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  1. He clearly wants his last hurrah doing the thing most people know him for. Shame he didnt put as much effort in as he did in his last X-Men films.
  2. No I didnt, stop making things up now. That's not a phaser, in case you didnt know.... Now kindly stop it, as it looks like your only doing this to troll.
  3. I meant the disruptor stuff. Anyway, this isnt purple: The nacelles are purple. Maybe they're purple in STO, I cant recall not having played it for like 7 years. Anyway, this is daft now, so drop it.
  4. French A-Team I'm really looking forward to Mike conning Rich into doing the RLM review now. Win what? It wasnt an argument or a competition. It was my opinion.
  5. I'm about halfway through 5 I think - Haruka's last chapter. Found Saejima's early chapters a bit of a slog, though it got a lot better when he arrived at the village. Think I'm on more than you, percentage wise, but I have been doing the cabaret club stuff as well as the masters. I bought Judgement in one of the recent sales. It looks good, though all the trailers have english voice overs, which was a bit jarring. I'll be playing them all in order, so will be a while before I get to that, sorry.
  6. You should always manual save whenever possible. https://dragonsdogma.fandom.com/wiki/Save_Game If memory serves, manually saving overwrites everything else, and is guaranteed to not lose any progress. Edit: Remembered that the issue I think you may be having is loading from checkpoint, not from your actual save. Do not do this, unless the game recently saved (at an inn for example), or you will likely lose progress. If you are wandering about in the same area without hitting a loading screen (these are mainly inside dungeons or changing locations) then your game will not save unless you do it manually.
  7. I dont watch Discovery, so dont really care what the showrunners have decided. They're red/orange in the majority of films (ToS films included), as well as series, special effect cock-ups aside. I'm not going to keep banging on about a colour detail more than I have done. And as stated, regardless of the colour of something or what disruptors look like, both Picard and Discovery are terrible for multiple reasons that have already been covered in this, and in Discovery's own thread.
  8. ToS had some inconsistency in its colouring, some shots were blue, others were red/orange. They are supposed to be red/orange though for Federation. Other races seem to have different colours for their phasers. Admittedly, the science behind it all should mean you wouldnt see any beam at all, but that wouldnt make for good ship battles, obviously.
  9. Nah, red/orange normally. Blue is usually used for phased polaron type weapons, like the Dominion has. I'm guessing you've been watching Discovery, where it seems the Federation has somehow acquired this technology, and 100 years early: @Monkeyboy and @jcafarley, yeah Major Grin's great at easily pointing out all the flaws then taking the piss out of them. It also shows Enterprise did their homework for that show, which is more than can be said for any Trek show since.
  10. I dont think there is an actual tutorial, it just more or less tells you things as they happen if they're new. I dont recall having any issues with the game outside of trying to get my pawn to learn stuff about monsters - max starring dragonkin being the biggest pain in the arse I had.
  11. Wait, the showrunner actually wanted fans to hate the show? https://boundingintocomics.com/2020/03/27/star-trek-picard-showrunner-michael-chabon-admits-he-wanted-to-piss-off-or-provoke-people/ Season 2 will have high viewer numbers then
  12. They looked far slimmer than a plasma shot, which is why I said they looked like lasers. They can also be beam type, like phasers: Old style disruptor pulse: Disruptor beams: Picards "pew pew" lasers (not the best shot, but all I could find): They seem to have been rushed for time on the last episode at least, if not more. I've also read that there were a lot of reshoots done, which likely didnt help the series narrative cohesiveness: Taken from here (Space.com review of the final episode).
  13. With all the green lasers firing about during the scene with the multiple copies of the Sirena I thought several Star Destroyers had shown up to the fight. "Phasers? What are those?" asks Alex Kurtzman.
  14. Wonder if the achievement system will be present in the Switch version.
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