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  1. Mr Ben

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    Shame that footage of Ant Man at the end has "Archive" at the top left of the screen, meaning it really is an old message Cap.
  2. TWAB - The Dawning: When the Dawning last came to the City, a new Golden Age had just begun. Humanity had faced their greatest threat and emerged victorious, if not unscathed. Our Light had returned, brighter than ever. We were dazzled by the infinite possibilities in the world, and every day brought something new. The return of something familiar can be like a welcome visit from an old friend. This year's Dawning is no exception. Our dear Eva Levante—who was instrumental in bringing the traditions of the Dawning to the Tower—returns with it. Eva's fond memories of the heroes who share her home—and the friends she's made in her many years there—spurred her to write down some of her favorite recipes, and recall stories of Dawnings past. This year, she'll share them with some of her favorite Guardians, and help bring the spirit of togetherness back to the Tower. Baking the Goods Eva has returned to the Tower and brought her baking supplies with her. All players of Destiny 2 are invited to join the celebration. She will provide the oven and some ingredients to get you started, but you will need to go out into world to gather more ingredients by defeating enemies and completing various activities in Destiny 2. Once you have your ingredients, you can start combining them to create some tasty treats like Gjallardoodles or Chocolate Ship Cookies. We’ll give you a few recipes to get you started, but it’s up to you to try different combinations and discover which ones turn into the most delicious cookies. Be careful: mismatched ingredients result in burnt edges. You might be asking: “What do I do with all these cookies?” Friends you’ve made throughout the solar system are eager to receive your baked good as gifts. They will show their thanks by rewarding you in their own ways. There will also be bounties to complete along with your cookbook. Here’s a preview of the rewards you’ll have a chance to earn: Enhancement Cores Mods Legendary Gear Avalanche Heavy Machinegun, featuring random rolls That’s not all you will earn while you celebrate the Dawning. As you gather ingredients and bake items, you will also progress towards unlocking this festive new Sparrow. Your new ride will come equipped with some very special perks. Dedicated bakers will also have triumphs to pursue. Those who unlock all the Triumphs during the Dawning will be flying in style. Double Drops A new event means new wares from Eververse. During the Dawning, we’re continuing the tradition of double Engram drops. All players who are at max level (depending on what content they own) will receive both a Bright Engram and a Dawning Engram on every level-up. There will also be a “knock-out” list on the Dawning Engram, preventing you from receiving duplicate items until you’ve earned all of the new items. Introducing multiplayer emotes! ( Also, get ready to throw down. One Exotic emote will be exclusive to a bundle, available for direct purchase with Silver. Do you have a stockpile of Bright Dust piling up? Tess will also offer ingredient packs in exchange for Bright Dust. If you don’t have a lot of Bright Dust and are worried about other players getting to bake all their goods without having to play, don’t worry—that won’t be the case. Eva’s Holiday Oven requires Essence of Dawning, which can only be acquired by playing activities in game. So even if you want to stock up on some ingredients with your extra Bright Dust, you still need to go out in the world to earn the fuel to fire up your oven. For more information concerning the Dawning, be sure to check our Dawning Guide on help.bungie.net. Thank you for another wonderful year. We hope you'll join us in the Tower for this special celebration. The Dawning begins on Tuesday, December 11. The Dawning ends on Tuesday, January 1.
  3. dmg04 also posted this, albeit with clearer instructions:
  4. Probably due to Reddit, as the majority there hated the first forge not being a stepping stone. It was splashed all over the front page of the Destiny reddit last night.
  5. I should point out, I can actually wait for D3. I just wish Bungie would get their act together, as Marmite said, they should've known. Grinding previous content to be able to try new content is obviously daft.
  6. New trailer (from facebook, so apologies for it being so large) - shows some of the new legendary weapons as well as the exotics we already know about from the vidoc, along with a date for the exotic quest for Shin's signature weapon:
  7. Combination of inter-season wierdness, and I also think there arent that many people playing pvp/gambit hence the players you do get tend to have really bad latency.
  8. The forges are matchmade multiplayer modes like the Blind Well, but with actual matchmaking. They reward BA weapons and gear (theres also an exotic ship from one of the forges that looks quite nice). There is story stuff in it, but I wont say anymore than that.
  9. December 4th, but there are some new things to do now - pinnacle rewards quests (see earlier posts) and new triumphs to get started on early if you want.
  10. I actually want an exotic pulse thats not that shitty Osiris one (thats only good for pvp really anyway). And they'll have to rip the Ikelos shotty from my cold dead hands. Nerf be damned, its still good, but I wish they'd bugger off with listening to Reddit/streamers all the damn time when it comes to weapon balance. Make the other guns as good, then we'd have better choices with weapons.
  11. New pinnacle weapons (obtained from 3 account wide quests from tomorrow) in action:
  12. Do enough to only get one schematic a day, and no more. The chance of getting another one past the first is astronomically slim post Forsaken for some reason. Every reset get one, and then leave it for the next day if its not the gun you want. I had to do this for the auto rifle (Winter Wolf), and it nearly drove me mad (mainly with anger at how shit the whole thing is to get a title). I got it eventually by switching to my Hunter after trying on my Titan and Warlock for several days (post Forsaken - I'd already spent weeks during Warmind getting the 40/40 emblem, and still not got all the guns) with no luck at all. Got it on my first hand in on that character post Forsaken. Needless to say, I was relieved to never have to get stems ever again.

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