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  1. I certainly wont be buying it, for exactly those reasons. -Jools
  2. Sorry, I saw it with my eyes! Sadly, those images cannot yet be linked to via the internet Paypal me a tenner though and I'd pop one in the post for ya if you liked. -Jools
  3. The very cool looking strategy guide has just come out. Looks like it may have some cool art inside. -Jools
  4. Streetfighter 2's combo system, which effectively invented the combo system which is used in pretty much all fighters today was a bug. Surely the greatest bug of all -Jools edit: beaten to it!
  5. Yeah, Ouendan kicks the snot out of everything on PSP. Even GTA. -Jools
  6. Cool. I was looking at that in weekly Famitsu the other day and wondering what it was all about. I for one am quite optimistic about the whole thing. -Jools
  7. Feel free to mp3 it and share it with us then -Jools
  8. One million, god thats a lot. Can anyone tell me the name of this torrent site (not the URL of course)? -Jools
  9. Jools


    I've still got a copy of the TGS Okami demo (pictured above) for sale for twenty quid (and a couple of quid for postage). Gimme a pm if interested. - Jools
  10. Yeah, you can choose any song you've already unlocked (including one's you haven't beaten yet - yay!). You then get a new story for the old song. Can't quite remember if they all have a new story or if some are re-used. TBH, I kinda enter into "the zone" when I play multiplayer and hardly look at the story at all. Edit: Perpendicular? Whats that? At a right angle? -Jools
  11. I've played it multiplayer, I wrote about it quite early on in this thread. I've got 3 friends with DS's and Ossu, envy me! Well, anyway, multiplayer is great with this game. There's two modes, there's co-op which plays just like 1 plyr except that you take turns hitting the targets (one player gets a few, then the other player, and so on). Then there's the infinitely superior vs mode. What makes this ace is that you get to play the entirety of the song regardless of how good or bad you are. You get an entirely new story when playing this mode. The new stories aren't as good as the regular ones, but they sure are wacky. Basically, they involve some kind of cartoon fight between you and your opponent (a race, a brawl, etc), and how well you perform determines who gets the upper hand. This mode is fantastic for practicing those almost impossible songs (RSG anyone?) as you always get to play the whole song. -Jools
  12. If there's one thing thats true with this game its that the difficulty of specific songs is a very individual thing. Different people have wildly varying reports as to what songs are hard or easy. I did that song on about my 3rd go for instance. -Jools
  13. Its already discounted down to 15 quid in Den Den Town, so maybe shops over-ordered. -Jools
  14. OK guys, whats the best version on X-box (worldwide, not stinky pal). I needs some KOF action as I'm really loving SNK's Battle Colleseum right now. -Jools
  15. I played this at TGS and it was ace, both on PC and PS2. Its basically a jazzed up PSO, which is no bad thing as far as I'm concerned. -Jools
  16. Jools


    Hey guys, I've got two original copies of the TGS demo disk (it comes in a lovely case). I'd be willing to sell em for 20 quid each plus postage from Japan. PM me if interested. -Jools
  17. Streetfighter games are completely unplayable on the machine's lousy d-pad. Is there anybody out there (who's good enough to do all the super combos and what not) who can actually play on the thing? -Jools
  18. Jools

    Initial D Psp

    OK, I'm no fan of the original, or anything (having played it all of once), BUT, I didn't like it. Maybe it'll improve, but, I didnt like it. Did however get a snazzy PSP strap for playing it though -Jools
  19. I'm there right now! Nintendo presentaion was just awesome, seeing the controller was fantastic. Looking forward to what that brings. Nothing else too exciting so far though. -Jools
  20. Friends of the infamous Tim Rogers (Insert Credit etc). -Jools
  21. Man, there's going to be a lot disapointed people if Nintendo don't reveal anything Friday morning (certainly me, as I'll be there)! Is it definitely 11.30 Jpn time? Edit: its 11am till 11.50, preceded by an Xbox keynote speech. However, they've lumped these keynote speeches into the "Forum" part of TGS which is about "focusing on the latest technological and business trends in the game industry". So maybe they're not revealing anything at all, maybe this is just "shop talk", how dis-heartening! http://expo.nikkeibp.co.jp/tgs/2005a/english/forum.html -Jools
  22. Friend of mine just managed it just fine. Though it does seem like I'm the only person hanging around and seeding this thing... -Jools
  23. That torrent's ace, I'm loving it. These are the original versions and not the cover versions that you get with the game though. As is often the case, people generally like the first version of a song they get to hear, so it may not be to everyone's tasts. Personally, I'd heard the originals of many of these songs first and prefer them emmensley. Especially, "Linda Linda" (one of my all time favourtie songs). -Jools
  24. Yatta! Thats a million (or a real bunch anyway). -Jools
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