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  1. Again, I'll say that Big Trouble is cinema at its absolute peak, but I'm more than happy to allow The Thing as a substitute
  2. To be honest, the vast majority of games this gen will still look pretty fantastic a few years from now - if Sony do what Microsoft have done with their backwards compatibility project, then I'll be more than happy with having higher resolution and more stable fps. I mean, it's effectively why I'll constantly replay older games on my PC, as they look fab still.
  3. Lords of Midnight and/or Doomdark's Revenge. And then finish it all with a proper Eye of the Moon in there too. Also, Hungry Horace.
  4. He is a genuinely fantastic actor and he always comes across as a pretty decent human being to boot. Always lament the fact that he wasn't able to do 'They Live'. Or at least I believe he wasn't able to.
  5. JoeK

    Dishonored 2

    Yeah, you have to play the first, and the DLC too. Honestly, if you haven't played them you'd be missing out something chronic. They are amongst my most beloved games and very, very replayable. I should point out that I did become pretty obsessed by the world itself. I absolutely adore what they created with it all, and I'm still bitter that the sequel didn't do as well as it should have, thus depriving me of a third game. Ah well.
  6. JoeK

    Kentucky Route Zero

    Out on PC today...or at least sometime later on. Absolutely cannot wait. Whilst I can’t profess to understand everything that’s going on in it, it is a genuinely unique experience and absolutely wonderful. Plus it has some lovely bluegrass music going on.
  7. JoeK

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah, well that works much better on a TV :p . I've yet to upgrade my screen to anything other than 1080p, so it looks perfectly fine :D. Now just to find some time to get to grips with it...I'm already having issues with the way B and A buttons are the other way around from every other controllers I've been using for years. It's been a while since I've used a Nintendo pad :p
  8. JoeK

    Nintendo Switch

    It may well be that it's because I was using my PC monitor perhaps. I'll hook it up to my TV later on and see if that does the job .
  9. JoeK

    Nintendo Switch

    I wish Nintendo would hurry up and make a Switch run at higher resolutions. I don't need the thing to be ultra powerful, just powerful enough to have the exact same graphics, just running natively on my TV. I've become the designated custodian of my brother's Switch, and seeing something as genuinely beautiful as Zelda in slightly blurry form on my monitor is a little upsetting. Especially as running it in handheld looks so much crisper, but has the unfortunate effect of ruining my eyes.
  10. It’s ‘Pam per-raaaaam’ I’ll have you know
  11. Big Trouble in Little China. Again. I'll keep on saying it until the end of days - it's a perfect film. There is no way to improve upon it, and those rumours about some sort of reboot are a terrible thing indeed. It's the best palate cleanser you can find for when you need to get rid of something truly terrible you've watched, or even something incredibly cerebral that you just can't stop thinking about. Jack Burton will always come to the rescue and- despite what any ancient Chinese undead sorcerer might say - he'll never piss you off.
  12. The mug of tea was fairly non-plussed about it. However, I thought it was absolutely wonderful. It felt like a proper intelligent bit of sci-fi story telling where the majority of the effects and stuff were there simply to elevate the tale being told rather than what seems to happen with most stuff these days. If it can continue on in the way the first episode does then I think this’ll be one of the best pieces of drama I’ve seen for a long time. Stewart was acting his heart out...I admit to getting quite emotionally swept up in some of the exchanges. Great stuff all ‘round.
  13. I will have the house to myself this afternoon, whereupon I will be sitting on the couch with my dog, watching this with a mug of tea. I might even put my pyjamas on to commemorate the moment.
  14. Get some bluegrass in your life! It's not exactly rock, but it sure is some shit-kickin' music. Failing that, you could probably do worse than someone like Bonnie Rait, who kind of straddles a rather thin line between country/rock/bluegrass fairly well. However, I'm old so don't necessarily give me any credence...
  15. Ah! That makes sense With regards to tinkering - it's definitely something I like doing, but for sure these days usually a click of a button on something like nVidia Experience will sort out pretty everything for...well, pretty much everyone. PC gaming definitely doesn't need to be a hassle. I just like making things a hassle for myself
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