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  1. They don't allow games with nudity though, do they?
  2. What's the reason? I expect it's around demand. Or perhaps that it enables adult content?
  3. Of course! Yakuza Like a Dragon isn’t a part of it, though?
  4. I'm using a Series X and mostly use disc based games for AAA titles. Yesterday I played Yakuza from disc for 4 hours. Today I installed Hitman III from disc (well, you know...). Played from disc for an hour. I quick resumed Yakuza without changing discs - it has so far let me play for 90 mins without asking for the correct disc to be inserted. Vodoo.
  5. This is how I felt about Yakuza - the first ten hours felt like a tutorial. I stuck with it, and glad that I did. I’m in this thread considering whether to delve into DQ, FYI.
  6. I have been using one of these on OSX. It's failed in just 6months.
  7. The Bowser boss battle looks like something out of Destiny.
  8. Do Eneloop chargers work with AmazonBasics?
  9. Ta, I’ll take Pick and Pack. PM details!
  10. I’ll take any priced item that you would recommend for me and my partner who only play Scrabble and are expecting a baby in three weeks. Serious!
  11. This is currently just over £1 on Switch.
  12. Most people being those on last gen consoles, yes: "It may be hard to believe, but the Google Stadia version of Cyberpunk 2077 may be the best way to play for most players right now. Unless you have a 20 or 30 Series Nvidia GPU or comparable AMD card or you were lucky enough to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X / S"
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