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  1. JoeK

    Ad Astra

    Hadn't heard anything about it until it popped up on my Youtube news. Looks fab - just my sort of thing. Trailer was decent too - didn't give much away at all. I think.
  2. I'd say it's worth watching All the MCU films are worth a gander - it's not up there with the best of them, but it's got some lovely design work in it, and it's very adequate entertainment for an evening.
  3. I can't believe I started this thread in 2011 :p .
  4. Y'see, that's where I hoped they'd go with these three films. The idea that you have this blue-eyed girl with massive amounts of potential, but falls to the dark side, whilst conflicted Ren beats all the shitty stuff and becomes good under the tutilage of old Luke - who's clearly never meant to be a trainer of anything ever. Everything Disney have done with these films has given me massive amounts of disappointment and 'meh'.
  5. I suspect Alien Isolation takes the atmosphere prize for me. It's the most terrifying game I've ever played, and the fact that it now always crashes constantly whilst playing it is a very convenient excuse as to why I'll never finish the thing
  6. JoeK


    It's amazing how deflated I feel after that match. Halep played incredibly well, but the amount of errors Williams made was insane. I honestly can't remember how long it's been since we saw a genuinely fantastic women's final at Wimbledon, which is very sad because the female side of the tournament has definitely been the best I've seen in a similar amount of time.
  7. JoeK

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Bloody spoilt kids. They should be happy with a pair of socks and an orange. You can get your wife a mango if you wanted to splash the cash around.
  8. JoeK

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    I’m sure it’ll do well enough, although I think I’d have preferred them just to release the parts separately so people could simply choose to pick up a base station as and when, but have a full size switch to play with otherwise. Unless they do that already and I’ve been living in a cave.
  9. The bloke made some mistakes. The game wasn't as he said it would be at launch. Yellow cards all 'round, for sure. But the game was more than playable at launch, and wasn't at all bad. Now it's pretty great. I think he's earned a certain amount of forgiveness quite honestly. Unlike Peter Molyneux who has never, ever made a game that fulfilled his promises. Unlike Chris Roberts who's possibly the greatest snake oil salesman I've ever seen. Putting Murray in those two wankers position isn't a fair comparison at all.
  10. JoeK


    Yeah, she's a fucking force of nature!
  11. JoeK


    Christ alive. Jo Konta is literally The female version of Tim Henman. Bags of talent, plays great but then wobbles all over the place. Complete lack of consistency makes her incredibly frustrating to watch.
  12. JoeK


    She's genuinely the most impressive new tennis player I've seen. Male or female quite honestly. The upcoming men currently seem incapable to knocking the oldies off the top spots on a regular basis, and - for me at least - women's tennis hasn't had anyone able to consistently up their game enough to come close to how Serena was. I'd high hopes of Osaka becoming really, really great but it would appear she's going through a bit of a blue patch at the moment, which is a shame. Very exciting though!
  13. That was my first thought too. Are we the baddies?
  14. Of course - even tramp gamers can play the game nicely these days! That said, Alan's wife always gives me nightmares - the rendering of her in particular always felt like the stuff of pure horror. When she smiles at you...she's evil.
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