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  1. The only thing I'm not sure about is during all the shock scares I've seen, there's a distinct lack of movement from your character. I'm assuming it's because you're in full control still, but the initial scene where you're separated from your crew when the first monsters attack looks a little odd as you watch them get fucked over without moving an inch! But, I'll chalk it down to terror causing you to freeze...possibly doing a little poo in your sci-fi pants.
  2. @The Bag Looks fantastic mate. You're getting a bit good at these bigger models aren't you .
  3. The counter argument is this: Xbox Live Gold was pretty fucking shit at the time. People won't pay the money for shite. Even Sony know this - people seem to think every game on the console is at this top tier of cost. It's not. It's mostly just their own big-budget stuff, or the CoDs and Fifas. The rest of the titles release usually fall into a more traditional bracket. And then we have the host of smaller titles - a huge amount of them are brilliant and they're fairly reasonably priced. And even when one of their own games ends up being fairly rubbish, that price drops down significantly after a short while. People are happy to buy things they like, which really isn't a new idea! Is £70 a fair price to pay for God of War: Ragnarok? I dunno. Was paying £100-odd for Street Fighter 2 on the SNES? It was to me back in the day. I'll buy what I want to buy, and I'll make the necessary adjustments to my budgets accordingly, and I think most rational people would too. If nothing else, you pay that much for a game maybe - just maybe - you might actually play it a bit more... Nervously looking at my Steam Collection At the end of all this - gaming is a hobby that has brought me a phenomenal amount of pleasure for 40-plus years. I'm not ready to jack it all in anytime soon! So, I'll do the math, forgo the extra pint or two in the pub each week and see what happens.
  4. Limbs do fly everywhere with a sharp sword, it's true.
  5. But, the whole point is that on the whole gamers have accepted it, so the argument is slightly moot. I will be the first the applaud the situation should there suddenly be a universal awakening and everyone drops their pads and storms away in a huff, but I genuinely don’t think this will happen.
  6. The secret RLLMUK cabal planned this years ago - all in the name of making you suffer. Mod appointments all 'round, and liberal use of the ban-hammer. Huzzah.
  7. I paid £600 for a US Xbox and Halo back in the day. I regret nothing. NOTHING...
  8. I still think that in comparison to other sources of entertainment, there's still value in a good game. Even - dare I say it - at £70. We were paying the equivalent in the 80s and 90s with cartridge games, and quite honestly the cd-era when prices came down was almost an anomaly. I don't want to pay £70 for a game anymore than the next person does. But I don't begrudge companies for upping their costs. I also think it's very dependant on just how you play your games. I'm a serial re-player of my collection. A huge chunk of my games have been played for hours on end, and the cost per gaming is pathetically low! But I do know an awful lot of people don't game the same way, so - yeah - a game at full whack is going to hurt bucketloads. I should point out that I've yet to buy any game for that top price though - there's always places selling it lower, and as we all know if you wait a couple of weeks things tend to drop spectacularly.
  9. Well, if you think the general public will stop jumping to the whip of Sony and MS and shockingly rebel against their pricing structure, I suspect you might be waiting an awfully long time.
  10. I long for the day a mod comes along that allows me to do all the above and then take a huge shit on their bed. Full immersion.
  11. It looks great. The graphics might not be as realistic as Calisto, but the design and style is much nicer if you ask me - although this might be an air of familiarity making it feel so!
  12. At the end of the day, all the prices go down after a couple of weeks, so it's not much of a big thing - Ragnarok was selling for £40 at CDKeys during Black Friday. It'll just prolong the inevitable pain I go through each time I do buy something day one and don't play the fucker until six months later.
  13. Jackie always looked too big for that bike. It was the right thing for him to leave it to V
  14. Oh, the level of freedom you get with Cyberpunk is miles better than RDR2, which is effectively R* getting you to do exactly what they tell you to do otherwise you fail! In other news, I’m still waiting for this damn raytracing patch to come to PC…I’m stalling a replay because of this and I’m beginning to think it’s never gonna happen and I was sold my 4090 under false pretences
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