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  1. You the man, @Scruff, you the man.
  2. Is it supposed to be a completely separate game narrative-wise? It kind of looks almost like it's a reboot?
  3. It wasn’t a bad game! The combat is absolutely fantastic in it, and whilst I’ll happily say there was some bad level design, there was just as much good design in there too. it also has some of the best ‘hell yeah!’ moments in any Mass Effect games near the end. Plus it has a decent ending to the thing...buggered up by them not doing the dlc admittedly
  4. If Andromeda hadn’t been rushed to high heaven and been allowed to be made in anything other than Frostbite, it would have been a game to rival the others. As it stands, I love the game to bits, but it’s severely compromised.
  5. PC for me, and looks like it's just downloading the whole thing. Usually they have some sort of 'break' so you can start playing something on it though.
  6. So, I suspect the only time you should romance Ashley is if in the third game you end up shooting her. There's some wonderful poetry to it.
  7. Code has arrived from CDKeys, so the 100gb download-fest begins.
  8. I get into the role wholeheartedly. Playing as anything else makes a gaping great hole in the general storyline!
  9. I’ve only ever played my Shep as soldier! No fancy tech or biotics for him, no sir.
  10. Nope, not a significant one at all but it was never suggested it was going to be. The updated textures and a few rejigged gameplay elements are more than enough for me though.
  11. Well, I got it from CDKeys a while back when it was £35, but in the last few days they've slowly crept the price up day by day - it's around £42 now I think. I suspect if you can hold out for a couple of weeks the price will drop back down again. However, even at the £40-ish mark that's a whole lot of good value I think.
  12. I'd love to tell you, but in a now regular occurrence, CD Keys are slacking on releasing the fucking keys to download the game. With my current download speeds I anticipate it'll be the week end before I play the damn thing. Edit: Oh, I take it back a bit - 4pm activation on Origin in the UK...bollocks. I'll have to pretend to do something productive now.
  13. Yeah, it would be really odd leaving that out as there are some story/mission things that alter slightly depending on your choice.
  14. They only sent it out to people they didn’t like much?
  15. I honestly can't decide between them most of the time. The third by all rights should be the one I put at the bottom of the lost, but there are just so many 'fuck yeah!' moments in it (plus a load of 'fuck noooooo!') that it claws back points! They're all smashing though, and I can't wait to get stuck in yet again.
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