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  1. Round 2.....Fight! Nevermind, fake account
  2. Thats if any of us get in before the bots have nabbed them all....
  3. It was an hour, but I swear it just changed to more than an hour. FFS
  4. So same ones I saw then. It seems to be bundles only atm, not that I care. Miles Morales is the only one I'd want though, as no Demons Souls lol Edit: Seems to be a race between Amazon and Game right now. Will I order from Game before Amazon get their stock up? Or will I be fucked completely by both? Tune in about an hour to find out
  5. Where? Unless you mean for next month (pre-order). I was in, but as soon as I went to pre-order a Miles Morales PS5 - BANG in a 1 hour queue I go.....
  6. Its just their website. People may be trying to pre-order for December. I was thinking about it, but the site died.
  7. I was in, but now the sites (Game I mean, not Amazon) shit the bed
  8. Pretty sure Game have sold out. Although they do have PS5's up for pre-order 10/12/2020 apparently.
  9. Yeah its odd. Nothing on their twitter other than this from 11 hours ago:
  10. The Independend saying they may have sold out in the brief blackout Must be the Flash then as I refreshed enough times it wasnt down that long.
  11. Wonder if they didnt have stock for 12pm today, and its some other time. Site hasnt been updated at all. Still unavailable.
  12. I can access the page now and then, but its still unavailable.
  13. And the bots have started hammering the page.....
  14. Amazon holding up so far. Come on my son, do it for me.....
  15. Same here. Dunno if that shopping list thing will do anything, as it just sends me to the PS5 page anyway when I click on "see all buying options".
  16. Nothing changed for me. Maybe it was just that fast.
  17. Maybe its been drinking instead of you
  18. Yeah they have miles better infrastructure, so I've got my fingers and toes crossed. I stuck it in my shopping list too, just in case that makes it easier to grab one. Edit: Cheers @mikeyl
  19. As I said, Amazon or bust. Oh well, at least I still have a PS4 Pro to play stuff on, so its not like I wont have anything to play.
  20. Website Name: www.currys.co.ukURL Checked: no response Response Time: ~12 mins Down For: DOWN < - LMAO no need to shout Currys.co.uk is DOWN for everyone. It is not just you. The server is not responding... https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/currys.co.uk.html
  21. Yeah, I dont think they've put them back up yet. That 11 am thing smells like BS to me. Not mentioned on their official twitter at all.
  22. Got in, and its a blank page.....This really should not be happening in 2020. Looking more and more like its Amazon or bust.
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