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  1. Midnight Caller. Was it one of those on late(ish), seem to remember watching the intro but it was always time for bed.
  2. If I were a Newcastle fan I'd be very worried, they were probably the worst team I've ever seen play live and only Almiron and Dubravka can escape with any credit (well, I suppose you'd have to give some to Lejeune too!). As a team, they just didn't look bothered, or capable of being up for much anything. Set up very defensively from the start, and while 2-0 down two defensive subs were made (Krafth, then Lejeune on). Then after that, your only striker was taken off for another defender (Schar), which, even with Joelinton being utterly useless, made little difference. Saying that I still can't process what happened at the end - late sub Tom Davies in particular has an awful lot to answer for, with both goals - but then so does the whole team for not seeing out what must otherwise be one of the simplest games they'll ever have played in. Just goes to show you can't afford to take the boot off the throat, something that isn't being learnt it would seem.
  3. I'd not heard the story about Pearson's Transylvanian wolf battering adventures before reading but that was all set up in frame 1 so the Ronaldo gag, with the perfect hunter's look on Pearson's face as Ronnie protests his innocence, was a belter regardless of any prior knowledge. Maybe I'm just easily amused.
  4. Spectacular. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/jan/21/david-squires-on-the-resurrection-of-nigel-pearson-at-watford
  5. stefcha


    You're probably using a US address in a state with additional sales tax.
  6. I mentioned this to my wife and we almost stuck to the advice, but we continued and it didn't seem so bad really and then YOU WHAT?! WTF?! Literally incredible. Should have stuck to it. I'd even read your "Dracula texting" comment prior but my mind didn't really process it as it made no sense, but that's clearly actually to come, isn't it. Jesus.
  7. Yes, and it's X enhanced. Was also free on GwG in Jan 2015, I seem to have it (and the PC version) and was wondering which one to play. And then no, PC only.
  8. Oh right, so the crux of it is that the first sizeably good thing that happens to the person it's asked of after invoking becomes the windfall received by the invokee, and there's no way out of it because destiny won't allow it (or at least will be seriously fucked off if it's not claimed, or not allowed to be claimed). I had to go back a min or two earlier to watch the scene with them going through it about five times to get the full gist of it, it's not exactly crystal. So I guess if Roegner had found a bag of gold or whatever on the way home then Duny would've got that instead.
  9. I must be being really thick here because while funny, it's all in the delivery and I don't really get what's going on then. And I watched that bit more than once as the first time I was drunk and thought it must've been that. So he's bored at that point and just wants to fuck off elsewhere,
  10. stefcha

    Xbox Game Pass

    Maxing it out now is the best value overall, but there are various ways to keep extending it for near sod all (eg regular cdkeys deals, converting Microsoft rewards points, free months offered by various other schemes here and there if you keep a keen eye out) so don't worry about it too much past what you're initially able to go for.
  11. Despite looking forward to it, I thought GRIP was absolutely godawful (on Xbox One X) unless they've patched it heavily since release.
  12. Thomas Was Alone. Superb. The narrator in Bastion got on my tits a bit to be honest.
  13. One of the best games on the Wii, or at least one I had most fun with. PSVR update would get my money.
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