpad for keyboard input, or some combo somehow? The battle.net launcher just sits there and doesn't let you do anything with it with an Xbox One controller) that the Shield TV app is great, just turns your mobile device into like a little laptop touchpad type thing with keyboard access. I never think to check but again only chanced on it while searching the net for some solution why doesn't the machine tell you to use it?! Whatever. So far the best I can say is things are playable and the tech is impressive, but its far from as good as what I can manage be playing 12 ft away on the local PC.
  5. stefcha

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Almost every angle I've seen shows him catching his leg, pretty clear. If you're not sure watch Bennett rather than Sterling, you can see he makes a challenge nowhere near the ball and stops dead due to the fact that in his challenge all he got anything of was Sterling, who did seem to drag a foot a little for effect after the event. Needless given a combo of him being ridiculously swift and Bennett being as quick as setting concrete made it look like I was watching in fast forward. Awful defending, but also good attacking determination to nip round like that.
  6. stefcha

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)

    Yes, but I was pretty disappointed in how they're handled. It doesn't feel as good as opening a shortcut back in SMW and nor are they as well signposted, either by the level label or the map.
  7. stefcha

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)

    Not for me there aren't (little interest in any aspect of it bar Mario Odyssey), enjoy your Switch though!
  8. stefcha

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)

    More like "what marketing?", the vast majority of people who should've been in its target market had no idea it even existed. All these Switch re-releases show that it had, and still has, some absolutely brilliant games though, and I'm glad of the resurge in interest in the games as they certainly deserve it. Problem being that given I've got them all on Wii U I've almost no reason whatsoever to get a Switch.
  9. stefcha


    Holy shit, Murray is retiring. Knew he's been having troubles for quite some time, but even so you kind of expect people to get over it one way or another. It's just not worked out https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jan/11/tearful-andy-murray-to-retire-after-2019-wimbledon-australian-open
  10. stefcha

    Sonic All Star Racing Transformed (2012)

    Yogscast? I know (Football) Manager Man was there as well but don't recall that one.
  11. stefcha

    Abandoned Games (2019)

    And one more from tonight. Assassin's Creed Revelations (PC) This got off to a bad start, like something from the bad old days of PC gaming it has some weird stuttering issue (that I half convinced myself was genuine and just animus related for a short while) that's only resolved by deleting a particular file from the install directory. I fancied a bit of assassining though, so I found that out and ploughed on. Found myself feeling a bit constrained in the intro, I know it was the intro but climbing is far more restricted than I recalled, BotW changed expectations there I guess. A crash or two - more bad old PC gaming - and I updated my graphics drivers just in case. Had to do some godawful section where we had to ram each others horse and carriage off the road, except mine was always hitting rough sections and getting battered. Couldn't work out how to do it, til eventually I realised by getting just far enough that you don't really have to and it's just about staying in one piece for long enough 'til a cutscene kicks in Back in the animus shortly after that for some incomprehensible exposition from god knows who, and the game crashes again. I sigh, restart, and the same happens. Crash, crash, change graphics settings, crash, crash, search the net, try a couple of things, crash, crash, crash uninstall. I've put in a speculative refund request for my £3.74, but given I made the purchase five years ago I suspect I'll be told to do one, but maybe they'll refund based on the cheek of it On to whatever AC game I own next in the series (that isn't 3)!
  12. stefcha

    Abandoned Games (2019)

    Just to smash Stanshall's 2019 purge out of the park, a couple of nights back I officially abandoned 46 games on Steam. And you can abandon them properly there, as in completely eradicate their existence from your account as if you never owned them, so I did. I simply didn't want them in any sort of list, uninstalled or otherwise because I really just couldn't see myself playing any of them any more than I had, although none of them were crap games or "what was I ever thinking?" chaff at all really. Obviously I'm not going to detail the lot, but the highlight was probably: Resident Evil 4 HD (PC) I'm awful with horror games (anything approaching "mild peril" roots me to the spot) but I do like this, and even managed to play through up to that bit where heads started splitting into weird shit on the GC version, didn't get that far in on the Wii version yet enjoyed the wiimote based head-popping, but now here I was struggling with the dread of getting past the second shed. Evidently I'm regressing. The controls, while being a revelation for an RE game at the time really weren't great then and feel even more archaic now, and my hopeful idea of getting something good going with the Steam controller to try match the Wii never panned out as while the pad is customisable enough, too much of it is just baked into the game. Realised that, great as it is, I'm never really going to be able to enjoy playing it. Interestingly (well, to me at least), as I was going through marking all this lot off my games list I was really surprised to see how small the total cost of all these games had been. A handful were rllmuk gifts, people's bundle spares for those I wanted to give a try - I've played and enjoyed more of those than not. A decent proportion were various freebies from websites, sort of mid-tier stuff but in the end you can see why they were being given away free. The rest, and largest selection, I bought generally for a bit of a pittance, most likely 80% off minimum by the look of it. Moral of the story is if it's not something I've considered worth buying already for even a fiver then there's a very good chance it's just not worth adding to the pile of shame if it's beyond dirt cheap or even free.
  13. stefcha

    Microsoft Rewards

    Doesn't seem to be much pattern as to what gets reduced, but the hot deal does end on the 15th of each month with it changing to a new one there or thereabouts.

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