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  1. Just completed this on PS4. Main gripes were always the stupidly long load times while looking at a black screen with a loading icon in the bottom right corner, fast travel that wasnt remotely fast and the way time advanced that almost advanced as fast as real time. Other than that it was pretty good, and apart from a few bugs here and there wasnt too bad considering I spent £15 to get the game with all dlc's on PS4.
  2. When people said they wanted more vault space, and Bungie thought they meant hard disk space, and decided to vault half the game's actual content instead.
  3. This doesnt happen in the first game. Its why I didnt like the second one as much. Also the voice acting is way better in this than in the sequel, and the whole thing isnt as anime-esque either, being a lot more serious in comparison. Also it has Ricky, Legendary Heropon - instawin. Edit: In terms of combat, this only has Break and Topple. It doesnt have the nonsense Launch and the rest which were a massive faff in XC2, so dont worry about it, as they're a lot easier to pull off in this.
  4. Achievement system is in there btw (Spoilers, ovbiously): https://game8.co/games/Xenoblade-Chronicles-Definitive-Edition/archives/289226 I've always maintained that this is the best JRPG since Skies for me. Wish they'd re-master it for the PS4/XBone/PC as it deserves to be played by everyone just like this gem.
  5. Not sure what people expected other than an open world samurai/ninja action adventure. Its obvious you wont be one shotting enemies from the beginning like in that video, it'd be pretty much a walk in the palk if it were. Anyway, its begging for this as some form of dlc/addon: Hopefully CDProjekt will allow it
  6. Those are probably my most hated enemies in the game due to the combination of the armour and the charge attack that sometimes comes from off screen with little warning, which is annoying when your swarmed by mobs that you end up grabbing and you cant let go, so cant avoid said charge.
  7. Just tried SoR1 Axel, and his attacks are a bit ridiculous. I suppose it had to be done considering how limited the first games characters are in terms of attack variety, but he attacks like lightning and does a shed load of damage, one flurry and an enemy just melts. I vaguely remember that he was the most damaging character in the original though, so maybe its just that.
  8. The problem with stage 6 is the amount of weapon wielding enemies in that small area. Didnt have any issues prior to that, or even afterwards. Obviously a first play through is learning the layout, enemies and attacks, so maybe it'll now be easier on a replay. And yeah, I only really noticed the health regain thing after level 6 Also, normal difficulty is definitely not normal, as I did the same in SoR 2. I do miss playing as Max though. Cant wait to unlock him and deal some mahoosive damage with that atomic drop.
  9. Completed it as Axel earlier (PS4). The last boss is a bit ridiculous, and I just about managed to beat it with about a quarter of a health bar left. Either I am getting old and my SoR skills now suck, or this really needed a dash or roll to be able to move quicker - I am leaning more towards the latter, despite the obvious aging, as I used to beat SoR 2 quite easily back in the day, and even on an emulator after I sold my Mega Drive. A lot of the things that knack me are attacks that I can barely avoid due to them coming from above or below, sometimes in diagonal directions that you cant really avoid quick enough. Bosses arent much of a problem, its usually the mobs using knives, or other weapons I've noticed that you cant really stop with attacks, where they can hit you, but their hit detection on you seems to happen before yours on them. This is quite apparent on level 6, before the final boss, as there are scores of enemies that come at you with weapons. I hope this is something that can be looked at, as the games not easy anyway, but this just makes it a bit frustrating, which I dont recall ever feeling in previous SoR games. I should point out that this is the only criticism I have of the game, and I thouroughly enjoy playing it regardless. I will, however, cringe a bit whenever I get to level 6
  10. Is there a use for the heavy attacks (hold square and release)? I thought they'd do more damage to those shield guys, but doesnt seem like it.
  11. £17.99 on the Playstation store if you have PSPlus.
  12. I meant if Seth owned Star Trek, as it was rumoured a while back he was in talks with CBS about buying the property. Its a shame that didnt happen.
  13. Just watched the season 2 two-parter. Pretty damn good. Now imagine if he could work on actual Star Trek stuff. Hell, they could easily do crossover stuff as well then. Yeah, I know. But I can dream....
  14. 34:12 Also starring Rich Evans - must be in that Invisible Man costume I guess
  15. I own all three, but only played 2 so far. I'd definitely go with Horizon Zero Dawn if you want open world action/adventure though (I dont know how good Spidey is....yet).
  16. £12.99 in the current PSN sale. Probably worth a bite (hoho) at that price.
  17. Having that play in Kiwami as you walk next to hostess clubs was a nice touch
  18. The worst part of Saejima's story was the jail stuff. It really started moving when he got out, and I liked the hunting stuff myself. Weakest part of 5 is the story, as some of the characters seem to be amazing actors (that coliseum fight and dialogue among others), and the last boss just comes out of nowhere. Massive "wtf, this is a bit daft", only to then have the fight be one of the best boss fights in the series.
  19. That was great. Mike really dislikes Alex Kurtzman
  20. That explains why the "No, dont go!" scene with the helicopter at the start of Resident Evil 1 on the PS sounded a bit ike this: There's also the bit when Mine is on the phone at the end of the game where he switches to english after starting with "hello?" in Japanese. Now he's not great at doing it, and I dont know if the actor doing the voice can even speak english, but I thought it was pretty good to be honest.
  21. Sacred Tree set makes that, and his Amon fight, a complete joke as it makes him immune to bullets - the knife guys are the only real issue during the last fight as a result, but with the bullets not doing anything, you dont get stun locked and can deal with them easily.
  22. Wasnt that keen on this, but that trailer showing off all the new stuff....Day one for me.
  23. I've posted the youtube trailer in the Picard thread, but its obvious that Mike cant get Rich to do them anymore, as while funny, they basically piss him off at how monumentally stupid the shows are and he cant take it anymore
  24. Mr Plinkett may be doing a Picard "review": Rich really didnt want to do anymore Star Trek reviews
  25. Finished Yakuza 5 last night. The story has a few plot holes, and story wise the last boss is a massive wtf, but gameplay wise it was the bees knees. The last fight with that soundtrack playing was pretty amazing. In fact the soundtrack in this is pretty damn good, almost up there with Kiwami 2 and Zero, in part thanks to the dance battle tunes. Obviously the ending was tarnished somewhat by knowing 6 exists, but its got me umming and ahhing over whether to jump into 6 or play something else first to take a short break from Yakuza related antics. Also have Judgment and Fist of the North Star to look forward to at some point. Hopefully by the time I've played those 7 will be out in the west.
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