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  1. Well it might have helped if while I was banging in goals left right and centre, the "defence" had done some defending...
  2. I'll be there tonight! (watched captain America 2)
  3. Off to the cinema tonight but will be back just after 10, should make the second game no problem (maybe the first if there are any delays....)
  4. Try and hide your disappointment but I'm not going to make it on tonight. Good luck!
  5. Yeah - I switched to rush and domination and there were no problems, ridiculous conquest doesn't work though.
  6. Rubber banding on all the navel strike maps is the worse I've ever had
  7. I've got loads of coins so I'll be able to gift pro boosts to steely & sith to boost their stats.
  8. Wasn't really a great confidence booster for me personally! You lot looked good though...
  9. Cheers for the online pro boosts Jamin! Huge increase to my stats so I'm going to be a bit braver and keep hold of the ball more.
  10. C'mon - Where's the reports? I'm waiting for all my awards.......
  11. Well what a kick in the teeth! I tried my best
  12. The training match afterwards was a success though!
  13. Are we on from 9pm again for a couple of warmup matches?
  14. Are we getting on before 10 for a couple of games?
  15. I'm 100% sure it was because you were no longer controlling the defence, being caught offside is definitely not considered an "aid" to attacking......
  16. I initially offered to play CB and wasn't allowed!
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