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  1. I like all the reports coming in on how quiet it is.
  2. Just tried Argos again and got one. They were saying out of stock a few hours ago
  3. For competitive multiplay I have to play on a 21 or 24" monitor. For single player experience 4k TV.
  4. That’s funny, I dragged my Mrs out of bed at 4:30am when we were there to walk up to the top of the Storr in pitch black (take a decent torch) It was late autumn as well just before the snow came so it’s was cold as well. She didn’t stay long at the top! I then dragged her out on a small fishing boat for the sea eagles, she didn’t really enjoy that either and was death-gripping my hand when the sea got choppy! We did managed to recreate the Skyfall shot at Glencoe on the way home though.
  5. @idiwa Isle of Skye is a lovely place. Get yourself to the old man of storr for sunrise and you’re guaranteed a good photo. In regards to metering I always use multi and then always adjust exposure for the highlights. Shadows can easily be recovered in post, blown highlights not so much. I’ve never needed to use bracketing, that’s not to say you shouldn’t. If you’re using a tripod try shooting in manual. ISO as low as it will go, choose your aperture and lastly the shutter speed. You can hire a boat at Portree and go and see the white tailed sea eagles if you’ve got a long lens. Have a fab tim
  6. Yeah I’m always up for playing, I’ll certainly be playing Infinite for the foreseeable
  7. Yes, all the time. I mostly play solo now because of work and family time. In the days of Halo Reach and Halo 4 I was a student and played regularly with really good players. I attended a few EGL tournaments with a team and played against pros like Ninja and a lot of the UK’s top players. I’m 42 now though and don’t have the time to play like I used to. Sometimes you come across a team and there’s literally nothing you can do. You get called out instantly and beamed from across the map. It’s not fun. Halo 5’s matching system can be unfair as well due to population numbers and you find yourself
  8. Haha I think the grapple hook is going to make for some awesome fun gameplay. Can’t wait!
  9. Noticed this thread pop up again so decided to put together a few more clips I’ve got from multiplayer. Enjoy!
  10. Let’s put the graphics to one side for a moment and focus on the gameplay elements for a second. Here’s Vetoed with some hope for you all....
  11. Tbh I just want to grapple on to a banshee as it’s flying overhead, stick a grenade where the doesn’t shine, unlatch and drop out the sky onto one knee.
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