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  1. Looked to me like they were gonna make a sequel, but it never saw the light of day. Probably a good thing that though.
  2. Mr Ben


    Just completed this about an hour ago. God the ending was awful, and short. I only put about 30 odd hours into the whole game too. Worst RPG I think I ever played
  3. Oh well. Looks like any kind of upgrade has gone out the window too then. Pity, as some games still wont run from the HD.
  4. Metroid Prime, Viewtiful Joe, PSO ep1+2+3, F-Zero GX, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Donkey Konga...Too many to have an overrall favourite.
  5. You are kidding I hope. That level is easy. Just dodge the stuff coming at ya, and destroy every building and pick up the powerups. The enemies are well easy to kill with a quick hard attack, and the thing of falling off stuff is negated by pressing the right trigger at the same time as the attack button. This makes you do a air jump attack with ya sword that allows you to gain height. The right trigger on its own does an air dash, which can be used as much as ya want, or untill the magic meter runs out. No reason for falling off other than if ya magics all gone really.
  6. Oh please. If it were reality, would we have giant robots transforming into vehicles, guns and other electronic hardware? Jeez, if they change anything from the original it'll be total cack. Megatron has to be a gun, damnit, and Soundwave has to be a tape deck. I get the feeling this will be total rubbish.
  7. how did you get it on the Memory Card? and how much room does it take up on a normal sized PS2 memory card?
  8. Mr Ben


    I would also like to know if this is any good. Anyone have the game yet and played it? If so whats your opinion?
  9. Jeez, theres loads. Probably far too many to list in fact. I have a fair few MP3's of game soundtracks on my HD too. Where to start? Chrono Trigger Skies of Arcadia Phantasy Star Online (ep 1+2+3) Metal Gear Solid 2 (The music that plays during the demo movie) Grandia 2 Loads of Final Fantasy games, X, X-2 and 7 being my faves. Rez (Buggy running beeps) Zone of the Enders (Kiss me sunlights) Street Fighter 2 Panzer Dragoon Orta Loads of PC RPG's (Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Ultima) Legend of Zelda (The theme from Wind Waker especially) Halo The song from Kingdom Hearts Battle and "shop" music from Devil May Cry Super Metroid and Metroid Prime More of a list of the music I got on my PC than anything else really Cybernator on the Snes also had some cracking music that fit in well with the game. Glad I got some of them as .spc files.
  10. I loved the plot, but hated that damn sphere system. The fact it forced you to fight to gain spheres was rubbish.
  11. I loved the fact that if you kill a key NPC, the game tells you that you cant complete the main storyline now. This should be in any rpg that allows you to kill any npc in my opinion.
  12. I enjoyed it, but it could've been so much better in some places. Removing the mask on the train was the worst part, and shouldnt have been done. If the public removed it after Spidey collapsed, it would've been better. There should also have been a mention by either Dr Octopus or the doctors in the hospital about the arms being impossible to remove without harming Doc Ock himself. The whole "my powers are failing" storyline was a bit daft, too. Also, I dont know if any of you know, but both Green Goblin and Dr Octopus have died in the comics, and theyve been brought back. And I dont mean Harry Osbourne as the Green Goblin either. So no worries about the characters staying dead. I'm just left wondering who's gonna be the next villain. I reckon they should have more than one villain in the next film. Sinister Six maybe? Also, Fantastic Fours Human Torch should so be in it to give Spidey some stick
  13. The N64 game of that wiggly wire thing is wicked. Difficult, stressful but loads of fun. The Japanese guy screaming at you in a laughable voice makes it highly amusing at the same time. Multiplayer too. Bonus!
  14. On mine at the mo are: Zelda: 4 swords Made in Wario Advance Wars2 Metroid Zero Mission I really should play Zelda, but the fact I completed it on the Snes way back puts me off.
  15. Mr Ben

    Gaming Injuries

    Just shut your eyes each time you sneeze
  16. Mr Ben

    Gaming Injuries

    Also had this for around a week, as did a few of my mates.
  17. RE:Outbreak works in single player from the HD. At least it has so far.
  18. I'll be getting it for the co-operative play, as well as multiplayer online. I've not played much Halo in multiplayer, and hopefully Microsoft will have dedicated servers, so it should be stable online unlike Halo online via PC.
  19. Mr Ben


    Best FF plot wise in my opinion. Excellent plot twists all over the place. All the characters actually have a reason to be in your party too, unlike some rpg's where theyre just there for no reason, and they also have some depth to them. Only thing I didnt like was the level up system, mainly because it forced you to fight to get the spheres. Borders are really bad, and it is in 50 Hz, but hey, it pretty much IS the International version. The US didnt get that version at all, from what I've heard. As a result, all the extra super hard bosses are there in the Pal game, which arent in the US version. As you can probably tell from my above, um, rant, I enjoyed it. A lot.
  20. If I can wait for chrimbo: Halo 2 RE4 (if its out for Xmas!) Metroid Prime 2 (same as above) Viewtiful Joe 2 ("") Pikmin 2 ("") I'm sure theres more. Katamari Damacy and the Taiko drum games for instance, but I can get those anytime, having a chipped PS2.
  21. Free Stuff/Software For All or FSFA for short? or I Cant Be Arsed To Buy It Take ya pick
  22. This is the only Resident Evil/Biohazard game I've felt I really should own. Roll on release day.
  23. Shame. There was an article in July's Edge about it at E3, too.
  24. Pretty much agree with all thats been said. I was waiting for someone to mention the Shanshu prophecies scroll, or maybe for it to make an appearance. Glad it was all tied up at the end. I particularly liked Angels last words: "Well I kind of want to slay the dragon". Ten times better than the rather pap Buffy series finale.
  25. I found Morag to be easy. Lured her henchmen away and killed em, then saved and went in to kill her. If I remember rightly, you gotta destroy some worshippers or something before you can damage her at all, but after that she wasnt too hard. Btw, I was a Fighter/Champion of Torm. That combination seemed to kick major butt for me, even tho I wasted points on skills I never used.
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