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    Tokyo Game Show

    No pics of cosplay girls! They were much hotter than the profesional girls. Real quick post here as I'm still at the show! That PS2 arcade stick pictured isn't new, the upcoming one with a (sadly rather rubbish) Fighting Jam pic on it is new though. The reason I know it isn't new is because I already own the one pictured! Its teh awesome. OK, I'm off for a bit of Eyeplay goodness now, catch you all later. Btw, glad you also had a good time at TGS! -Jools P.S. Yeah Mr Ben, I have played CFJ and its great, but nothing too unexpected though. Its slower than I expected but it certainly does play well. I'm looking forward to it. If I could just find the pre-release carbinet in Osaka (I know its there) I could be enjoying it right now. Grrr! Oh yeah, the xbox version is going to be live enabled and it looks like the xbox version of SF anniversary edition and SF III will also be live enabled. Yay!
  2. Jools

    Tokyo Game Show

    Real quick update, the Insert Credit guys seem to think that Luminess is real simple and there isn',t much to it than the tetris/columns description I gave earlier other than the line that comes across and sweeps away the connected pieces giving you more time to add to them. Although, apparantly you get some special bonus if you connect your pieces on a downbeat fo the music, interesting stuff. -Jools
  3. Jools

    Tokyo Game Show

    OK, I',m at the show and I',ve just played the cool Luminess (the cool Rez sequel, kinda). The music is *awesome* in a Rez kinda way and the gameplay is very similar to tetris and columns, *but* I',ll be real honest with you here, I couldn',t really figure what was going on O.o Theres some sort of interaction going on with the music (it seemed) and theres a line that sweeps from left to right which removes the blocks you',ve matched up, giving you a bit of time to add to these blocks before they go, other than that, *confusion*!, It was still cool though. I asked if the designer was around and I was told he wasn',t I',ll play some more eyetoy later and report back. -Jools
  4. Just got back, and I',m currently in one of those cool japanse manga cafes (cyber cafes) where you can drink unlimited soft drinks. Oishiii!, The show was pretty cool with lots of top games on show, I',ll tell you right now that my tastes don',t really match most peoples though. For instance, I didn',t look at Halo 2 or the new RE for instance, but anyway, I digress... First of all the PSP!, It was real cool, and I never fancied it before. Its not the brick that you think it is and fits in your hands and (big) pocket quite nicely I think. The analogue button switch thingy is a bit weird though. On the 3D action game I played it was real rubbish, but that just may have been the game. Puyo Puyo fever was real nice to play on the ordinary D pad. Cant help but think that if someone hacks this machine it',ll be great (ala xbox). Watching media and playing emus and so on would really be great on this machine, its really quite nice. Conspicous by its absence was the DS. Only three DS games were shown and all of them were videos with no hardware on display. Xbox Monkey Ball. It was great!, Lovely to see some new levels for such a classic game. The xbox pad is definitely not as good as the GC one so the game does suffer a little but its still great nonetheless. Also, either the controls are a little forgiving or I',m bloody good at the game (despite never really having used an xbox pad before. The lack of &quot,grooves&quot, in the pad (MB fans will know what I',m taking about) does make it harder, but I did great anyway. Time will tell wether its me being ace or whether they',ve made things more forgiving to counter for the the more difficult controller. PSO Episode IV (Blue Burst on PC). This was awesome to play, entirely new weapons, monsters etc. great fun. High resolution PSO is a joy to see and the gameplay is as fun as ever. However, the gameplay is exactly the same as it was and unless your a fan of this series the sense of deja vu may put you off a little. Still, I',d get it if I had decent PC. Rez sequel thingy (forget the name, sorry) this looked real cool and I',ll be playing it tomorrow, I',ll tell you about it later!, Sega Superstars, this game was fun. Everyone was a tad shy when it came to playing this, so the booth staff were all but pleadin me to play, so I got to have as many goes