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  1. I rather like it. Controls took some getting used to and I often shoot shells off in the wrong direction, but all-in-all, pretty good. Devastated to read I wasn't actually racing against other people though! It's like finding out Santa isn't real. I thought the multiplayer coming soon bit referred to playing against people in the friends list.
  2. Was just checking out shopto. I couldn't change it from delivery to Romania for some reason... I found its at base.com for the same price with free delivery. Anyone used them before? https://www.base.com/buy/product/the-legend-of-zelda-links-awakening-nintendo-switch/dgc-zeldalinkns.htm?gclid=CjwKCAjw5fzrBRASEiwAD2OSV4lDltLYblDrgAtN-mAXuGng0UumpTRDk0qzj5paiTPDiTjjyMScHBoCe0kQAvD_BwE
  3. Totoro

    Illustration Club

    Having a play with an iPad pro and pro create. Never used it before. Temptation to buy an iPad is high...
  4. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    I find getting there a few mins before the raid starts yields good results. I don't raid in a group but have caught pretty much all the legendaries from the raids with this method, usually during lunchtime walks around London Bridge.
  5. Breezed through up to LV 60... then absolute brick wall. Doesn't work offline at all, so no tube play which is a shame.
  6. I'd also recommend the Ricoh. I have the GRII and it's excellent and super compact.
  7. Runs really well on my 2012 macbook pro ( pre retina ) System and catalogue file on SSD all RAWS on normal HDD ( the one that came with the laptop ) Tend to do a lot of editing in Lightroom and via Photoshop. Using 24mp files from fuji xt2. Catalogue is HUGE with about 600gb of images. Have you got enough free space on your storage disk? If not enough some apps will struggle. I'd imagine Lightroom needs a good chunk of empty disk space.
  8. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    That'll be me. Just go ahead and open whenever, I'm not to worried about the xp.
  9. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    You know about walking eeve for 10k then evolve during day or night for umbreon or espeon?
  10. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    Thanks for the heads up! Just go ahead and open it anytime. I'm close enough to lv40 now and the level up / xp doesn't really bother me at all.
  11. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    My wife: 9358 1200 8403 ( she's jealous of all the friends I have now Seems the best way of getting the new eggs is to not open gifts people send you until you've just hatched an egg. Then you have the free space for it.
  12. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    Thanks for the gifts. High % of them arrived from pokestops at pubs
  13. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    Trainer name: PZilla73 Code: 6305 4461 4207 got a few gifts already. I'll add the above and send some out!
  14. Re: 'I couldn't find much worth photographing' I think you did! Personally I think this is fantastic you've captured an amazing image. The composition, the subject, the setting... It's a little slice of life perfectly captured - tells a story. Good job! ( looking at your camera settings I'd suggest watching your shutter speed. 1/80th and F18. You could of shot it at F8 - 125 or 250th and got a really sharp image.
  15. Picked up all my Fuji gear used. Got a xt2 with 16mm lens about a month after it was released for a great price. Recently got a 35mm f2 off gumtree for £190, bargain. Also got a 50-230 off gumtree, cost me £60! Old manual lenses also work spectacularly well with the digital focus aids.
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