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  1. The bitterness of those who have to wait to play the game on these boards is amazing! The sheer spite in the language used is amazing. Maybe you don't think its moral, maybe you don't want it spoiled for yourself. Either way, you could just choose not to read these threads and your enjoyment of the game wouldn't be changed at all come release day. Calm down people! -Jools
  2. Wow, this thread is naaaaaasty. People here are getting really abusive about this, people take things so personally its like these guys are saying your momma is a whore. Man you guys are hardcare about halo and it doesn't seem to briging the best out of you! -Jools
  3. Its as friendly as there previous one, which is very friendly. There are a couple of games with text that require a bit of guess work but it really isn't that bad. Saying that however I discovered that there *is* clicky style force feedback in the cart after all, I'd merely turned it off in the otions screen without knowing! That feature really is nice btw. -Jools
  4. Also, ignore all that force feedback nonesense, its merely a clever illusion created by great sound effects and my rather over-active imagination. -Jools
  5. As mentioned earlier, later in the game you do get normal controller mini games mixed in there too, nicely. As for the "twist" games, its funny how much you swivel your head around when you're playing, you really get into the whole twisting thing. -Jools
  6. Sadly, there's no cool stickers (or board game like there was in the GC version). The book is pretty cool with fold out pages with nice art and screen shots (I like the Batman-esque "Warioman" pictures) but its not as nice as having some goodies chucked in there. The game comes in an amusingly cheap (deliberately so, I'm sure) looking box thats a tad larger than it needed to be really. Still, it only cost £21 so I can't complain. -Jools
  7. To be honest, I always prefered not getting the clues in the original. I find the game a little on the easy side when your given the clues and I'm sure the same is true here. -Jools
  8. Here's another observation, when you rotate the GBA to play the game its like you can feel "clicks", like moving a clicky joystick between its various positions. Maybe this is done with some sort of force feedback mechanism. Regardless, its pretty swish, and varies in strength from game to game. Very nice touch. Jools
  9. I'd be amazed if it didn't though there's no release date just yet. I should mention that I should be calling the game "Mawaru Made in Wario", of course. -Jools
  10. Much like before, the same super short mini games but now controlled by twisting your GBA left and right. Watching the Japanese commercials it looks rather dull but get it in your own hands and (just like the people in the commercial) you just can't help but laugh your head off at the sheer bizareness of the physicality of it all. The mini games are as imaginative and lively as they ever were and you quickly feel at home with the game as its structured much like the original (although the presentation owes a lot to its GC incarnation). I expected game after game of only "twisting" to be rather tiresome but it really is great. The diversity of games ensures that this isn't a problem. Also, make your way to the third of fourth level (with the ninja girls) and you get old school mini games using the ordinary controller (yay!). Later levels keep you on your toes by mixing up twist style games with ordinary control games. I've only played it for a bit so far so I'm sure there's loads yet to uncover. Hopefully this cart will have the longevity of the original. All in all I can't reccomend this enough, an absolute joy of a game guaranteed to raise a smile (or twenty). -Jools
  11. I'd be willing to sell mine if somebody made me a reasonable offer. You'd have to pay the postage from Japan as well though. -Jools
  12. I really want to know this too. Reading Liksang's faqs it seems that one adapter works with the arcade sticks no problem but doesnt work with live (the headset) and that the other does work properly with live but has terrible lag when used with arcade sticks. It really is unclear though, be nice to hear from someone with experience. -Jools
  13. Yeah, but no strafing! -Jools
  14. In the Trial Edition of the game the money you collect can be used to unlock secret stuff. There's hard mode, a video to watch and an uzi that can be unlocked. I wouldn't worry about much being spoiled from the demo, its just a small part of the game but the unlockable video however seems to show you every single cool thing in the entire game! Man it looks good, but I do wish I hadn't seen it. The trial edition is very cool, I'm surprised none of you got it. It comes with a really awesome book and DVD, well worth it. -Jools
  15. Oddly, I see you've got no apathy about sharing your apathetic attitude with others... -Jools
  16. I could be playing games right now, but instead I'm writing this. Nah, I'm a social gamer these days, not much of solo or online gamer. -Jools
  17. I played this loads at TGS and it is indeed great. Interestingly, Virtua Striker and Crazy Taxi were not included in the version shown. -Jools
  18. They were really pushing this at TGS with a huge display and a mass of matchingly clad beautiful ladies always at hand. The video footage was clearly heavily inspired by DOAXBV and the game involved a great deal of gratuitous wrestling moves, faces being jammed into crotches etc. I didn't particularly fancy it though, looked a bit dull really. - Jools
  19. What the hell are you guys talking about for all these pages? I hope it isn't just spelling mistakes in the manual. -Jools
  20. Played this yesterday at the rather nice Toys R Us in Kobe city. It plays very similarly to N64 Mario Tennis which is both no bad thing and a little bit boring at the same time. It comes with a whole bunch of mini games which are a bit fiddly and annoying to be honest. One involves looking at colour picture of mario and then trying to colour in a black and white version by batting coloured balls at it. I didn't particularly enjoy any of these games because getting the level of precision needed to bat the ball just were you wanted seemed impossible. Maybe these will get a lot better after you've owned the game for a while and develope some l33t skillz. The tennis game play was pretty standard stuff but with the addition of little cut-scene-esque animations when you get right under the star and hit a good shot. Although something interesting happened in one game. I'd batted the ball past Luigi and there was no way he could hit it so he threw his bat at the (far away) ball pulled out his ghost catching vacuum and sucked the ball back to him! He then proceeded to bat the ball right past my shocked self who didn't even attempt to knock it back. That was pretty cool, how it'll affect gameplay though, I don't really know as I had no idea of how to do this myself. Also, on a side note, I saw like a gazillion TV adverts for the new GBA Made in Wario there too which were coooool. It'll be out in a week! -Jools
  21. Clue me in people. Insert Credit is good, gamefaqs is great, this site of course, is great but... what else? I'm more than confident that you guys know what's what. -Jools
  22. Jools

    Tokyo Game Show

    Ah, but its important to distinguish between the gorgeous and cool cosplay girls and the gorgeous but not in anyway interesting pro model/booth babes. The cosplayers really add a lot of extra enjoyment to the show and they look 100 times better in real life than when pictured it seems. -Jools
  23. Jools

    Tokyo Game Show

    OK, as requested, here's a Nights update. Sadly, it wasn't included in the showroom version. Amazingly, my great enthusiasm for the game (despite the huge ques for everything else, no-one is actually playing the game) illicited the attention of Hashimoto, the director of the game! He told me that the Nights game is finished and all ready to go but it has fine controls which don't work very well under the extremely bright lighting of TGS. So there you go! Hopefully it'll be as good as the other games, they are ace. -Jools
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