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  1. Some Ori news of my own...
  2. noob


    Some other news...
  3. noob


    There you go... 2:30pm on the Saturday. That's me!
  4. I have to agree. I've had a break for a bit and going back this week has been wonderful. I won't make that mistake again. This is definitely my next purchase... Made by a friend of a friend too
  5. Decided to go back to this after quite a while away. Got to the end of the dlc before, now let's see how I do... It's been at least 18 months since I've played it. Eek!
  6. noob


    Thanks! Super excited about it now.
  7. noob


    So some news... March 28th at 2:30pm, and it's being streamed live too, in the largest room also. Maybe see some of you there?
  8. Yeah. Ive hit a wall with it. I keep trying but no... Anyone want to share play?
  9. noob


    i have been slightly remiss about posting lately, apologies... i was really ill over xmas but here are our latest episodes; https://dorktunes.com/podcast/episode-58-nainita-desai/ - nainita composed the music for the game 'telling lies' https://dorktunes.com/podcast/episode-57-bob-barn/ - a chat with bob & barn who composed for MediEvil
  10. noob

    Google Stadia

    So glad I cancelled my order
  11. I'm stuck at Doris. Anyone else have that problem. I've gone back after a long break, and it's doing my head in...
  12. If anyone is interested, I chatted to Joe from the flight at EGX recently on my VGM panel, who scored this game in part... https://dorktunes.com/podcast/episode-56-egx-2019/
  13. Finished the main story today. My oh my, that was special...
  14. After finishing the main game last year, I went back to the DLC recently, and finished it yesterday. I'll miss HZD tbh, one of the best games this gen. Just wonderful
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