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  1. Yeah, it is really. Don't expect any kind of sequel or anything. This game is going to rock for those who've never played before, but not for those who have. -Jools
  2. Hey Alan, I've had the Japanese one a while now and its a number just like Mario Kart. Town name and char name are not important anymore. -Jools
  3. I own both machines, and I must say, its not that the PSP has failed in anyway, the PSP has good games and clearly has better ones to come... Its more that the DS has exceeded expectations by such a great amount, it really has raised the bar. I haven't enjoyed a system this much since the Dreamcast. Every game I buy breaks my heart cause I know it means leaving behind another great game that I could have bought instead. Its still early-ish days, things could still change, but I doubt it. -Jools
  4. Jools

    Mario Kart Ds

    As all MK experts know, you could always take that shortcut with a well timed mushroom before the ramp, effective in both the original and GBA versions. -Jools
  5. It wasn't just my dodgy writing then, good -Jools
  6. Gah, what I meant there was that US and Euro versions are not compatible with the Japanese version -Jools
  7. Don't worry, gyroids abound in this game. You must've read about the absence of the Gyroid outside your house. -Jools
  8. Dont worry dude, its just cause its Japanese. You can write almost anything with six Japanese character, it'll be fine for our version. -Jools
  9. Here's something I wrote elsewhere (first 2 posts): http://4colorrebellion.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=644 -Jools
  10. I've been playing this for a week or so, and as good as it is, its just the GC game all over again. Doesn't really offer anything new, certainly not going to get an Edge 10. -Jools
  11. Jools

    Guitar Hero

    OK, most important question: how's it like compared to Guitar Freaks? I love that game and play it all the time. Has anybody here played both? -Jools
  12. Hey guys, I just snapped up a real cheap copy of Ouendan in a sale (brand new). If anyone wants it, only 25 pounds including p&p! -Jools
  13. Jools

    Mario Kart Ds

    This thread's a bit big, is it in 'ere that people are exchanging friend numbers? -Jools
  14. Band Brothers, Bomberman and Mario Kart are very much where its at. Best to have 2 copies of Mario Kart. Ouendan is quite good too. -Jools
  15. I played it on the weekend at Osaka Games Festa and it was pretty rubbish. Sure, I only had one go, and maybe its the kinda thing you'd get used to eventually. But as it stands, after just one go, its rubbish. -Jools
  16. The controller is abysmall, and the sheer thought of having to use the analogue controller to play is just barmy. It'd be like having to play tennis with inflatable bananas for rackets. -Jools
  17. Yeah, Polman is definitely correct. -Jools
  18. Jools

    Mario Kart Ds

    The power-up turns you into a huge bullet bill and hurtles you forward at some speed for a good little while, anyone getting in the way spin out. It really does make a big difference in your position. As you can imagine, you usually get this power-up when your in a power position. Last time I had it, it took me from 8th to 4th during the dying moments of the race, allowing me to qualify. I did once see a racer in 4th place get it though, so it is possible to get it in higher positions, hopefully not too often though (that'll decide if its a problem or not, I guess). The frequency of good power-ups also depends on the Kart you choose, some have a better "Item" stat than others. -Jools
  19. Jools

    Mario Kart Ds

    Played it all morning at the Osaka Game Show, its great. Its the usual Mario Kart magic back in all its usual glory. Handles and plays lovely, all presented with the expected Nintendo charm. The retro courses looked noticably worse than the modern ones, but you couldn't deny their charm either. Loved the variation in the appearance of each character's karts. Played the game exclusively on 150cc, didn't seem that fast really, but certainly fast enough to have fun. I'd imagine 50cc must really drag though. Game seemed to be pretty easy too. Maby the later cups crank up the difficulty, but the four that are available by default are not particularly challenging. -Jools
  20. Jools

    Mario Kart Ds

    Various businesses seem to use those names, any URLs? -Jools
  21. Jools

    Mario Kart Ds

    Where's best place to buy a US copy? Sorry if this has been asked before! -Jools
  22. PSO Card Battle Pokemon TCG That SNK vs Capcom card game. I'd be in heaven with any of those. DS online is almost made for card games. -Jools
  23. Played it on a demo machine and its right good fun. Hopefully somebody whos bought the thing will write something about it. -Jools
  24. Ya did. I meant on the PSP . Anyways... Isn't Oendan great? -Jools
  25. Check out Taiko no Tatsujin though, its ace. But anyway, lets not digress! -Jools
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