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  1. This games great, only disaointment is how easy the bosses are with the fire flower. -Jools
  2. Yeah, the 360 does seem to have a very bland range of games - it seems to be treading water until Halo comes out. The machine doesn't have much to offer folk who aren't fps fans, unlike the huge range of offerings on the PS2, and assumably the PS3 in the future. -Jools
  3. I fancy this, is there anyway to get this working on a 1.5 PSP? Like anything at all (original disk with the temp ver changer, from image etc.)? -Jools
  4. Jools

    Nerds No More

    The point thats being missed is that gaming is different things to different people. Its becoming increasingly harder and harder to collectively refer to one thing as "gaming" its an interactive narrative for some and very much a sport for others. The real question is whether there's enough interest out there to support a telly show about competitive gaming. -Jools
  5. Gaming Age Forums is a real good 'un (http://www.ga-forum.com/). Verly lively with a Japanese bent, has a lot of users in Japan. News items from 4 Color Rebellion often come from there. There's another Japanesey forum thats hardly used and not popular these days but frequented by Devs in Japan. Its fantstic cause its small, so I'm not even going to tell you where it is. Its not as secretive and hush and hush as the "Findus" forum mentioned above though!! -Jools
  6. Could my homebrew capable 1.5 PSP play this game without needing to upgrade? Things seem to change so much with the PSP versions, I'm always confused :| -Jools
  7. There is one thing thats not being pointed out here. BR/HDD may not provide a particularly noticable jump for some consumers, but its not necessarily the quality that sells something but the *perceived* quality. If they sell the thing as an essential compenent of your new HD set or some other clever marketing angle it could certainly sell. There's a lot of complex variables going on here that we can't really grasp at this early stage, who knows how the extra features will pan out, marketing etc. -Jools
  8. Well those prices are a bargain, they can easily be sold in Japan for 200 pounds - consider yourself lucky. -Jools
  9. OK, let me clarify here. His point was that the most prominent definition of "fun" is learning in a safe environment and that MMOs replace this "learning" with "time played", in many parts of the game (unlike in a game like Streetfighter where time played doesn't count for anything other than what you've learned). Thus, ultimately leading up to his point that many aspets of MMOs do not live up to this definition of fun. He described his argument in no uncertain terms and indeed, it does appear as though current MMOs do not live up to the definition of "fun" provided by MMO's leading expert/author, Raph Koster. Thats all he was saying, and he did it with aplomb. -Jools
  10. A good read, I very much agreed. His points about the TOS approach to enforcing game circumstances instead of actual game mechanics is very valid, and seemingly central to his little essay. -Jools
  11. So how badly do people want DS Lites? These things are going to be in seriously huge demand. If someone offered me a wodge of cash I could get up at an ungodly hour, que up, and get one. People interested? -Jools
  12. I played this quite a bit when it was new in the arcades, very nice game. My attentions have moved on to the truly lovely Hokuto no Ken (First of the Northstar) game now though. -Jools
  13. What does the gold shovel do for you exactly? -Jools
  14. Jools

    Guitar Hero

    Thanks for the reply, I guess you played a westernised version in the arcade, yeah? I don't know what thats like, but the Japanese version over here (which has had about 8 sequels) really is smashing. You can link it to this: http://www.adores.jp/tenpo/shibuya/jpg/arcade/drummaniav.gif (in the arcade) or this: http://www.toysnjoys.com/psx2/drummania_set.jpg (at home) for a maximum of two guitar players and one drummer on the same song, it really is quite heavenly. I'm getting the feeling that people in the west have'nt experienced this. It does seem that the controller might be better than Guitar Freak's, and the songs are more western (which is cool, but I equally love J-music), but I wonder if I bought this would it just seem like more of the same for me (been playing GF for some time now) but minus the cool connectivity of the Japanese version. Its a shame no one has written up a good review comparing both these systems. -Jools
  15. Jools

    Guitar Hero

    I've asked before, and I'll ask again, how does this compare to Hideo Kojima's Guitar Freaks/Drummania? Those games are pretty heavenly and would love to know how similar they are and how they match up to this new game. Don't know if its worth me shelling out for a game thats incredibly similar to one I've already been playing for years. -Jools
  16. Just had new years, awesome! Party poppers all round and fireworks, brilliant. Who needs a real life! -Jools
  17. Jools

    Band Brothers

    I love it, and its one of the few games my girlfriend likes too. Its an absolute joy in multiplayer whereas Ouendan is a little so so in that department. There's no doubt that a more realistic sounding non-midi version of this game on the next iteration of gameboy will be a must have. -Jools
  18. Well Fing, 'ell. Waited five days for Movietyme to ship my copies and then they reply with an email asking for photocopies of my credit card and to send them an up to date credit card statement cause I don't live in the USA or the UK. They can bugger off. Anyone know a place that absolutely, definitely has a copy in stock that I could order from? Man will I be pissed if I can't get it before Chrimbo... -Jools
  19. OK, I got a mail back about why AC hasn't shipped and it turns out DVDBoxoffice don't have any more and don't know when more will arrive Where should I switch to? Who's got em in stock? -Jools
  20. You need a friend code to go online, one player opens the gate to his town the other(s) visit. You can trade stuff when your there and interact with the other person's town, but there's nothing particularly special that happens when you get there. Real handy for getting all the fruits though. -Jools edit: I've got a big bunch of awesome Animal Crossing Japan only toys for sale, pm me if interested.
  21. This forum would be a bit dull if we all had a "just dont buy it then" attitude and didnt discuss anything's faults though. -Jools
  22. Phantasy Star 2 on Megadrive was 65 quid, was anything ever more expensive than that? edit: I guess so then! Though some of the prices bandied about here dont seem to match my memories... -Jools
  23. Yay, more homogenisation of games, thats just what we need. -Jools
  24. Hey everybody, please add me! I'm tired of playing snaking Americans who kick my ass. 262053 017109 -Jools
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