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  1. Thanks to TCGS I’ve been playing this. However I’m stuck on 99.5% complete. Collected everything, upgraded everything and read it’s a bug which by now should have been patched but mine isn’t somehow (switch) Any ideas? EDIT: I’ve got one Red/Pink door at Lost Cemetery. Guess I’m missing something??
  2. Does the money come out of your account as soon as you preorder or when it’s released?
  3. Enjoying this so far (10% in) but I’m such a graphic whore I thought I’d be running it on favour quality (which looks amazing). However, I don’t know what witchcraft they’ve used but performance mode with high frame rate on is so god dam buttery smooth it’s incredible.
  4. Is there a general consensus (Digital Foundry recommendation) on which graphics mode is best to play it on (assuming you’ve got HDMI 2.1)?
  5. Thanks Popo. Will probably exchange LM3 for MD once we’ve completed it
  6. Thanks guys Good Job GET!
  7. Yes I’ve owned a switch but mainly played the AAA Nintendo titles (Zelda, Mario) I’ve recently bought Luigi’s Mansion 3, Kirby’s forgotten land, super one more jump, bubble bobble 4 friends and boomerang fu. Looking for some more arcade type of games like a decent shoot em up or rpg. But also enjoy Co op games with the Mrs.
  8. I just got myself a OLED Switch. Any must haves from the eShop?
  9. What a great little game. Managed to collect everything on every level so far. It’s nice to be able to just explore and collect things whilst enjoying some fairly simple platforming. Great level designs that lead you round without too much grey matter needed. Recommend/10.
  10. Journey is the ultimate in chill for me
  11. I’m really looking forward to watching this. However checking my local Vue cinema and it doesn’t seem to be listed. Am I too early to be checking release times when it’s not out until Friday or are Vue just not screening it?
  12. Awesome thanks dude. Not sure if this is better quality or not but here is the Link
  13. First play with photo mode. Wow! edit: what’s the best way to upload these photos?
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