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  1. Doubt if they care. As long as they come in and go out, they are happy. Retailers dream scenario really. Unless they value customers of course.
  2. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    Woah, always been pretty quick for me! If you invite others, you'll get the 5 friend request almost instantly.
  3. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    I've been using this for raids, it's great. https://9db.jp/pokego/data/62 You can use it to join raid, or create your own raid for others to join. Basically friend codes are shared, it's really well done.
  4. It's non-essential. Could you imagine the bad press that SONY would get it queues of people started showing up as Sainso's trying to buy a PS5. As far as SONY is concerned, i'm sure they are not happy lots of consoles are still sitting around in boxes. They want people using them to buy games and subscriptions.
  5. I joined the queue 5 mins after it went up. Currently 44108 ahead of me. Fingers crossed eh!..
  6. Are CEX still paying +200? I'd say that's the biggest draw for scalpers at the moment. I doubt too many people are still around willing to pay over the odds now Christmas has passed.
  7. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    Code for the North Face X Gucci items. GXSD5CJ556NHG
  8. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    That's 19miles away from here, so well within the 50k. Whats your POGO name? Sure, we can arrange something. Not really sure what i'm after, but if there is something particular you'd like let me know.
  9. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    Are we able try and organise some raids for Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf? I can host Mesprit, need the other 2.
  10. Totoro

    Pokemon Go

    Thats me! I have lucky friends with a whole load of people right now. I'm in London, whats the distance?
  11. Bit drastic to think about changing systems! He has a great camera. This is a prime E mount lens, perfect for taking pic's of bugs. It's lightweight and has good autofocus. E 30mm F3.5 Macro E-mount Lens - less that £200 - one on ebay now for £150 buyout. http://fiberstrobe.blogspot.com/2013/10/review-of-sony-sel30m35-30mm-f35-macro.html https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4322909 AV forums and Talk photography are great places to pick up used equipment.
  12. Could you put a link for that system, sounds pretty much what i'm currently after for some 3D work.
  13. I see it still works on his ipad, but is indeed gone from the store. Does this mean it will stop working at some point? Poor little guy will be deverstated.
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