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  1. As a bone-fide graphics whore, John Linneman has once again practically forced me to pick it up sometime soon
  2. Yup, I think that’s a spot on assessment really. I love watching the cut scenes as they are absolutely beautiful. But it’s very tempting to switch off the dialogue completely and make up a story as you go along. I feel very sorry for the actors...you can hear them struggling to work out what the fuck they’re supposed to doing pretty much constantly.
  3. I wonder how difficult it is for Devs to incorporate DLSS into games, as I'm still surprised that it is still fairly rare in games and only this and Control have managed to make it look amazing. I'd love to see it in something like Red Dead 2, but as that's still a bit glitchy I'm guessing that ain't gonna happen.
  4. The soundtrack is wonderful. Possibly my favourite bit of it so far.
  5. Yeah, it's fairly easy these days. A while back it used to be an absolute ball-ache, but they updated the process.
  6. JoeK

    1440p or 4K

    I have an Asus ROG Swift pg279q This one here Fairly expensive as far as monitors go, but it's lovely.
  7. JoeK

    1440p or 4K

    Yup. Get a decent 1440p monitor and you’re sorted.
  8. They've all got a little bit of a rubbery look to them - but the eyes are wonderful! And the hair strands (Hair Stranding?) are great too.
  9. Definitely one of the most challenging pieces I've painted for a long time, but it's good to at least attempt to push myself on occasion! All I know is that I won't be painting any gold or patterned fur for a long time after I've finished with him :p
  10. Just reading more about it, some games don’t all use the thing in the same way, so might not be functional in Monster Hunter with your card?
  11. What resolution are you running at? Unless they've changed it I thought you needed to change your resolution to 1440p for it to work? edit...scratch that. It should work at lower resolutions too. To be fair, I can’t say I’ve used it much!
  12. Sennheiser’s are pretty much all I’ve used when it comes to PC. Love ‘em.
  13. Without speakers you’ll need a pair of headphones yes.
  14. I’d also try and pick up a digital cable to use...especially if you buy a nice new monitor and want to zoom about at stupid refresh levels! Oh, and keep the big cardboard box that the thing was delivered in, because now you’ve started down the rabbit hole, you’ll need to sell the house in order to fund the habit.
  15. I don’t know about magical but I do know that It’s a very, very strange game. It has a very distinct atmosphere that’s for sure. I think the idea surrounding the story is fantastic, and whilst watching the run through I was never bored and wanted to keep on watching, but I think Kojima cannot write to save his life, and needs someone to actually sit down with him and tell him that. He also needs to understand that using words in english just because presumably he thinks they’re cool does not make them so. ’DOOMS’ Fucking hell. Anyway, what can’t be denied is that he makes really fun gameplay mechanics, and that helps a whole load, and I’m glad I’m finally playing it. It’s a worthwhile endeavour! I’m glad
  16. Yup, I see absolutely no reason to pick up a 4k monitor any time soon. Admittedly, I did get a pretty damn expensive 1440p last year, so I will endlessly defend my decision :p
  17. If you don't have a gsync compatible monitor, definitely - although that'll cap your framerates to whatever the hertz is of your screen. But, definitely on if you find screen tearing an abomination!
  18. It's what you need. They always update drivers when a new game comes out, but in general they'll be standard drivers for everything.
  19. To be honest, whilst navigating through the vast sea of new TVs on the market, the Xbox thing is really not difficult. Christ alive, TV naming conventions is a clusterfuck of epic proportions...
  20. Hearts of Stone is probably my favourite ‘story’ in the game. It tells a cracking tale, olus you get to spend time with Master Mirror too! It’s spooky to boot. Only thing I didn’t like about it is the woman who keeps on calling you ‘puss peepers’. I so wanted to brutally murder her and blame it on Dandelion
  21. I do wonder if the general buying public give a shit though. I mean, as long as it plays their current games and runs the new Halo and Call of Duty and Fifa etc, then I'm guessing most of them will be perfectly happy with whatever machine they pick up. Folks seem to be content with buying Polaroid 4k TVs in Asda as their main machines these days, so I'm guessing a large proportion will just sit down, play the thing and not worry. Quite honestly, I wish I was like that sometimes. Playing Let's Dance 2021 on the Wii on my shitty old CRT, whilst swigging a Special Brew. Or possibly a nice 2 litre bottle of Cider. Hmm.
  22. Humble Bundle. Epic Games Store - mainly for the free game(s) each week, but also because the last couple of sales they've done they've included a £10 off voucher that doesn't seem to run out for ages. If you're happy to just 'buy' something and not worry about refunds, then CDKeys is great (and as far as I'm aware legitimate as a seller of keys? I think? Not sure, but I've never had an issue).
  23. Well, I'm in for a laugh. Didn't play it on PS4, but have watched (and enjoyed) a run through of the thing, so I know what to expect. I'm really more interested to see how the Decima engine performs on the PC - by all accounts it's a bit of a treat, but we'll see what happens.
  24. I'll be glad when the gold is finished quite honestly. But we're moving in the right direction.
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