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  1. It's incredibly tense if you get into it, more stealth and planning than similar games. Just being out in the open is a massive risk, which makes you play a certain way. Certainly not for everyone. I don't really want to stick up for it, it's an awful looking game and not much fun if you don't want to wait long periods, but it has some merit.
  2. ... is that a review?
  3. I don't really want to extend the conversation about Myst, I think it's probably best left to the ages of cd-rom experiments, but this 'new' version has some sort of alternative puzzle mode. Has anyone persevered with this? I feel like I'm still missing the point of it 30 years later.
  4. https://bethesda.net/en/mods/skyrim/mod-detail/3919839 Looks like Ars Metallica is available, but it is a limited choice. The problem I had with the PS4 mods was the browser you're forced to use if you want to install any. Searching for stuff that was there (according to everyone on the Internet) just didn't work. The choice seemed to be random, and not worth bothering with.
  5. tobert: No particular time period, just make sure it has lapsed.
  6. Almost a great film, great action and characters and the story was looking like it was building up to something (with the philosophical implications of reliving parts of your life, neglecting others etc) Shame it wasted the last 20 minutes going nowhere and ending on a big nothing. Should have just been a bit sillier.
  7. That only changes the size of the subtitles, the item descriptions remain tiny.
  8. Last time I played it (xbox one) it crashed twice within an hour (ish) I want to like it but.... Good luck to you... -edit, that was 2 months ago
  9. I think it's entirely possible I played New Vegas and chose the least interesting paths... I think I played it wrong, basically The story (or stories, as it works out) where OK for a video game but had more ambition than payoff. Its still the same open world RPG mechanics from F3, and there's a lot extra crafting nonsense. .
  10. 3 I reckon. 1&2 are so old now you really have to lower your expectations of the technical aspects and get into the story. New Vegas is more complex In terms of story (your choices make more of an impact) but I didn't find it as satisfying. 4 is a shiny new version of 3, but still quite janky and over simplified in some ways. Fallout 76 is broken in so many ways, don't start with that. *Fallout 3 is one of my favourite games of all time, but it's never looked great. It does the atmospheric thing very well though.
  11. This film has so many problems I'm amazed I finished watching it. The plot, acting, sound mix and the pacing were all so poor I spent an hour and half wishing I hadn't bothered starting to watch it. I was just hoping it would get better. It did, kind of. The last 20 minutes were just as derivative and daft as the preceding hour but had far less baggage and more J K Simmons so I kind of enjoyed it.
  12. When you first start, there's plenty of bots in solo mode. They pretty much count as target practice, and they're so useless you can probably win the first game you play. It's only after the first game or two that proper matchmaking gets introduced.
  13. The first save point is about an hour into the game, unfortunately. Not the best introduction is it… to be honest, I’d use a guide for the first section, it’s not as difficult as it seems once you learn to dodge.
  14. Well that's the point, you're supposed to be interested enough to click on the links that come up. So Microsoft coverage of DOTA league gets more interested parties etc Clicks = money
  15. It's not the default mode, but even the 'casual' mode has problems introducing you to the game. You can set off in the wrong direction and not find anything to do - probably best to play with a guide for the first hour or so. It's not a game for everyone to be honest.
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