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  1. The most important thing is that the internal clock can't be changed to stop the weak minded from cheating. Also, online play isn't going to be that good. It'll soon degenerate into going online just to trade some stuff to finish sets and then quitting out. -Jools
  2. Me too, it annoys me that the west changed its name from Katamari DamaSHI though. -Jools
  3. Its amazing how many people believe that hokey nonesense here. Japanese people freak out when you tell them that you don't even know what your "type" is. I believe its only in Japan too. -Jools
  4. Be nice if somebody actually tried it for us... -Jools
  5. Didn't know that, I'll be getting a 2nd hand one anyway (I'll ask to see the version before I buy it). So which version is best, what am I after? -Jools
  6. I'm about to get a PSP, do I want a Jpn 1.0 (cheap for me as I live in Japan), or is an American 1.5 better? -Jools
  7. Heh, thats Japan for you. You'd be amazed how "gay" the guys are here. -Jools
  8. Anyone got a site with GC chippery info and stuff like that? Everyone seems to know about the xbox and PS ones, but I've never seen a Nintendo one. -Jools
  9. I live in a major city in Japan and use the subway multiple times a day. Japanese people don't play their handheld consoles on the train, they're too embarrased to do so. Kids do (usually with an SP or GBA, but occasionaly a DS), but adults don't. There is the occasional exception to this of course. -Jools
  10. It'd be the best DS game ever if they'd put multiplayer in (why, oh why didn't they?). So no Pink Stylus in the US version? Thats good, it'll mean my Japanese copy will have some re-sale value. -Jools
  11. Yeah, I've always noticed this too. I waited forever for Yoshi's Island on SNES to lower in price, and it never, ever did. Interestingly, the prices of Nintendo's stuff does lower more here in Japan, but still no where near as much as PS2 games do though. And interestingly, Xbox games maintain their value pretty well here and pretty much never go do down in price (apart from the real dross which plummets like a stone). -Jools
  12. Japanese porn is also highly censored (pixelated) too. -Jools
  13. Heh, while it certainly does amuse me to read a "Sony is doomed!" thread, it is just a tad early to come to those conclusions, methinks. The Sony brandname is probably more than enough to keep it going through this undoubtedly lean software period until some decent stuff is released at some point. -Jools edit: heh, I often post in the same thread at the same time as you inquisitor. Guess its the Japanese time zone thing...
  14. I bought my 2nd hand xbox for next to nothing cause it had no cables. Then this came along and got me a free power cord and I didn't want the lousy composite cable anyway. Ka ching. -Jools
  15. It'll definitely be worth getting the N64 stuff that doesnt emulate well (or at all). That'll be a goer. I'd definitely pay for Paper Mario, Golden Eye, Mario Tennis and that Pokemon puzzle game that was ace. -Jools
  16. There's no way they're gonna be free. At E3 Nintendo said they would be cheap, but there's no way in hell they're gonna be free, if they were, they would've made a much bigger announcement (probably at E3) than that poultry little one. They'll probably have all sorts of special promos where you buy games and get free (or really cheap) retro ones. -Jools
  17. Would have been great if they'd put in GB/GBC games instead of the NES ones. The Nintendo guys also said that the game contains a lot of the old items and characters. Seems to be very much more of the same and certainly not a true sequel. -Jools
  18. Japanese news announced that the two are combining for one unified format. -Jools P.S. Can't believe this turned into a VHS v Betamax thread - who cares?
  19. Gah, maybe you guys can explain yourselves a little for us feed deprived folk :\ -Jools
  20. I dont have any way of watching it either, i'm just reading your comments. Unlike you up in the middle of the night type people I'm actually in mid lesson in an English class I'm teaching in a Japanese high school! I'm browsing the web on the class laptop while they watch Edward Scissorhands... -Jools
  21. Heh, that pad design is so messed up. I'm amazed thats genuine. -Jools
  22. Ah, my old thread has been resurrected. I still think the game is ace all these months on. Its loads better than the DS version, which I'm sure is why it was so lacking in promotion before release, I guess they didn't want to steal any of the DS's thunder. -Jools
  23. Awesome article, I'd love to hear more about his attempts at over-coming the Japanese language and cultural difference. -Jools Edit: there's some great posts in that thread too, about early versions of the game and where its name came from. A must read.
  24. Wow! More testimonials please! This just might be my new subway journey past time. I could even do it standing up. I'd best check those mem card prices out I guess... -Jools
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