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  1. Just came back and saw this. Annoying thing is I wont be home on Sunday until 9:30pm. Basically: Late this weekend Here next wekend (5th November) Away the weekend after (12th November) Back the weekend after (19th November) Away the weekend after that (26th November) And should be fine after that. If that is too inconsistent for you I understand and will come back for the next championship. But for the weekends that I can make it (I have no chance of winning to be fair) I will choose a BMW 2002 Turbo, number 51 please
  2. Awww bugger, too late to register an interest for this
  3. Wanted to say sorry for running off last night, the mixture of the lag and the crashes at the start made the race more of a pain in the backside than fun. Thats nothing to do with anyone on the track, and getting caught up in crashes is par for the course so I bear no ill will to anyone. I enjoyed the racing, just the technical aspects of the night made it horrendous to drive the car when it lagged mid-corner which completely threw me off each time Apologies to Meerman as well for the game deciding that despite finishing behind him I should be put in front of him. Obviously for the scoring can this please be reversed.
  4. My apologies for that, I think me and Joe had gone too wide there and I did not want to jump over the kerb in case I lost control and speared into someone, which it looks like I did anyway Sorry mate, I take the rap for that one.
  5. I will definately be there this Sunday night chaps. Save a spot for me, will get tuning tonight!
  6. So after a little bit of investigating, deliberating and testing of cars I have my car for tomorrow night. A Volkswagon Golf '92, which I managed to get under a minute in the time trial. Final time is 00:59:935.
  7. Cheers man that would be ace. I normally go for tyres, brakes and suspension before I improve the power on the car. But I dont tune above that in terms of the sliders. I was wondering if the cup would be better with a default set of cars, that way it was down to skillset. But I dont want to be prescriptive with this.
  8. The best I can get is a mid 1:02, how on earth are people getting below that?? Is it a particular tune or whatnot. Buying different cars and mucking about to see what I can do but getting below 1:02 is proving to be elusive for the moment!
  9. Can we tune the car? i.e. if I pick up a D class car can I tune it for the course? Or is it purely factory settings only?
  10. Count me in, especially if this is a regular Sunday night thing.
  11. If this helps I got in touch with MS Support. They were going to say buy it and then they would refund me however once I clicked on buy through the xbox store (https://store.xbox.com/en-GB/Xbox-One/Games/Castle-Crashers-Remastered/0f963681-f296-4987-9cd1-ff050274c99e) it never asked for payment info and just comfirmed my purchase. So despite having the same issue as above clicking on the buy option seemed to identify the 360 copy I had and then gave me the game for free. May be worth a try if someone is close the thier xbox one currently?
  12. Definately. I am up for more online racing.
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