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  1. Which plans? Pricing? Maybe Believing in 'generations'? No Changing from 'we'll give you plenty of notice of pre-orders' to 12 hours? Doubt it PS5 Miles Moranes not being playable with a PS4 controller, despite it being a PS4 game? No I'm also sorry to say that GT7 looks to be a LONG way off. I was going in on both camps - just Xbox now, and I'm not even disappointed.
  2. @Ry that's right, although the £1 option didn't show immediately I don't believe.
  3. It wasn’t intentional. I used the £1 trick circa 18 months ago to convert one year. I then cancelled the renewal after two months of full price GPU. Bought CK keys Gold to play Destiny, wasn’t fussed about GP at that stage. Stacked 2 years worth a month ago, then the offer presented itself again.
  4. I just used the 'upgrade your Gold to ultimate for £1' offer for the second time - taking me through to late 2022. I'm in for the Series X, paying outright. I could wait for a price drop, but don't much see the point. Titles such as Destiny 2 being 4k60 from day 1 are enough for me.
  5. Analogue? I’m tempted to cash in though.
  6. Was teyene the hardcore dance guy I saw at a couple of gigs 10+ years ago? Doing martial arts kicks in mosh pits, during Clutch I seem to remember.
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