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  1. I agree that it wouldn't have sold that well but I also agree with the Dr that the game is absolutely awesome, for all the same reasons as him. Its the tops in 2 plyr. -Jools
  2. I use it too (on me xbox), its ace :-D -Jools
  3. Well I've only missed the point if your daft enough to buy the UK PSP and surely noone here is that daft??? -Jools
  4. I tried to tell you all that DVDs over here (Japan) are sold at ripp off prices and that western ones couldn't possibly be priced the same, but you wouldn't have it! (smugly correct) Jools
  5. Anyone know of any plans for beta cabinets appearing in Japan? I hope so, I'd like to check this game out soon. -Jools
  6. I've always fancied playing the EU games (especially after Lum the Mad raved about them ). But I'm wondering, is the DS the ideal platform for this game or is the PC better? How suited is it to the DS hardware? If its a perfect match then I just might be excited about this. -Jools
  7. Some of you are missing the point that DVDs cost more in Japan. We should not expect to be paying 20 quid for UMD movies, thats just the Japanese price. DVDs are very much over-priced in Japan. -Jools
  8. Jools

    Pepsi Ds

    Here's a thought. I live in Japan, if any of you guys fancy buying any of the cool little toys like those in the pictures above, gimme a pm. I'm thinking of starting a business selling stuff like this. You can't believe how much little cool stuff there is here. Generally doesn't cost too much either. -Jools
  9. Wonder what it says in the Japanese version. Maybe its a translation mishap. -Jools
  10. I for one am happy to go on record and state that Evil Dead 2 is actually better than punctuation will ever be. -Jools
  11. Heh, now there's two contradicting replies! Could someone who is a nice happy balance between these two opposites post something? I am very definitely gonna watch these Smallville eps, but equally, I really don't intend to watch them all. Some will be dufferes, I just know it. And time is money maaaaaaaaaaan! -Jools
  12. There's gotta be at least one duff episode in the whole season, surely? Perhaps I should mention that I have real high standards. I get put off by pap real easily... -Jools
  13. OK, I've just been handed series 1 of Smallville. I can't be bothered to watch every single episode but I do fancy getting into this show. I'm hoping you guys can tell me which eps are rubbish, and 1, are real boring, and 2, have no bearing on the ongoing plot in anyway. That way I can just watch the good episodes, coming away with a smile every time. This is going to take a real expert/fan, so if you guys aren't up to it, maybe you can suggest another board thats better. Thanks! -Jools
  14. Yeah, the Sega Saturn pad is truly awesome. I've been using mine on current gen machines through pad adapters for years already. -Jools
  15. Jools

    Re4 On Ps2

    Heh, can't find the magazine to verify it? Its not exactly hard to look at the shelves of the newsagents. This has stinking great rumour written all over it. Good old IGN. Of course, it couldn't be any more obvious that a port of a game specifically written for GC that took 4 years to get the very most out of the hardware, isn't going to be as good as the original (unless they hold back for PS3). That doesn't take away from IGN needing a slap though. I may even go and look for this magazine myself and attempt to "verify" this story, if I can be bothered. -Jools
  16. Check this thread out, I'm lazy to summarise: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessag...18830433&page=1
  17. Yeah, I'd already considered how wonderful it would be for language learning software and asian electronic ditionaries where you could input kanji with the stylus (this technology already exists elsewhere) and be given its meaning and pronunciation. But Nintendo don't really want people buying DS's just for one piece of software, so its never likely to get any Nintendo backing. Its possible, but not all that likely. -Jools
  18. Shame RE4 didn't come out in time. I would have loved to have seen how that stacks up against those games. -Jools
  19. Any more comments about how good this game is? I posted the original first impression but didn't get it after all this negativity :| -Jools
  20. Anyone got a source? While I live in Japan, I opted for the American version (interestingly, Liksang seemed to think the American one would be the one to have for the least cencorship). The Japanese one is more expensive too, but it does come with a making of DVD (though maybe only for pre-orders). -Jools
  21. I played one level of it at TGS. It had a pretty cool looking new level with new monsters and new weapons. Some of the enemies and the boss were truly huge, great fun to play. But ultimately, it really was the same old PSO with no innovation or anything. -Jools
  22. There was the crash trick, but they patched it, and the dummy account thing only affected your national ranking which most people never cared about anyway. The game played completely fairly and cheating free, twas wonderful. Shame non-Japanese folk don't like those kinds of card based games, as its western performance surely means there wont be another. -Jools -Jools
  23. I'm Mr Incredible at Street Fighter 2 there in the UK, but here in Japan I'm more of a Mr Joe Bloggs. -Jools
  24. Thats sad to hear. Tim Rogers (of insert credit) told me around the time of TGS that it was going to be an offline game headed up by that lady who headed Skies of Arcadia (I believe she was instrumental in earlier PS's too, if memory serves me). I was wondering if it was true or not, but its seeming more true now. As for its format, nothing has been revealed at all. There were a number of rumours after E3, but none were even remotely verified. And now for some completely uncalled for random observations: 1. PSO multiplayer offline mode = rubbish. 2. Multiplayer online mode in one room = sex on legs. 3. Episode III (while people actually still played it) = also fantastic, and there wasn't a problem with cheating. -Jools
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