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  1. Dangit. Retroarch to the rescue in that case.
  2. Duckstation will make this very easy to compare with the originals, whilst also putting the originals back on the table.
  3. How do I do this? It rejected my UK payment method.
  4. Confusingly FedEx have sent me a letter asking for payment, but upon logging in it tells me it's been paid. Letting you know in case you experience the same.
  5. I just now ordered the M30 for OG Mega Drive from AliExpress. My first order with them, I received various 'coupons' and the total cost came to £16.15. Crazy!
  6. £36 custom charge for the Mega SG this time around, FYI.
  7. Could someone point me towards the best 8bitdo pad I need for the SG?
  8. You're the first person to mention my username. I switched a few years ago (I've never been exciting as a user, but will PM my previous name). I'd had a few gins that night. edit: I can't PM you for some reason. Feel free to reach out
  9. Nope. It was never planned to be 'restocked' today.
  10. These and the Super NT are now back in restock. Go go go!
  11. Installed all updates, inc world updates, flew over my house, and then through London (pretty dystopian, no?!), uninstalled. At least I can say that I loved every second whilst playing the game. (Joking, of course). I do think the servers are being hammered, though. There was lots of pop in, low textures etc. But, I was flying low and being nosey. From 4k feet and above it's stunning.
  12. UK update is "6.56GiB" (using their terms) for Series X.
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