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  1. Yeah, never had any issues with CDKeys over the years I've used them either.
  2. Oooh! My CPU has now been picked at Scan. Booo! The case to put it in is no-where to be seen. How the tech overlords mock me so! And directly after I vowed to cut down on the porn consumption too.
  3. Oh man, the amount of times I played through all the Witcher games in numerous versions of stability is a terrible thing indeed. I'll no doubt do exactly the same with this
  4. Eurgh. Bloody 5950s haven't arrived at Scan yet. Bloody case hasn't been delivered yet (despite it being in stock and had 23rd Nov as the latest delivery) Anyone would think the Lord doesn't want me to waste time playing games. Next year, I'm turning to Satan for my shits and giggles.
  5. Yeah, definitely email them, they'll have bloody loads of codes to give away and considering all the delays I'm sure they give one out without too much hassle.
  6. Not sure I showed off the finished Judiciar figure I did a couple of weeks (maybe longer? Time ebbs and flows very strangely in these troubled times!). And for those who like filthy video, here's the Blood Angels in the round...
  7. Just think of yourself as a pioneer. Bravely going forward to suffer slings and arrows of early adopter technology for the weak and feeble majority who'll wait a little while.before dipping their feet in the pool... You are the hero Gotham needs.
  8. Ah, the lesser known sequel to ‘Snakes on a plane’. Straight to video, I believe. Although it has a couple of fans.
  9. Wonder how many courier drivers are going to be fired for the sake of a £350 console over all this. If it was a box of Christmas meat I could understand, but not a PS5.
  10. Oh god...the horror of using the R2 button to...erm...thrust. I feel dirty.
  11. https://www.pcgamer.com/i-love-being-a-cyber-samurai-and-other-revelations-from-playing-15-hours-of-cyberpunk-2077 Yup, that’s all sounds lovely indeed. Finally, my excitement level has gone up again
  12. Can someone say if Gears 2 and 3 are running at 60fps, or are they locked at 30?
  13. I can't get it yet. There is no way of hiding the fucking thing. I'm already in the dog house almost every sodding day with items arriving at my house. I shout: "important bits for my PC", and when they go in the box, no-one will ever know what the hell they are. I've got no such excuses available with the frankly bizarre looking white and black piece of awkward plastic staring at everyone. At least with a Series X, there's a chance I can blag it as some sort of external hard drive for my PC, but the PS5? No fucking way.
  14. Put on Black Mesa...that’s even better as far as I’m concerned!
  15. In the original edit of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow actually died when a pallet of 3080s dropped off the wall, onto him. It was truly glorious.
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