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    Agreed on Hawken. It had great potential but turned out pretty terribly after it was devoured by that company that made it a multiplayer F2P game. Also concur on the Gundam Battle Assault games being great and Gundam Breaker 3 being decent. The latter Gundam Breaker games were terrible though. The Blue Destiny games were also great for their day.
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    Wow, that properly takes me back. Getting paid based on wordcount. Anyway, just to put this to bed, my job at Forbes is paid and is not open to just anyone. You have to be hired.
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    For me, I have been paid since I started in 2014 and had to be hired to join, in that they vetted my portfolio for the job and then I had to sign a contract. So the above doesn't line up with that at all. I don't get why misinformation about this propagates to such an extent, when it has no bearing on my experience whatsoever. In any case, I have never written for status, I've always done it because I care about the subjects I cover.
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    In which case, just play the game offline on the easiest setting. Just get to grips with the arcade mode and then maybe have a go on the mission mode, as that is a pretty good tutorial in many ways. After that, check out some of the video guides, as those might be a bit easier to parse than the bigger written guide I linked to. No-one is expecting newer players to be amazing from the get go. Just enjoy playing the game offline, and the multiplayer skills will take care of themselves.
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    Gundam Evolution isn't developed by From Software, it's developed internally by Bandai Namco. The team behind it is interesting and the producer is an old school Gundam game fan. Glad to see Gundam Extreme Versus Maxiboost ON mentioned, that is an amazing game and arguably one of the best Gundam games out there. If you are having trouble getting into it, there is a very helpful guide available online. Here are my impressions from the PC network test, and I am currently playing Gundam Evolution on PS5. Still not feeling it, but it's not half bad.
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    <sigh> Yes, I get paid for Forbes and I am also under contract with them. You have to be hired to write as a contributor, not anyone can rock up and get a gig. In short, it's the same as every other professional writing job. The Twitter bio thing is completely hilarious though and to think that is your appraisal of what drives people to do things is a tad quaint. I write about games and anime because I care about it. It's always been just that simple.
  7. The full game is good too and the Leo2 is a monster. https://www.forbes.com/sites/games/2021/05/06/r-type-final-2-review-a-surprisingly-solid-return-to-form/
  8. The Armored Core games are almost all genuinely great, though there are a few blips obviously. As for the controls, yeah, I was always mostly fine with them, it was other people that tended to complain. The lineage with the original King's Field games is a good point actually, but I never thought anyone bothered to play those (apart from me). I tend to prefer the NTSC versions of the games, especially the older ones. To be honest, I've only ever really played the Japanese versions of the games, until the last few games on Xbox 360 and PS3, which I also played in English. If you are at all curious, here are my playthroughs for the Japanese Armored Core games: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5C89Y7uUXlfhDPsgKQ9eNmWBDttILDDx
  9. Nope, got a very nice creative director job currently!
  10. Unlike in Japan and the US, each of the PS2 entries for Armored Core tended to have different publishers in Europe and the UK. This meant the save carry over feature between games like AC2 and AC2AA were not available in the European and UK releases. Games like ACPP and ACMoA weren't even released in Europe and the UK, which is just sad. Anyway, this article covers the various releases of Armored Core in Europe, in case you are at all curious: https://randomisedgaming.tumblr.com/post/63260640556/debate-does-namco-bandai-games-care-about-armored
  11. Except you used to complain that I had the temerity to actually use my knowledge here. Oh well, back to making games for a living...
  12. Likely it was GunValkyrie and it was interesting but very unwieldly, in a pretty unecessary sense too. Learning curve was also pretty masochistic. Definitely an investment of time but once mastered you did feel pretty fantastic when you pulled off some tricksy shit.
  13. Not really, plus that's the way the three armor types are meant to work; you'll always be vulnerable to one or two of the three shot types.
  14. No, but the sub-quests take care of that. As you can't complete them all on your first playthrough and completing some of them makes the game game harder, such as the appearance of Zodiac AC's. It's more organic than the "Normal / Hard" setup seen in AC4 and ACFA.
  15. Yeah-ish, it's all to do with the sub-quests in each mission (of which the Story missions have loads). Plus one of the Overed Weapons has a pretty tricky unlock too (it's to do with triggering and killing the Zodiac AC's in Story missions 1, 4 and 6). Then there's the whole weapon customisation aspect and the online economy that produces.
  16. Those are the Order missions and they are part of the story (awful translation notwithstanding). Finished the story again (for the third time) yesterday and now doing the remainder of the Order missions.
  17. Yeah, it's a lot closer to the older games really. MP is also awesome. The ability to play as a mercenary is inspired genius! That's the shitty translation, it's painfully literal and misses out on a lot of the inferred plot points (all of which help to frame the overall narrative a LOT better).
  18. The mecha control/movement is different, more like Metal Wolf Chaos in fact, but the online setup (with team based territorial conquest and an operator) are very similar.
  19. Depends which team you join really. If they have a lot of members you're more likely to play online with people. However, you can always go down the route of a Mercenary at any time and get hired for matches (this is probably the coolest part of ACV for me).
  20. There's not that much chatter at all really. You'd prolly enjoy being an Operator though.
  21. It feeds into the Operator too, as all the info you discover is displayed to the Operator. It's very cool I think and it makes the game much more about hunting/exploration.
  22. Missed this, soz. This was definitely present in most of the earlier (Japanese) games. Sounds like it was never localised over (which is no great surprise I suppose).
  23. That audio glitch is a new problem, as it's not present on the Japanese versions I played. Installing the game seems to negate the issue somewhat. Regardless of the framerate issue, I still said the game was excellent (and the framerate actually seems better than the Japanese versions I reviewed). So it's not as much of an issue for me. That said, the English dialogue (script and delivery) is catastrophically dire. All the lovely narrative inference in the Japanese version has been reduced to direct puerile nonsense. I doubt we'll ever get a properly localised AC game. Also Edge does their thing again of making mistakes ("Armored Cores 2") and focusing on texture tiling (?!?). Not sure where AC2 was ever regarded as being "revered" though either. Very odd.
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