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  1. https://www.bonnemaman.co.uk/advent
  2. After supplying a video of the issue, they've accepted a return to their repair centre. I wonder how long this will take, at least the SNES core should be out when I get it back I guess.!
  3. How long to warranty's last with Analog? My SD card refuses to remain in the slot. Well, it does roughly once in a thousand attempts - in this round I'm still trying.
  4. My copy arrived today, excited to get stuck in later.
  5. Coherence (2013) It took me ten mins to realise that I’d seen it before, but entirely forgotten the plot. Everything is so well signalled, and plays through beautifully. I (re)watched this due to a tikitok recommendation… 5/5. Perfect.
  6. Loved watching this with my 18mo old - the first TV show he’s really engaged with (with some encouragement). So whatever anyone else thinks - you’re wrong.
  7. I had to search I-IV-V on YouTube, you have ruined music for me.
  8. Watching Yungblood (sp?). Clearly not aimed at me, but crumbs - stage schooled to fuck.
  9. Could you link to the page on cdkeys? I can’t see it.
  10. I was gifted £4. What should I spend it on?
  11. It hosts some of my most cherished gaming memories, I’m jealous of you going in fresh!
  12. Ordered. However, I’m intrigued about the recent TikTok trend (yes, I know..) of freezing whole garlic and ginger and microplaning it into dishes. Might give both a try.
  13. This is great! Made it to the first sword (if that's a spoiler, you're playing the wrong game...). It's challenging, and I enjoy finding the hidden paths as mentioned above. I can see the difficulty ramping, I've already resorted to cheesing a couple of ads but sense that the game wants the player to take that approach.
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