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  1. I think infinite is gonna go open world rpg-lite. You can kind of see little snippets of this in halo 5, but I reckon this time we'll get the full Monty. At least I kind of hope so. (I'm gonna be so wrong)
  2. The only thing that seems reasonably clear is that Valve do what Valve want to do and it usually doesn't quite sync with what the gaming public might want/expect them to. Most of the time, I honestly don't mind too much. There's a vast plethora of games out there - and were it not for Steam, most of these would never have gained enough visibility to get noticed. So I have absolutely no hesitation in saying they've done huge amounts of good stuff on the whole. I just lament this particular passing because it genuinely looked like a game I'd have paid full whack to play as soon as humanly possible! It also looked like it was well on the way to crossing the finish line. But, it could well be that in actuality it was going to turn out absolutely shite so Valve decided to shelve it. I'm going to guess we'll never know for sure, and it's a big shame. Honestly, it could have been like the original Scooby Doo game on the Spectrum all over again. I never did get to play that particular interactive cartoon, and ended up buying a fucking awful 2d scroller.
  3. That really is . It's so annoying to have anything like this cancelled when you get a chance to see just how into the project someone clearly is.
  4. To be honest, I'm with you. I think even if HL:Alyx was coming onto more traditional platforms I'd most likely take this over it. I don't want a prequel to HL2. I wanted either episode 3 or HL3. And that was a fair few years ago when I was still really motivated by it. Ah well.
  5. So, this isn't the best video or anything and I'd really only watch it if you've completed the game, but for once I do rather like how they've tied the game into the new films a little...
  6. I thought it was going to happen, but quite honestly that’s a right fucker because it looked seriously excellent fun. Valve’s really going all out twisting my nuts off at the moment.
  7. The cut scenes in Inquisition PC are notoriously borked at the best of times, but good call on trying to limit the fps. I’ve had to do this, plus lower refresh rates on older games to get them to run smoothly.
  8. I have an inkling that achievements are kind of buggered - at least on Steam. Given that I've just booted it up and played for around an hour I'm excited to learn I've already killed 100 Elites, 100 Brutes, completed 10 missions and a whole heap of other fun stuff! Clearly, I'm a god.
  9. Possibly wisely, I went with Steam this time. Downloaded fine, and despite it needing me to hook up to my Xbox live account (not unexpected really), it was very painless. Initial impressions are it's smooth as butter at 4k. Not much in the way of graphical tweaks, but I guess I shouldn't have expected too much considering age/origins etc. Look forward to getting stuck in.
  10. Didn't watch much of it, but saw bits from each episode. Looked increasingly like they'd used up all the budget in the first episode and then the thing went downhill terribly fast. Also found the lead actress incredibly disturbing in how despite the clearly awful conditions, she'd had time to keep her hair all nice and clean.
  11. I'm irrationally excited about playing all these again on PC it has to be said. Especially as I never really played Reach much back in the day. Admittedly, I have no idea what the release schedule of the others will be (I'm assuming they'll all come along before the end of 2020), but Reach will be a lovely start.
  12. Vulcan gave me a whole load of other issues :p . However, I took the liberty of turning off all Nvidia overlays, and it does seem to have decreased the issues significantly. Can’t tell for sure until I’ve spent longer but it does seem better.
  13. From everything I’ve seen from them I think they realise it needs a bit more time in the oven.
  14. The joys of PCs I guess! Always a mix of folk who never have an issue and others who’ll have ‘em. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not game breaking for me, but they do screw up the atmosphere somewhat. So many variables in the settings that could possibly be the answer, but the tree glitching seems to be fairly common and as far as I can see no real solution.
  15. I will say that at the moment, the PC version is still chronically buggy. The worst thing being that the trees and other shrubbery goes all ‘matrix’ at times...glitching and juddering about like crazy. Plus a whole lot of other bits and pieces which irritate me. I love the fact it’s 60fps for sure, but quite honestly at this moment in time, it’s pretty annoying coming from an Xbox X version that never seemed to miss a beat. Really hope they carry on patching the thing.
  16. I think his views on VR are perfectly reasonable. End of the day, there are plenty of folk within Microsoft who are working on the thing, so it's not as if it's going to be especially hard to use those resources into making an Xbox compatible one should the need arise. I'm far more keen on them pushing for a machine that just does great games first, gauge the market and sort things out as and when it happens.
  17. Are there many actual bricks and mortars stores that have demo pods of VR stuff around? I mean, it's most definitely something that needs to be tried a bit before you pay the entry fee I think.
  18. Stop with the crazy talk. You can never stop buying shit on Steam. We're duty bound to give money to our lords and masters and never install things. It's the way the world works, and it ain't never gonna stop.
  19. I'd have kept them on the system if they'd been for viagra!
  20. I bought it, and I proceeded to uninstall most of it because I found it fucking annoying. Any piece of software that constantly flashes up adverts within Windows can die a massive great fucking death as far as I'm concerned.
  21. JoeK

    Your future gaming

    PC and a return back to PlayStation if they do backwards compatibility. side order of Gamepass PC to get the exclusive stuff of course
  22. JoeK

    Google Stadia

    That'll teach 'em to wig out of spending inordinately daft amounts of money on a real PC .
  23. Are they doing any proper discounts on consoles this year?
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