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  1. Absolute polar opposite of last nights game tonight. We won 10 and lost 1! I got my first running riot in a Onyx ranked playlist and this sneaky little flag play… 3 guys returning their flag at our base. I killed one with a grenade and weakened the other two, then halfway through a gun battle grapple the flag to prevent it from being returned, drop out of danger, get the double assist and then cap the flag. Felt so good! there’s no sound for some reason??
  2. And herein lies the problem with matchmaking. Not only the quitters but the servers. The amount of times I get US host or just as worse EU servers with US players on just eating bullets. Not to mention the occasional desync, makes me just want to play a game that works…
  3. My friends and I got the drubbing of our lives last night. I’ve never been spanked so much on Halo. We had a 9 game losing streak, it was painful. We’re all onyx players some in high 1700’s. I went from 1588 to 1559. Only thing I recorded was this little staying alive double kill…
  4. Nice dude! I love these little micro moments in Infinite. It’s as satisfying as get multikills imo
  5. I played precisely half a game of fiesta. To start I joined in progress halfway through a game where 3 people had already quit out of. Secondly one guy had sword/grapple combo and was ridiculous good with it. Tried three times to kill him with shite weapons and then went straight back to ranked. Not for me thanks.
  6. You hit him 3 times in total, the rest of the shots missed. You hit him once when he came through the door, second hit was when he was on the barrel and you clipped the bottom of his legs and the third time for the final kill. This is how many direct hits it takes to kill with the fast firing shot gun. To improve, pace your shots so that you're confident it's going to hit.
  7. Haha I had to YouTube one boss because I was missing a technique that proved critical to the fight. There's actually a lot of creativity available with Kena's arsenal.
  8. I went to a Halo 3 LAN party at a students house. I can't even remember what town it was. There were rooms and rooms of people playing Halo, some huddled round one tele, others sitting on a bed looking at a massive projector screen. It was so much fun but what really made my night was a guy there who's name I've sadly forgotten came up to me and handed me a drawing. It was a picture of me as master chief, drawn brilliantly. I held onto it for years and was gutted when I lost it. I've never stopped playing Halo and even competed at some EGL events against the likes of Ninja and top EU pros but nothing sticks in my mind as much as an almost random stranger handing me a drawing of something I've enjoyed so much and for so long.
  9. I’ve just completed this on Spirit guide (first play through) found the difficulty setting about right. There are some hard bosses which took many attempts and I used YouTube for some tactics for a boss near the end but on the whole I really enjoyed it and got through it fine. Having not completed many games this year as I have a busy work/family life the fact that this kept me coming back speaks volumes. It’s an aesthetically beautiful game and the combat is fun. Easy exploration and simple puzzles made it all the more enjoyable for me. The story was good also. Not much else to say other than I’d highly recommend it.
  10. Well this is a bit good isn’t it! Love the speed at which you can fly around thanks to the grapple. It pulls you out of a tight spot when you’re one-shot or hurtles you towards your next target, it’s wicked. Guns are great also, meaty sounding, laser beaming, exploding producing, electric conducing fun! Loving the Mangler for taking out grunts and head shotting brutes. Just made it to the surface and the open world just makes picking your own route all the more fun. Halo/10
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