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  1. What kind of lag do these boxes introduce?
  2. Wouldn’t these people have placed their consoles in a similar positions previous gen? More so, Sony wouldn’t have designed these to be placed on a pure marble plinth in a zero degree enclosure.
  3. Just waiting for Apple to support the Series pad. It works though, I just can't control anything. Strange that touch screen doesn't work for navigating menu's though I thought.
  4. 2 hours ago ChewMagma posted a nice little line about a free game - for it to be torn to pieces throughout the following comments. Well I for one am following ChewMagma and going to give this a go!
  5. All this fuss because they haven't yet enabled RT on the Xbox build? C'mon...
  6. Anyone know if the patch allows GC pads to be used via the 8bitdo asdaptor?
  7. Send it back, its only a week old so distance selling rules. Ta-ta!
  8. Not in the slightest. *”You’re”
  9. Makes the thread a bit of a joke though, no?
  10. 14 pint cans, not regular. Devil is in the detail.
  11. I’m still having issues with my SX. Forza Horizon - would load, but black screens whenever I get put in the car. Deleted save file, same thing happens - but splash screens appear. Reinstalling now. Cod Modern Warfare - doesn’t think I own the game despite the disc being in the machine. Reinstalling now. Loving everything else though, and why on earth isn’t there a Yakuza thread? It’s brilliant!
  12. Ive tried BM and found it all over the place. Bad controls & inconsistent UI. That’s from 15 mins of game time. Ill go back to it though. The use of a cursor on the menu system really annoyed me, especially when it slowed to 25% speed.
  13. Do I need to use the dongle that came with my SteelSeries 7x, or should they connect automatically? Don't make me break out the manual!
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