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  1. *Eramis: starts freezing Variks* D1 Vets: "So you have chosen death!"
  2. Looks like PSN is going tits up atm as well. Downloaded the update and now friends list and a load of other things just dont work.
  3. Just burn through the nightmare hunt for Skolas - 2 decoders every other run (for me anyway). He goes down really quick if you all have a Guilotine (sword). Spin to win, Guardians!
  4. Skipping 5?!? Heresy. How can you skip this?!? In all honesty the "worst" part of 5 is probably Saejima's prison stuff, which dragged on a bit long.
  5. I finished Vampyr last week after getting it in an earlier sale. Its ok, but suffers with bad framerate sometimes. Worth a go for the interesting story and setting (1918 Spanish flu epidemic in London).
  6. Its worth playing the old campaigns now before they go away, as they're quite quick to do due to how weapons and armour changed, making the enemies and bosses a bit of a joke. Also, its funny seeing the pyramid ships in the background when the Red Legion is supposed to be the biggest threat to the system during the original campaign
  7. So double nightfall rewards. Except this poor Guardian got the "rewards" no-one wants, so made the following video (stolen from reddit):
  8. It would have been a PS5, but there's nowt that stands out, and I have a PS4 Pro and a PC. I can wait. Probably trade in and get a PS5 eventually though.
  9. All rewards are doubled this week for nightfall: Ordeals, so its well worth running it multiple times this week. Also, not only materials, but supposedly exotics will be doubled. Obviously I cant confrim yet, as its not reset, but Bungie said "rewards" are doubled, not materials, so....
  10. This track from Yakuza 6 is fire. Like, it literally plays when your'e in a building that is on fire
  11. And Yakuza 6 finished. First game of the series I've ever platinumed due to how easy it is to actually platinum, but worth it considering its Kiryu's last outing in the series as the main protaganist. Got Judgment and Fist of the North Star left before the first entry in the series thats got the daft looking new main character and is totally devoid of Kiryu, honest! Its been a wild ride since Zero, though I wish I got to play that daft zombie game in the series as well as the samurai era games. Yeah Sega, if you could work on getting those out in the west at some point that'd be gr
  12. Hmm, time to sell my Switch and get one of these then
  13. Only just saw the news. Damn A lot of people have lost a hero today.
  14. Mr Ben


    Rise from your grave!!! Small update that Aztecross saw and retweeted. Does look a lot better than it was, though admittedly, anything would be better than what it was...
  15. Was getting this regardless, but the problem I have is toomanygames™.
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