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  1. Aargh got to this late (Celebrity Masterchefm was on) is this properly live? I know it isn’t happening now, but if I start now, will I be watching from the start?
  2. What was the last Far Cry you played? 3, 4 and 5 are pretty much the same game with differences in story and length (and some unpopular hallucinatory sequences). I’ve played them all (except the Stone Age spin off) and I’ve found it all a bit downhill since number 2. New Dawn was shorter than the other recent ones and had a much better pace to it, felt fun for most of the time I was playing it whereas other recent ones turn into a chore eventuality. It does have some major annoyances near the end though.
  3. I breezed through them first time, didn’t even think it was supposed to be a difficult bit. if you stop and think you get an arrow or 3 and a massive fall
  4. No. Just as long as you are subscribed to game pass.
  5. DS3 is OK - it doesn't really feel like part of the series though, it's more like a dumb-ass all-action spin-off, with extra space-gore. It's worth a play.
  6. Set up an alert on hotukdeals, there seem to be fairly regular discounts.
  7. Also, Faster than Light is coming soon.
  8. It seems much easier... People (or bots) seem unable to aim much of the time, or even unwilling to shoot at all. I was thinking the serious players had all moved on to Apex or COD until I heard there were bots.
  9. Once upon a time in Hollywood 5 out of 5 Wanted to watch it again while I was still watching it. Fucking amazing film.
  10. Atomic Blonde 2/5 - apart from a couple of scenes, very boring. And as much as I love James MacAcoy, I could do without the 'is he a goodie or is he a baddie' shit everytime he's in a film. 6 Underground 3.7/5 Trash, as I was expecting, but quite fun. Like a grown up version of the A-Team. Except really stupid and not grown up at all, really.
  11. Call of Duty TF2 ha no easy introduction on the multiplayer, it can be brutal going in solo and hoping to pick up a few points, learning along the way. Hopefully more people will persevere this time around.
  12. It's not suitable for children really. The graphic depiction of people being shot or blown up is present throughout the campaign and MP and the baby is a hostage in the scene you mention - you can shoot it accidentally and then the game says 'mission failed'.
  13. That's rather unusual, isn't it? You should definitely give this a go, it's a lot of fun in multiplayer despite a few annoyances. As for single player /campaign - its flashy and noisy, but restricted in gameplay. Its a very traditional FPS at heart and has frequent sections where you have to learn how to get through by tral and error. Not saying it's bad, but it doesnt have the freedom and feel of a Halo or Titanfall or similar.
  14. Zero isn't bad, but it's spoiled by some odd design decisions (switching between characters and sharing inventory didnt add anything) and some rubbish monsters. I enjoyed it at the time but would find it frustrating now.
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