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  1. O'Brien does not deserve to be on that ship either. Did you not see every episode with him in it on DS9?!? Guys been through enough. Dont assign him to Captain Clusterfuck.
  2. Ok, someone else plays while Patrick Stewart makes funny faces
  3. When did he get good with kids? Picard is in his 90's, has no children of his own, grandchildren or even any relatives now (post Generations), and I think he's softened over the years as a result. Also he has had children, in a sense - In the episode "The Inner Light", in the space of 20 minutes, he has a wife, raises a family, struggles to save a planet, and dies. If you forgot, its the episode where he gets the Ressikan Flute, which at the end he holds close and then plays, perfectly. Its the episode that likely impacted Picard the most, and is one of my favourites featuring the character.
  4. Tbh, "Romulans as bad guys" plots have always been pretty duff. DS9 had to make them allies to change them up, and its so obvious that the producers didnt like using them as a race much because Star Treks Collectible Card game has so few Romulans as actual cards you can use its ridiculous, and you have to have copies of random Romulans to make up your deck!
  5. I wonder if Martok is still alive at this point, and if Worf is still Ambassador to Qo'nos. Maybe they wont be a threat, but I doubt it. If the Federation is working with the Romulans I cant see the Klingons liking that, despite Worf warming to them in Nemesis. I assume Garak is helping restore Cardassia. They werent much of a military power at the end of DS9.
  6. Data is alive and well in the comic series that came out prior to Star Trek (the JJ Abrams one), and was considered canon prior to Picard. Data was captaining the Enterprise of all vessels, and was using B4's body, modified with help from Geordi, and the Daystrom Institute, likely including Bruce Maddox. This has, of course, now been retconned by Picard. Even Star Trek Online had adopted the comic's storyline and added it to its lore that Data was the current captain of the Enterprise, etc. Spiner has done an interview about returning (though from the same interview its fairly clear he will be in it more than the times we've seen him so far): https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/brent-spiner-on-data-return-in-star-trek-picard There is no reason for Data to not be made into a human type android at some point, as we have seen this is now possible in the series. There's the answer to all that makeup, prosthetics etc - its no longer needed, just do a Data impression and Spiner's golden. And on the subject of season 2, this is from that same article: So yeah, season 1 seems to be a "gather the crew! season, and I suspect it will pull a Witcher, and we'll only have Picard and Co. meet up with Soji on the Borg cube in the last episode.
  7. Maybe he'll finally meet up with her at the end of season 1. Its really slow going atm, with additional stuff being added each episode and then having to be explained rather than focussing on the main plot point. World building which, if TNG era Trek hadnt been canned, shouldnt have needed to be done. In fact, if Nemesis hadnt have bombed I suspect Data would have been brought back in the next film or whatever, far quicker than I suspect he will in this series.
  8. Finished season one of ToS. Surprisingly decent, considering its age. The last episode was quite strange though, as the alien cell like creatures tended to make noises as if they had a case of extreme flatulence whenever they seemed to move Anyway, on to season 2.
  9. Watching ToS atm. Surprised I've never done so before, aside from the odd episode. The updated models for the Enterprise and the other space scenes is a welcome addition though. The old special effects were pretty bad.
  10. So far its just been world building stuff that we should have got in the 18 years or so of not having any Next Gen/DS9/Voyager era Trek on TV. Cant really blame the show for that. Two people sliding down a hallway in their socks though....not sure that needed to be in there, but whatever. The episode's premise is fine, but took more time than was needed to go about it. In the meantime they could have added in some more explanation of why the planet is how it is, and why there's a classic Romulan Bird of Prey flying about instead of a more up to date model, like a D'deridex Class - You dont take the priceless antique out to shoot at people, especially when they shoot back, and it also makes little sense that it seems to be outclassing the more modern vessel.
  11. I started watching season 1. They're not as bad as I thought they'd be, though the first season doesnt have the infamous "Spocks Brain" episode
  12. Thanks @Uncle Mike! Also I like how the pic in the twitter link has upto 75% off, but the same pic lists 2 games with 33% off
  13. Been playing them in order from 0 to 4, and been holding off on 6 to play 5. Looking forward to playing air hockey instead of table tennis at the spa - ahh memories of 80's arcades. Have Fist of the North Star and then Judgment to tide me over after 6 until 7 releases in the west too
  14. Its out tomorrow. Wouldnt be surprised if it wont be available to preload as it was part of a multi game release.
  15. Its mined on Federation Planets. This was shown in at least one TOS episode I know of - the first mirror episode. So its not that rare.
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