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  1. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I think the PS4 fan is a bit cheap and rubbish. Lots of people who have the original model say its loud these days. I've not seen any posts (on here) saying that it overheats/dies due to heat though. Correct me if I'm wrong. Edit : Xbox is more powerful! Thanks for letting me know!!!!
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Playstation Now 7 day free trial is up now if anyone is interested... Having said that, I doesn't appear to be working. Ignore this post. Thanks Sony! Edit :apparently It is working, its just very Very flaky
  3. X Files - Mulder & Scully are back again!

    That was the best episode of the season! The only good one, as I remember.
  4. Yes,That is a bit crazy. Galaxy 2 is very similar to the first one - thats basically the only criticism I have of it - so why not play it?
  5. Deus Ex is available now, just 'bought' it for free from the mobile app.
  6. Crap films with good ideas

    The Vault, recent Netflix thing, was a great concept - confused and semi-likable bank robbers are pushed towards breaking into haunted bank vault. OK it still sounds shit, but it hints at greatness early on as they take hostages who seem to get possessed while they have bags over their heads. Unfortunately it fucks every scene up for no discernible reason, and even though the cast is pretty good it seems they spent zero pounds on sets and special effects, making the whole film seem like a wasted effort.
  7. Spelunky

    Yes. It's time to go to hell.
  8. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - European Tour

    Saw them in Bournemouth last night, they were awesome. Cave's voice was on top form and did some amazingly powerful versions of the Skeleton Tree songs (some of them sounding very different to the album version now the vocals are at full power), and some of the best of the back catalogue (From Her to Eternity being especially mind and ear-drum blowing). Audience participation was great too, we sang him happy birthday and loads of people got on stage for the last few songs, lots of hugs were given. T'was a brilliant night, if you have tickets for the tour you're in for a real treat. Possibly even at the O2, still not sure about that venue.
  9. There's an option to connect to leader boards (under 'Gameplay' I think), turn that off to save some loading time.
  10. It's not that bad technically, a bit of slowdown when things get hectic and a few bugs. The main problem is it's just not as much fun as Just Cause 2.
  11. 'That's You' seems to be a ps+ exclusive, free until 26th October
  12. Better Call Saul!

    At the very least, it was hit by the writers strike which I think was after the first season. I think they had to make a few compromises with AMC regarding the language (ever noticed there's very little swearing in BB?) and violence. There's podcasts they made covering all the seasons, apparently they're well worth listening to.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    It's get one when you see one available at the moment, and the only 'deals' I've seen have been bundles including the less popular games and screen protectors/cases.
  14. PS Plus May 2017 - TFB, Alienation and more

    Dead Nation was on PS+ ages ago, sounds a bit like Alienation. And it was a twin-stick shooter.

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