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  1. noob

    PlayStation VR

    I think I'm one of the few that adored Bound... Moss and Torn up next
  2. noob


    Also did another VGM playlist...
  3. noob


    Episode 47 is now live folks! Chatted to the lovely Jon Hillman about composing for the game That Dragon, Cancer... https://dorktunes.com/podcast/episode-47/
  4. noob

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    Looking for this ATM if anyone is looking to move theirs on... PS4... Drop me a DM. Thanks x
  5. noob

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Boo Thought I could set Halo MCC to download as I was at work. Heyho... Cheers dear xxx
  6. noob

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Is XBL down?
  7. noob

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Discovered this woman today. 81 year old who plays Skyrim. She's adorable! https://youtu.be/1Jgwdkxzg78
  8. noob

    PlayStation VR

    So... Something odd happened today. Loaded up Torn to play, the screens were all fine, but once my save loaded, I could hear but the screen was black, when I turned my head, I could see but only in pieces, like a smashed mirror almost. Tried Wipeout and Moss. Both absolutely fine. Seems like the save is corrupted. Lucky I only just started. But boo Hasn't happened with anything else before. Anyone had that?
  9. noob

    PlayStation VR

    Move support only!!! It's started really well too. Had to give up though as having our bathroom redone, and the room is a mess as my PSVR is in the spare room which he is using as a walk in toolbox.
  10. noob

    PlayStation VR

    Not sure yet, but I will know tomorrow, so will let you know. I'm SO EXCITED to hear the score, and lucky enough that they have sent me some pieces to play on the next DorkTunes, another world exclusive
  11. noob

    PlayStation VR

    Anyone grabbing Torn? Out today... Got it downloaded for tomorrow. Looks ace, and scored by Garry Schyman!
  12. and thats RE7 done for me... 12.5 hrs that took, very enjoyable indeed. will definitely play the free dlc at least. i agree with @Mr Luke a solid 7/10
  13. noob

    Gaming soundtracks on Vinyl

    If anyone is interested... https://twitter.com/blackscreenrec/status/1030065397054287872?s=19

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