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  1. That list of good licensed games is hardly a strong one. You go over the gaming greats of this generation and its hardly a tour de force of aswesome license games. -Jools
  2. I've had this game for a while now and it really is *fantastic*. The interactive manga stories are hilarious, even if you don't speak Japanese. The Japanese tunes are also a top bunch, its an incredibly fun game. I've only played it in hard mode so far, and its damn tricky though, an incredibly unforgiving game! Its kept me coming back for more though. And nicely, the game even has 2, 3 and 4 player modes, both co-op and vs. Co-op mode even has entirely new stories! They are a tad weird though, to say the least. Bottom line, this game is ace, its the new Space Channel 5. Western release not too likely, so go get it now! -Jools
  3. Heh, all this passionate debate is amusing. I can't help but wonder how many of you are genuinely passionate about continuing MAME down the "accuracy at the cost of function" road? I can understand people being passionate about losing certain functionalities in their favourite app, but vice versa? Surely a strange thing to be passionately debating! Assumably, you're not at all passionate about that issue but instead passionate at arguing down Mr Campbell (by proxy), who is much hated here. Which ironically has the opposite effect of being quite nice for Mr Campbell, all this debate and attention gives validity to his "shock jock" style of journalism, exactly the response he wanted all along, of course. -Jools
  4. If they did a proper big budget Street Fighter 4 I'd wet myself. Whats A-Wave anyway? It'd better be good. And did'nt Capcom Japan hand over SF to Capcom America? Sounds worrying... -Jools
  5. They're good here, but certainly not that good. -Jools
  6. The GBA is going to live on for years. -Jools
  7. I'll certainly be keeping mine a 1.5. The commercial PSP games are a great disapointment, but the emulation is excellent. -Jools
  8. You can get em for only £90 in Japan right now, which was what tempted me. The homebrew/emus are excellent but the problem is: IT HAS A RUBBISH D-PAD You should try playing a fighting game on the thing, there's no precision at all. It's shocking. -Jools
  9. Where can I get the latest version of the NeoCD emu? -Jools
  10. They're huge down here in Japan, they're everywhere. Its the girls that really go for them it seems, but there are ones at the back of game centres for geeky males with porno items in though. -Jools
  11. Not in Japan, I see it bargain sections here all the time. Around the thirty quid mark. -Jools
  12. Jools


    I find the PSP games as dull as dish water, but my oh my do I enjoy its use as a comic book reader. -Jools
  13. Mine no worky either. Mine loads up and looks good and everything, but fails to load the actual rom. -Jools
  14. The article does come across as a tad naïve, as if unfairly high review scores could be attributable to a lack of rigorousness . They don’t acknowledge or seem to understand the terribly corrupt relationship between publishers and magazines that undermines the quality magazines these days, or the incredibly low level of journalism that is offered from startlingly underpaid staffers. -Jools
  15. I find the games look nicer on a GBC, personally. -Jools
  16. You think so? I can't help but think that almost everything here is named on the basis that English is so kakkoiiii. -Jools
  17. Thanks a lot angel, seems that my emu is incomplete. I'll get net scouring for it. -Jools
  18. I'd say three. Maybe they didn't want to associate the new-tech DS with the now ancient looking GB/GBC old tech. Sounds crazy, but can't think of anything else - unless the mod causes the DS to eventually blow up or something. Or its fake, of course. -Jools
  19. Can anyone explain how I install the NeoGeo emu? Its got a .bin file and a .rom file, where do I put those and the roms? Thanks! Edit: Where'd you hear about the PSP SCUMM news? Your news sites are clearly better than mine. -Jools
  20. Yeah, but the shop clerk probably would've got his freak on if I'd changed it into English while checking its firmware. Anyways, I've been to Sofmap and I've got me a 1.5, nice! Only 88 quid too. The non-annoyed clerk also gave me and my girlfirend two Katamari Damacy pre-order exclusive strap toys, as a freebie. I'm one happy Jools. -Jools
  21. It was translated (by Namco) in that way that Japanese people who think English is really cool but Japanese isn't kinda way, and having a mostly the opposite opinion, I guess that does annoy me. Non-Japanese folk will now believe its pronounced Damacy, when really its DamaSHI (I small nitpick, I know). So one could argue that those magazines who were mentioned for miss-spelling it, were actually more accurate than the others. And to make you REALLY jealous, my local Sofmap just gave me 2 of the special limited edition toy you could've got if you'd pre-ordered in Japan. Its a suitably weird Keitai stap toy (surely the coolest part of Japanese culture). I'm the happiest guy alive :-) -Jools
  22. Next question (sorry to hijack the thread), where's a good place for 1gig mem cards? -Jools
  23. Thanks a lot Mike, I'm just off to buy the thing in a couple of hours. Hopefully it wont be too difficult to do that in Japanese while the shop guy looks at me annoyed :| -Jools
  24. Yeah, I asked that question earlier and no-one seemed to know. I'm gonna buy a used PSP today and am wondering which firmware to look out for. Btw, when I boot up the PSP, where do I look for the firmware? (Bare in mind it'll be a Japanese PSP). If someone could answer that question real soon I'd really appreciate it!!! -Jools
  25. In Japan, the bigger your shoe size.... ... the more stupid you are! Its true. -Jools
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