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  1. noob


    so, in a bid to become a bit more regular this year, we are recording today! bit of a change too, but you can hear what that might be when the episode comes out. episode 50, who knew we would get so far... we already have episode 51 in the bag too, so its all go now. hoping to see some of you in London n April too
  2. noob

    Your favourite video game music

    Related... If anyone is interested, I will be at EGX Rezzed this year as a panelist, discussing VGM with some very special guests... Its on Saturday the 6th of April at 12pm in London at the Tobacco Docks. I can't believe it!
  3. noob


    So...in exciting news... I have been invited to chair a session at EGX Rezzed in April on the 6th, which is the Saturday, about VGM and gaming, with guests (TBC). I'm blown away. Me!!! :wub: See you there hopefully!
  4. noob

    PlayStation VR

    If anyone is interested, the new episode of DorkTunes is out, where I chatted to Kenny Young, who composed the music for Astro Bot...and lots more... https://dorktunes.com/podcast/348/
  5. noob


    Surprise! Episode 49 is now live... https://dorktunes.com/podcast/348/ This time I chatted to Kenny Young, who is the composer for the LBP games, Tethered, Tearaway, and Astro Bot
  6. noob

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    Not hugely, it tells you where you need to go on the map... Give it another try, it's ace!
  7. noob

    PlayStation VR

    If anyone is interested, the new episode of DorkTunes will be out shortly, and I chatted to Kenny Young, composer of Astro Bot... Should be up on DorkTunes.com, iTunes and now Spotify (you need to search for Dork Tunes - with a space for now) soon!
  8. noob


    Excitingly, we are now on Spotify! I have asked for the name changed, as they uploaded it as Dork Tunes, and some episodes are missing, but that's my fault. Will sort soon. But hello from Spotify, and us!
  9. noob

    The Best Game Trailers

    Easy... Dead Island Stunning trailer for a distinctly meh game... such beautiful music too
  10. noob


    Surprise! Episode 48 is out... https://dorktunes.com/podcast/episode-48/
  11. I really need to go back and finish it... Got utterly lost towards the end (as above). Great game though to that point.
  12. noob

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    Was stuck on a boss earlier, managed to do that one, now it's just put two more one directly after another. Cheap tactic. Levelling up nicely though and using my one handed levelled weapon is giving me joy

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