as I wanted - ace!, Seeing me kick ass in expert mode Monkey Ball (which was adjacent to eyetoy) the staff started me off on the eyetoy version of this. Difficult, but great fun. Nothing new at all really just new (incredibly easy) levels of MB with the easyness offset by having to use the eye toy as a controller (each hand/arm controlling the left or right axis and degree of momentum. Great fun and quite hilarious, especially when you just can',t quite manage the level of precision needed to get yourself in the end of level exit. Being a huge fan of the DC versions I tried Space Channel 5 next. This was qutie predictable, matching the up down left and right of Ulala with some diagonals added to represent &quot,shoot&quot, and &quot,hey&quot,. The general coolness of SC5 made this a great laugh but I did notice that the timing of the your responses was very, very forgiving (unlike the super harsh original versions). The difficulty was in pulling off the physical movements and remembering the sequence rather than the trademark rythmic precision of the earlier games. Still, maybe this was just easy mode... Overall, great fun, and I',ll report back on the goodies they gave me after I get back home to my cozy apartment in Kobe. -Jools
  5. Yes, it is a shame that with the advent of the new handhelds we will lose a lot of our 2D gaming. Admittedly not all, but a damn big chunk of it. I too am sad. -Jools
  6. So can we clarify that the full version of Metroid *isn't* packed in with it? -Jools
  7. Btw, the Japanese teaser adverts currently airing don't appear to be aimed at kids at all, quite the opposite. They feature Utada Hikaru being bemused at the strange new hardware and asking if she can touch it. Quite subtle more than anything. -Jools
  8. Japanese kids certainly aren't allowed to bring GBs into school with them. On a different note, everyones getting excited about Animal Crossing, isn't it just the GC version all over again? I'm pretty bored with that. -Jools
  9. Its expensive compared to the Japanese price drop. -Jools
  10. I've never seen that add on Japanese telly. -Jools
  11. I wish I could see these pics!
  12. If anyone fancies meetin' up, check this out: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?act=ST&f=24&t=56967
  13. How's it done? I seem to recall that a video game web site needs to register with someone in order to do this. I've just moved to Japan and would really like to go to the press only day of the TGS and report my findings for one of the many game sites out there. What would a site have to do to register me? Thanks! -Jools
  14. No Monkey Ball 3? Dang. Where's AV's new game that he didn't show at E3 because of that row with marketing (as detailed in edge)? -Jools
  15. The response on that forum is censored now. What'd he say? -Jools
  16. In Sofmap yesterday I noticed the online add on thingy comes with bomberman online, looks like a lot of fun. I was wondering what other online games are availalbe to go online - is the whole online thing worthwhile with PS2s? -Jools
  17. Yeah, ain't that the truth. Shame things are generally getting worse in the world of mmogs instead of better. The young whipper snappers don't really seem to realise that though. -Jools
  18. Give PSO ep III a go, its great. It really isn't a MMOG though. -Jools
  19. Wow, just got 200k a second from it, and its only been going for two minutes so far. -Jools
  20. Sounds to me like you should be using a Sega Saturn pad via a pad adapter. I use a mixture of that and an arcade stick as its difficult to lug sticks around to friend's places. You'll need to make sure you get the 2nd type of saturn pad, the one that has little video symbols above the buttons and get the adapter from lik sang. -Jools
  21. Seems deserving, tis a great game. How was the EIGF then? -Jools
  22. Yay for people spamming long winded morality arguments making it harder for me to read about the actual news of the situation! Woo hoo! -Jools
  23. Donkey Konga, Mario Kart DD, SSBM and Phantasy Star III all got disapointing reviews in Edge and I consider them all to be fantastic. And I certainly don't feel guilty playin 'em too! -Jools
  24. But I rather like software piracy, can we call it "software heroism"? -Jools
  25. Jools

    GBA SP

    Fits in my pocket quite nicely actually. The pockets' of a six foot four person have no problem holding it at all. -Jools
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