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  1. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Wasn't for the feint of heart! Had dust again a couple of months later. I'll just leave it be now. If it's only noticeable under certain conditions maybe leave it. Easy enough to remove in post. Any camera with a lens that extends in and out is prone to the problem as it sucks air in. My Ricoh seems renowned for the problem, so was easy to find a step-by-step guide on how to open and clean it.
  2. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Dust on sensor. Not a lot you can do with a fixed lens camera unless you take it apart ( I had to do that with my Ricoh GR )
  3. Nintendo Switch

    They were £49.99 on Amazon last week!
  4. Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    I cancelled my paypal monthly payment and ignored the emails about the cancellation fee. They give up after a month or so. Was a little annoyed with them for putting up the monthly cost of my sub without telling me. ( I was paying for a student sub - student of life Still using CC but with the log-in from my works account.
  5. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    The lack of camera calibration is deal breaker for me. I use a Fujifilm camera and Lightroom has all the camera calibrations for the different film simulations built in ( acros, velvia, classic chrome etc ) Surprised the presets still can't be synced across devices without having to result to work-arounds. That can't be to difficult surely?! I've been using Lightroom for yonks now, and am pretty happy with it. Speed hasn't ever been an issue for me and I love the organisation side of it.
  6. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    I use desktop versions. I'd like to try mobile, but cannot use my desktop presets / camera calibration on the mobile version, which is a dealbreaker for me ( when I last checked, this may of changed now! )
  7. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Thanks. Fair bit I guess. Only takes moments though. After import Apply VSCO Ektar preset ( edited ) Adjust white balance ( on night shots add a bit of blue tint ) Adjust hilights Adjust shadows Transform > auto to fix and distortions Shots with sky I use a grad with -50ish exposure -20ish dehaze
  8. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Not posted anything here for yonks... Few from a recent trip to Japan. Shinjuku Walking back to our hotel in the pouring rain at 12pm after a day Pokemon hunting with my 7 year old son. Saw this scene and the couple under the umbrella and just had to pull the camera out. Glad to have weather sealing on my camera in this situation! Ojima Matsuri ( summer festival ) Giant drums and fans parade up and down the small streets PACKED with people and vendors. Great fun! Room for a little one? Yoyogi station We got off this same train a few carriages up. Walked past this scene and felt a real urge to pull the camera out, walk back and take the shot. I get this 'spidey sense' feeling quite often. Sometimes curse myself for not following up on it - Glad I did in this case! This is by far the most viewed picture on my Flickr.
  9. Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Lightroom 'classic' updates sound great. I notice there is a new process version there as well. Wonder if lightroom CC will sync presets across all the devices now...if so I'll be temped to start using it. Being able to edit on a iPad pro would be lovely.
  10. Nintendo 3DS

  11. Nintendo 3DS

    I've got a spare code for a level 100 shiny Silvally. Let me know if you need / can use it. It's being given out in Japanese stores at the moment. My sons aunt had to SKYPE us from a store to show the shop assistant the DS! He asked if we have both Sun and Moon - to which he replied yes ( he only has Sun ) so we got 2 codes It's from Japan so not sure if it will work on UK DS. ( Ash hat ( asshat?! ) pikachu code doesn't work on my sons DS )
  12. Ahh, to bad. My son was super excited to get that. We were in Japan when the film was released and he got a special Pikachu card for the arcade machines there. Didn't have the DS at that time so didn't get any codes.
  13. Pikachu20 code not working for us. Enter - pikachu20 get the message: the gift was not there. Definitely not used already. Is this region specific? ( it's a Japanese 2DSXL ) but we are in London. We WERE able to use the code to receive the stones though. Mega Stones special code: DRACHE
  14. Nintendo 3DS

    I panicked at that point. I had no idea what to chose to trade. He gets very attached to some of them Thanks again deKay, he'll be super happy.
  15. Nintendo 3DS

    No thanks mate! Thats more than enough.

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