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  1. JoeK

    Classic games spoiled by current games

    To be fair, the first cut scene of Okami put me off the thing on its original release. I suspect I might have been able to get through it had it not been for the inane chattering noise they used for all the voices, but it will forever remain one of those games I’ll never play.
  2. JoeK

    Destiny 2 - Sekiro's out on Friday

    I’m sure it does, but humans don’t act via a script which leads to annoying situations that I’d have preferred not having...however, I kind of understood it was going to be this way when I joined in, so it’s on me and my introvert life I guess!
  3. JoeK

    Destiny 2 - Sekiro's out on Friday

    It's a really, really fine game...just that the moments you share the world with other people fuck me off enormously. It kills the moment when you're supposed to be somewhat alone on these worlds only to find all manner of folk jumping around. One silly fucker kept on trying to shoot me constantly, which caused me to fuck off to another area. So, I spend these times desperately running away from everyone just to get to the next story mission. I honestly don't get why it would have been so hard for them to make an 'anti-social' area so people like me can mind their own business and just get down to shooting stuff. But those story missions are fucking awesome fun - absolutely the most fun I've had with an FPS for ages. Which is why I'm so looking forward to Halo coming onto PC.
  4. Yup, it was genuinely the most amazing things when those battles happened. No one else has managed to create those ‘events’ as convincingly as Bungie did. Actually, aside from the ones I’m currently seeing in some of the missions in Destiny 2 I’m not sure anyone’s even bothered much! Which is a pity!
  5. JoeK

    Destiny 2 - Sekiro's out on Friday

    Yeah, it's incredibly enjoyable to play and I'm glad I jumped in. It's a bit of a pity that whilst I really like the overall universe and set-up to what's going on, the missions and story told therein are really pretty naff! It does kind of feel like Bungie begrudgingly decided to write something down on the back of a beer mat because they kind of felt obligated to do it rather than any desire to do so. Which is odd, because they've clearly gone to indescribable depth with everything else in the whole lore and stuff. But from a gameplay perspective, it's by far the most fun I've had in an FPS for a long, long time. In other Destiny news, I got my copy of the 'Art of Destiny' today, and it's bloody awesome. I do love an artbook most of the time, but this one's absolutely top drawer. Definite Crash Smash all over the place.
  6. JoeK

    Destiny 2 - Sekiro's out on Friday

    I took the plunge earlier on, and I have to say I've missed playing a Bungie game . There's something really unique about they way they do FPS stuff...it's how I remember Halo gunplay was like (but it's been a few years since I played them, so I could be wrong on that front!). Looks fab on PC too - just really stylish and the use of colours is wonderful. So much so that I've just bought the 'Art of...' books .
  7. JoeK

    Destiny 2 - Sekiro's out on Friday

    So, because I live under a rock and don't like people, can you play the main D2 campaign solo? I know it's not really the way of doing things, but I do want to give it a run through if possible.
  8. Hopefully they'll put Halo 5 out on PC too. I know it's not the greatest game in the world, but it looks great and plays fine...be a shame if we didn't get the whole lot.
  9. I'm quite fond of cold take-away chicken tikka chunks for breakfast too...
  10. Microsoft have bought Bioware. Mass Effect Trilogy to be remastered. Moon on a stick.
  11. Of course, as someone who still has the Xbox download version still on his account (despite not having an Xbox anymore...), I'm obviously looking forward to having the PC version activated, ready and waiting for me to dive in. My squadron of flying attack pigs are ready and willing to soar.
  12. JoeK

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    There are two films that always standout. The first is the Avengers film with Ralph Fiennes in...the one based on the tv series. It’s one of the most appalling things I’ve ever seen, and I swear I could see the look of absolute pain and suffering in poor old Sean Connery’s eyes when he pranced around in a teddy bear costume. The second one is Kevin Costner’s Postman. I never read the book, but if it was anything remotely like this utterly awful piece of shite, then the author should have been taken out the back and shot for making such an poorly structured story. It remains the only movie I’ve ever walked out of in disgust.
  13. Now all they need to do is finally add in Reach to the collection (like they were rumoured to be doing ages ago), and that'll be my gaming year mostly sorted

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