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    Game Boy Micro

    Played Mario on it, thought it was lovely. Bit pricey, but give it a year, and I'll probably own one. A lovely little thing it is. -Jools
  2. But being able to play any countries games has been one of the strengths of the cube all along. The freeloader's dirt cheap and dead easy to use. -Jools
  3. Yeah, that bits undoubtedly the hardest part of the first three difficulty levels. The most frustrating too. -Jools
  4. Anyone got the Jaanese release date? -Jools
  5. I'm going too! God I hope they show the revolution there - I'm getting pretty darned excited already! I'm pretty damned stoked about Phantasy Star Universe too. Be great to meet some rllers there, maybe someone should start a thread or something. -Jools
  6. Patience my good Mr. Polmon! As for the giant rat level, did first it first time. Found it to be childs' play. That robot level however was a right bugger. -Jools
  7. So what online games are coming? I for one was sorely disapointed with the news that Monster Hunter is offline only, that was a bit odd. -Jools
  8. Something actually good! (sorry). Seriously though, I've been very disapointed with PSP games. I'm hoping for more quirky unusual titles which the playstation seems to have plenty of (Katamari, Guitarooman etc), but which the PSP is sadly lacking. The machine's so mainstream as to be positively boring. Spice it up is what I say! -Jools
  9. I've heard rumblings of an Ouendan torrent with all the tracks on mp3. If anybody finds it, please do pm me the URL! I've been going crazy trying to find it. -Jools
  10. Due to the PSP not doing as well as expected in Japan you get used ones for only a 100 quid (in perfect almost never touched condition). I got a 1.5 and couldn't be happier, the 1.5 really is the machine to get, the emulation is tops. Those of you coming over for TGS, I highly reccomend a trip to Sofmap to get one. -Jools
  11. That xbox has been modded to have a snazzy appearance too, that contributes to the price, as does its 200gb hard drive. -Jools
  12. I've found the PSP d-pad to be beyond rubbish for 2D fighters, which is the saddest thing in the world considering the systems amazing emulation of SNK games. Truly, truly awful. -Jools
  13. Jools

    Virtua Tennis

    Does it have multiplayer with only one copy of the game (live Taiko no Tatsujin)? That would be a redeeming feature. -Jools
  14. Hah! I'm a big fan of all the games mentioned here, but have any of you used the PSP controller for any of them? Its *awful*. I live in Japan and consider myself a good streetfighter player etc. etc.. However, on the PSP controller I can pull off a rudimentary fireball about 4 times out of ten. If you don't have any direct experience of using the PSP controller for these games, I really wouldn't get excited about any of them. Sorry to be all negative 'n all, but I thought I'd spare you the disapointment that I had to go through. -Jools
  15. I knew loads of the songs before I bought the game and it added to the fun emmensly. Guess it depends if you like Japanese music or not though. -Jools
  16. Here's something some of you may have missed, after finishing a level, the replay option in the bottom left doesn't allow you to replay the same level, it actually shows you a replay of your game, letting you look at all the cool stuff in the top screen that you didn't have a chance of looking at cause you were concentrating so hard. Although its a great chance to "play along" and practice those hard final parts of each song. -Jools
  17. * Puts Japanese Hat on * Basically, young boy falls in love with Japanese girl (the age old story), father doesn't like the idea one bit and decideds to test the young lad's worthyness. It just so happens that its "Matsuri" time (traditional festival), where they sometimes race through the city carrying portable shrines. Father challenges said boy to a race to show his mettle. The better you do, the better he does in the race (after being helped out by others, or not...). -Joolsy
  18. You should live in Japan mate, I only paid 17 quid for mine . -Jools
  19. Yeah it does. And also, it is a better game than Guitarooman. -Jools
  20. Multiplayer mode basically has 2 options, VS mode and co-op. Co-op is just like 1 player but each player takes turn hitting the circles, which are greyed out when its not your turn. VS mode is another kettle of fish all together. The regular stories are completely replaced with bizarre battle stories, for example: a baseball match (one player is the ladies, another the gents) a race or battles with monkies and robots. Very bizarre indeed! The lovely thing about this mode is that it doesn't end if you play badly, you always go through the entire song. Its incredible for practicing those difficult levels. So far, I've only played in 2 plyr mode, but it looks like 4 plyr is available. I'll be testing that real soon. -Jools
  21. There was an ace multiplayer mode in Super Mario Bros DX for gameboy. It was the bee's knees, but may have been entirely head to head modes. -Jools
  22. Very few games have those kinds of save game issues. Donkey Konga and Mr Driller are pretty much it. -Jools
  23. Those prices don't compare very favourably with the exchange rates of the other currencies. Glad I don't live in Britain any more. -Jools
  24. Apart from the easy first level and hard final level, the game's got some screwed up song order as far as difficulty goes. Though I'm kinda thinking that maybe after beating the toughies, the game rewards you with the odd easy one so you don't completely give up hope. -Jools
  25. Yeah, I loved that ghost level too. The more subdued mellow song suited it perfectly. The guy had to say goodbye and say sorry about something (Japanese not good enough to say what), brill stuff. My favourite though is the cheering squad going back in time to help Cleopatra (!) make the Pyramids, what a fantastic ending that had! Playing the last level (on hard) right now, man its tough! Really tough. I'll do it eventually, but not right now, that's for sure. -Jools
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