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  1. Are you waiting on the Waterfront? I did all my waiting right where Armand Cristophe does his recruiting, and they always found me pretty quickly. Might just be me, though.
  2. Cadmium Lemon

    The Arena

    I've just now beaten the Grand Champion, and met my fan. I took him back to my gaff with me, and gave him an exploratory smack upside the head with a Very Big Sword. He seems quite resillient, and he clearly still likes me, so I might lock him in the basement and use him to test potions on. Or something. I never bothered with the Grand Champion's side quest, but he was the easiest fight of the lot. I poisoned my sword with some heavy duty paralysis juju, and he didn't survive the eight seconds of kebabing I gave him. Literally never touched me. Quite disappointed to find out he's not that tough anyway...
  3. Jesus. This is terrible. What are they thinking of, the bloody IDIO... Oh, sorry. Wrong thread.
  4. I've been there (not for some time, thankfully), and the only advice I can give is to step down a limit or two. For a bit. No matter how much you rationalise it, every hand you lose is going to sting. It's money going out of your bankroll, and no matter how solid your temperament, it's going to afect your game if you're playing at your usual limit. Drop it down a peg or two. Play some stupid microlimit Omaha Hi/Lo. Have a giggle, do it for a laugh, and you'll shake those demons off in no time. Having read your posts, it's clear that you're plenty good enough to compete at higher limits, and when you're happier with things in general, go back to your normal game. Grinding against nasty variance is no fun, and when it's no fun it's less profitable. And good luck. Or rather, hope it changes quickly for you.
  5. If I've understood this correctly, when the blinds increase they aren't small at all. Three-handed, 150/300 blinds, short stack with 2000 chips - he's got roughly 11 hands left to play, depending on the positions. Every orbit where he fails to win a pot costs him a huge chunk of his stack, and if had any sense at all, he'd be playing aggressively, trying to double up. The longer he waits, the less use doubling up is to him. That's his predicament - what about yours? As always, there are a lot of variables here - the biggest one being your bankroll, or more accurately, how important getting paid is to you. Unless it's very important that you get paid, (and given that both your opponents are very passive), you should try and steal the blinds AT LEAST once an orbit, with any two cards. The danger with this is that the shortstack should be challenging your bets by raising all-in at every opportunity. He's only ever going to be a big underdog against a pocket pair, and he's under severe blind pressure. The question is whether he's smart enough to know that. It doesn't sound like he is. Meanwhile, you and the other bigstack are fighting over the shortstack's chips. When he's eliminated, whoever has the most of his chips will have an advantage. Not a huge advantage, admittedly*, but you have to take your edges where you can. If both your opponents are trying to fold into second place, you should accomodate them by stealing their blinds. One of them succeeds in folding into second, you steal into first. Perfect. If the shortstack doubles up, then the situation changes, and you change your strategy accordingly. But until he does, your objective should be to win, not to come second. The prize for second place, minus your buy-in, is not enough reward considering the position you're in, which is strong against two good players, and very very strong against two weakies who are quite happy to let you run them over. Sorry I'm a bit late with my reply! *For you. If the chipleader takes the bulk of the shortstack's chips, he'll have you covered with plenty of change to spare. You want to avoid this.
  6. I might be being dense here, but their website says nothing about a Sensi demo. Although that's the OXM360 site - is there a seperate Xbox-only one? If this is true, I might buy a games mag for the first time in about five years.
  7. Alternatively, Ian Bell would recommend you play the NES version - http://www.iancgbell.clara.net/elite/nes/ Which is bloody great, once you get the hang of the control menu thing. Is The New Kind any good now? Last time I tried it, it was horribly buggy.
  8. This business about them changing their specs according to Sony's PS3 plans - is that workable? It sounds like a very bad idea to me - especially if they're planning to beat Sony to the market. Also, what's the betting on Halo 2 being a lauunch title now?
  9. Probably the worst thing either of them have ever done. Such a good idea on paper, too. Still, the TFC/De La track makes up for it. They should have had a Jesus And Mary Chain v Rakim track instead.
  10. I've lost my copy, annoyingly*. But I'll be downloading Soul Flower now, on account of it being one of the greatest tracks ever, and me not having heard it for years. I love these threads. *Even more annoyingly, I notice I haven't lost my copy of unbelievably shite Pharcyde album "Plain Rap".
  11. In the beard-hop category - Blackalicious - A2G EP. Which is hardly obscure, or even particularly interesting, but it's the only hip-hop thing I've been listening to this month. "Don't let money change you... baaa, be bap bada be baa..." In the subjective opinions department - Instinctive Travels is clearly the best ATCQ album. Footprints and After Hours > any other Tribe songs.
  12. Strange, really - I've tried to get into Outcast on three seperate occassions, and each time I just get really, really bored of it. It almost clicked last time - I'd done loads of stuff on the first world, then scooted off to one of the other levels, and was sort of having fun again... and then I just stopped playing it. What's the click point? When does the seemingly never-ending fetch this/talk to him/oh-he's-on-the-other-side-of-the-sodding-map-again gameplay start to pay off? Brilliant music, superb prduction values, etc etc... but where's the fun? As for tutorials - I've just been getting into Homeworld. Now *that's* how you do a tutorial.
  13. I was thinking of Vamos at the time. Which is definitely shouty and hispanic. The word grunge has no place there at all. For shame.
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