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  1. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    I can do this evening but not Thursday.
  2. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    I'm about tonight but off to Edinburgh on Thurs until Sun.
  3. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    I'll be on Tuesday but unlikely in-between
  4. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    Many on tonight? I can be.
  5. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    Yeah I can be also.
  6. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    I can be on tomorrow or Wednesday.
  7. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    Just a little reminder that I'm away this week, back next week for regular raiding.
  8. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    edit: oops, did a search but nothing came up. Ignore!
  9. Nintendo Switch

  10. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    I am working away next Tuesday - but happy to commit to regular Tuesday's beyond then. I can't play tonight but may be able to Thu. Or some time over the weekend? Don't wait for me, we're having some issues with our dog at the moment as you heard - the wise is expecting a little more support than the two mins I gave her last night!
  11. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    Live for me
  12. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    I'm ready
  13. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    What times are we looking at? I can be on a little earlier if you fancy the NF?
  14. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    Me too.
  15. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    Yeah, one or two attempts at each element and then bring up a guide? I won't feel put out if we go in under instruction however.

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