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  1. Everyone normal says "snez". I'd give you a funny look if you said "sness". -Jools
  2. Jools

    GBA SP

    I prefer an afterburned regular GBA. Much more comfortable. -Jools
  3. Blimey, that comes as a surprise. They'd done loads of work for the project too. -Jools
  4. I'm going to be living in Japan at that time so I may as well pick one up. -Jools
  5. I assume you've been to the York store and got anything good already -Jools
  6. Jools

    Social Gaming

    Yeah, social gaming has made up the majority of my gaming life of the past 8 years, its the business. I'd reccomend Made in Wario, bomberman and monkey ball 2 for great social hijinks. -Jools
  7. Then why are you here making multiple posts about it? If others are excited (myself included), why spend your time moaning about something your not all that interested in? Is your life so lacking in meaningful events that the non-events are all you've got to talk about?
  8. Jools

    A Reminder!

    Got mine, yay. Finally got something from the stars catalogue. There was me worrying that I was thirty stars short when nintendo sent me an Animal Crossing questionnaire to fill in for for some bonus stars. Go Nintendo. You get a free mem card with it too. -Jools
  9. I once sold a tower in Ultima Online for £410 on ebay. -Jools
  10. Jools


    I'm getting it from that torrent at 2-3k a second. Only another 53 hours before completion! Is there any better way of downloading it? I couldn't be bothered to read 25 pages of this forum. -Jools
  11. I'm going there the end of this summer... -Jools
  12. You guys with the copies of the Japanese game, feeling generous? There's a special offer currently that requires the stars from a Japanese copy of the new Zelda game. I'm lucky enough to have a friend live in Japan and have enough other Japanese stars collected up to capitalise on it. If your'e feeling kind, pm your code. Cheers! Jools
  13. Thats my recollection as well. Jools
  14. Blondie are great. Jools
  15. Hey there TM, any info on what you guys are planning to do with Edge to wet our appitite to buy future issues sure would be appreciated! Jools
  16. Oooh, you could be stretching it a little bit with that L and R malarky! And yeah, I'm still about, though I'll probably be in Japan come July. Your welcome to come round for a game of Donkey Konga any day. Jools
  17. My point wasn't that Smash TV cannot be remade on this system (I doubt that Nintendo's fortunes will rest on this somehow) it was that any game in which the designers would like you to have simultaneous eight direction control of 2 game objects (moving and aiming independently in the example of STV) would be impossible. This is a clear limitation for porting and fresh ideas alike. If there's space on the front of the machine for them, they'd be foolish not to have them. Jools
  18. Heh, no, I don't! All of those except the Smash TV example hold up quite nicely. Smash TV on the SNES was a critical success enjoyed by many. It worked very, very well indeed. The most relvant point here is that the new Nintendo machine will definitely *not* have an extra stick, but it *may* have the extra face buttons. Giving the system a whole extra dimension, opening up the possibilities for such greats as this classic and any other game that may be controlled in a similar manner. Jools
  19. Now your merely getting into a "my favourite 2D fighter is better than yours" argument. The 3 buttoned Pocket Fighter is also excellent, but many people prefer the countless other SNK and capcom fighters out there, which often require 6 buttons as an absolute necessity. Capcom vs SNK 1 was an experiment into bringing four button controls to the classic capcom fighters, it failed and was disliked by most. The sequel rectified this problem by reinstating the full 6 attack buttons. Jools
  20. The four face buttons on the SNES controller open up many extra possibilities that are simply not possible on the GBA controller. The simultaneous moving and aiming of Smash TV atests to this. Jools
  21. There are loads of classic games that simply don't work without those extra buttons. Ah, the fun that could've been had with Street Fighter and Smash TV... Jools
  22. Street Fighter, Mario Kart, Bomberman. Jools
  23. Jools

    PSO Episode III

    I've been playing the Japanese version for months. Its top stuff. Jools
  24. Got a few things to say here. First of all, sonic team have said that this is only the end of this *story arc*, there may very well be more renumbered PSO games in the future. And second, Ep III does indeed have a cool story and is actually very good. Whats your in game user ID btw, Stroker Ace? Jools
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