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  1. Not mine - all Alex's (the sculptor and owner of Arcworlde) work! Effectively, he's a colossal cheapskate and can't afford my services :p . But quite honestly I don't think he needs to anyway as he's a really decent painter. I had dinner with him a couple of weeks ago and they were there - they're really great figures indeed!
  2. I'm always having these moments. The first time I saw a game on my old Spectrum using parallax scrolling was pretty amazing (god knows what game it was though). Monkey Island 2 was another game that at the time I just thought was incredible - it looked like a full on cartoon to my eyes, but I was playing it! Awesome times! More recently, the city of Novigrad in Witcher 3 has never failed to astonish me in terms of the atmosphere a properly populated city can achieve - it's a wonderful creation indeed. Properly up to date, I have to say that Gears 5 has left me blown away at the fidelity of the cut-scene work going on...there are moments that I have a hard time believing that what's going on is all done in real-time. I know full well it is, but it's still unbelievable to me how smooth and lovely they are! Finally - in the middle of all this is my beloved Crysis. It's not the best game I've ever played, but it is the one that every time I upgrade my PC, I can get enormous amounts of pleasure with just by seeing how smooth it continues to get...well, most of it. Character animation is still fantastic, the levels of freedom offered in the first half of the thing was so far ahead of the game (and as far as I can see never appreciated as much as it should have been), and I never seem to have things play out the same way twice. Of course, it goes to shit right at the end with an end boss so damn interminably appalling and an ending sequence which is one of the worst I've ever played :p . However, the journey is the important thing I guess, and it's quite a journey! Too many titles I could mention though - I'm just happy I still get excited about games after 40+ years of playing 'em
  3. JoeK

    Gears 5

    I can't help but wonder how nicer things would have been had Bioware not been forced to use frostbite and gone on to use U4 for their engine of choice. Have we had a big RPG use Unreal 4 engine yet?
  4. I enjoyed it a fair bit. I had no intention of seeing it, but was at a loose end and in no time I'd bunged on the whole thing. I'd never read the comics, mainly because whilst Preacher was great at the time, it's aged pretty terribly. But I did give em a go and...yeah, they've aged a fair bit. Underlying ideas are still great and I like the character Ennis gives things, but the tales he tells just repeat over and over again. Still, it was all good fun, and I'll be watching the second season as and when!
  5. JoeK

    Gears 5

    I didn't mind the tutorial really - you get that lovely fly by at the start of it :p
  6. I got to admit, that's a pretty awesome poster. I award it a Crash Smash status for sure. Although Oli Frey would have put in a hint of nipple for an extra 80s vibe.
  7. JoeK

    Gears 5

    Hate to say it, but I did...I wasn't thinking straight, but there we go.
  8. JoeK

    Gears 5

    I do wonder whether they’re moving to a much more open world experience with the next game. I liked zooming around on the skiff very much, but it didn’t really have a huge amount of ‘point’ to it. It felt like it was a proof of concept more than anything else. But I think the game is fantastic. It’s one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played this year and it’ll be a long old wait for the next one.
  9. JoeK

    Gears 5

    Act IV did the job for me - my jaw was constantly dropped pretty much throughout it. Amazing stuff.
  10. More quick work for Twilight...
  11. At the moment, the price seems a little too rich for my blood. I'm hoping it'll be a decent game, but quite honestly something has to be extraordinarily good to warrant £40 from me these days.
  12. JoeK

    Gears 5

    Not that I know how these things work, but wouldn’t streaming negate the 4K factor at all?
  13. JoeK

    Gears 5

    It certainly is. Although the caveat is that if you’ve not liked the aesthetics of the previous gears games then it probably won’t convert you. But , for me it’s an astonishingly lovely looking game...it’s why I would love 2 and 3 to be remastered for PC. It’s always the way, the moment I sell off my Xbox, I want to play a game on the bloody thing again
  14. JoeK

    Gears 5

    Well, that was all great fun. If that'd been the summer blockbuster at the cinema I'd have been more than happy with it indeed. It felt like how I remember Gears 2 was when I first played that - full of character and action. The last couple of chapters were absolutely non-stop - in a 'throw everything at it, plus the kitchen sink - kind of way. Gears is effectively what the MCU universe is to cinema - you're not going be too intellectually challenged, but you've to be slightly dead inside not to enjoy the ride. (well, when the bugs have been ironed out more of course but there we go )
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