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  1. Laughable considering their website cant stay up.
  2. Curry's site is utterly dead atm. Wont load at all. No updates from them on twitter either.
  3. Yeah, I'm not holding out hope for Curry's. Amazon or bust it is I think. Game queue is now at around 20 minutes. Now they've all sold out UK online retail is terrible. Clearly wont spend the money to upgrade their infrastructure.
  4. Yeah, I dunno about any others, so its shit or bust for me. I have a nasty feeling I wont be getting a PS5 until after Xmas. Edit: Yeah, and Curry's, though we dunno what time for them yet.
  5. Nah mate its not available. All gone Looks like its 12 on Amazon or bust for me. What a shambles this has been. I should have stayed in bed
  6. That the Tesco site? Can you link it if so, as mine may be the wrong bloody one Edit: Same as me @PopoWouldnt goto actual checkout.
  7. I tried, its just the old page saying it'll be released on the 19th with no button to do anything. I'll try again though.
  8. Cool, so its legit then. Hope they announce when they're actually going live soon-ish. Tesco's site is still borked and wont load. Same for JL, where it sometimes loads with me logged out, but mostly I just get the Radio Silence screen, which looks like my portable heater
  9. Well Curry's will have stock later, according to that tweet, but they dont say a time.
  10. Absolutely shambolic from the UK online retail sector. Its not like they didnt know this would happen after last time
  11. Wtf Maybe they will actually have stock then? I dunno now
  12. Yeah I logged in to Curry's earlier, and the PS5 just isnt on there, only the controller and such. This has just been an excercise in futility so far.
  13. Tesco page still saying "Secure Connection Failed" for me, and wont load.
  14. Jesus, John Lewis payment page taking an eternity, then it times out.... I'm not getting one today am I?
  15. How? It wont let me click the order button Edit: In my basket, but taking an age to load....
  16. Curry's website has no PS5's up atm. Am I missing something, or has it not been put up yet? Edit: Seriously, they put it up before 9am? Why when it was supposed to be 9?!? Ridiculous.
  17. Game queue to log in is over an hour. Have multiple sites open though, so fingers crossed...
  18. Oh. It sometimes doesnt, so it may be a bit hit or miss, sorry.
  19. PS4 games work on PS5, saves and all. UIpload to the cloud. Should be fine. I'll be sat in front of my PC tomorrow morning slamming that refresh button on all them 9 am websites. I better manage to nab a PS5!
  20. If you play Titan, do yourself a favour and equip Dunemarchers. Run about for a few seconds and then punch something. You dont have to use your melee abiltiy for this, but you can if you want to. Just watch the sparks fly as the room you were in will be cleared thanks to this exotic. This works in both PvE and PvP, the latter being an excellent way to see where opposing players are, as the lightning will paint a literal electrical line straight to them. You can even get easy double and triple kills in Crucible thanks to this exotic, as the lightning can often hit multiple times. Works on any subclass, even Stasis.
  21. I got in, completed the first mission, started the second and got booted in the social area after getting killed by a Brig that was 1250 power.
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