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  1. auntyclimax

    Dave Perry is back...

    "I had no shirt on, god knows". Off.
  2. auntyclimax

    Best machine for emulators?

    I’m out.
  3. auntyclimax

    Best machine for emulators?

    Describe “zero effort”... It has been a while since I have dabbled.
  4. auntyclimax

    Sh****st game you ever got bought

    Dragon Crystal on the GG - hated it.
  5. auntyclimax

    Destiny 2: Season of Opulence / Crown of Sorrow, 4 June

    I’m out forever. Some of my best ever gaming moments were around D1 (deef, gin, Soi, markh, Rattle, and all the regulars). I wouldn’t know where to start now.
  6. auntyclimax

    Digitiser:The Show: Episode 5 out now!

    The farts bit was bad, yeah - overall though it really made me smile. The sneers to camera, Big Boy Barry, the fake audience, retro - bingo!
  7. Where is the revenue coming from to pay staff right now? Looking for multiple staff member means what, an increased outward revenue of £60-80k ignoring NI and such. You must have some serious backing!
  8. auntyclimax

    Xbox One X

    Paging @SeanR to the deal above.
  9. auntyclimax

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    I'd love to play it on my Super NT if this is still available?
  10. Battle Royale mode doesn't look great visually at all on the One X - it's not a great introduction whilst waiting for everything else to DL...
  11. auntyclimax

    Destiny 2: Season of Opulence / Crown of Sorrow, 4 June

    Broman’s team had a powecut and had to restart. Justice!
  12. auntyclimax

    Destiny 2: Season of Opulence / Crown of Sorrow, 4 June

    I picked this up last night, I missed the last DLC as I was moving house, so I'm ploughing through that and enjoying it (apart from the big snake, which I'm stuck at). Do all of us who paid £80 on launch need to also buy Foresaken? I mean, I will, just checking. Time to reassemble the Tuesday night raid team..?
  13. auntyclimax

    Post Your Gaming Setups

    I've used them on long haul and no complaints from me.

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