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  1. Does Feel the Magic have a language option? If it has Japanese then its reasonable to assume that the Japanese version has English (allowing me to buy the Japanese version here and not have to import one from America). Anyone know? -Jools *edit* Oops, wrong thread. But maybe you guys know anyway.
  2. I've been playing this in Japanese arcades since its release and the game balance seems pretty spot on. -Jools
  3. Well I've rather enjoyed playing it these past few weeks. Its certainly not as good as the pinnacles of the SF series but there is a lot of fun to be had in this new game. I'm happy to have a new edition of SF (I was starting to think we'd never see another one). It doesn't do anything revolutionary, but its nice to have an excuse to play some more of that ever solid SF gameplay with some new elements and characters. Its also great to be a part of the new SF game buzz: loads of people to play and tournaments to participate in, in the arcades (if you ive in Japan anyway). -Jools
  4. Yeah, its definitely a Japanese launch title, I've got mine pre-ordered already as Japan is the place where I live like. Its looking like it'll be great, but I must say that they should have spaced out the release of their wario games a little better, I still haven't unlocked everything in the last one. -Jools
  5. Well I'll be playing Wario come launch day, you can't argue with that kind of quality. -Jools
  6. Actually, I went on a shopping spree today and visited both Kobe and Osaka Sofmaps and perused their DS posters with the big "not taking any more pre-orders" stickers on them. At both stores, after asking about availability, the sticker was ripped off and was informed that the situations changed and pre-orders for launch day are available once again. Yay! I suggest fellow Japan located viewers re-check their local stores for availability. -Jools
  7. Me and my Tekken loving compadre played it today in a Japanese game centre. It seemed pretty standard stuff to me but he sure as hell liked it. I'm sure you Tekken fans will be happy with it going on his reaction. -Jools
  8. Jeeeez you guys its just a harmless inconsequential article about a person who doesn't get video games not getting video games in a (slightly) amusing manner. Don't have a cow man. - Jools
  9. What you really should be asking is if you have changed your HDD after using live for the first time. Thats what people currently belive to be the souce of the banning. -Jools
  10. http://www.ndsemu.com/ Its still in early stages but other sites have verified that its a legit piece of work. That sure didn't take long. -Jools
  11. Yeah, its pretty damn good. The unlockables are pretty damn bizarre and really make me laugh. Though going for the high scores on the individual mini games you really can get to the point where you've got to shake your gba so fast you risk throwing it across the room. Tis a mad crazy game, hilarious stuff. -Jools
  12. Yeah the game centres here (as they like to call them) are fantastic, absolutely everywhere too. Just as western arcades always have a racing game and a shooting game (etc etc), game centres here are simularly predictable. But in these ones you're always presented with a ton of music action games as you walk in, and then encounter the hoard of fighting games once you enter the place properly. It may be a bit samey, but bloody hell its heaven! Having good competition is amazing, Capcom Fighting Jam has just been released here and its an absolute joy to be a part of the new game buzz. I can enter tournaments, play against the best players and learn new strategies at the same time as everyone else. I just wish my Japanese was good enough to understand the advanced strategy sections of Arcadia magazine! Speaking of the Japanese style arcades where you don't see your oppenents though, I hate them. It really makes it hard to get to know people and learn about who your fighting. You haven't got a clue whats going on on the other side of the machine and you can't attach faces to playing styles. I miss the old style. Though its always funny to get your ass whipped after the new guy you've just beat 8 times in a row was replaced by the arcade's best player and you didn't know it! -Jools
  13. They've bloody sold out! The original Japanese site that is (it was only 100 quid too - I live in Japan and could have got it for that much). Curse you importing devils! -Jools
  14. Jools

    Fake Psp

    People argue over the lamest of things.... -Jools
  15. It both blows and sucks to be a veggie in Japan. They find a way to add fish or meat to everything. Even if you ask are things veggie (which they won't be), if they say yes you gotta realise that bacon, ham, sea food and a whole bunch of other stuff aren't even considered to be meat in Japan. -Jools
  16. Actually Sony's finances were hit by the PS2's initial image of a DVD player first and a games machine 2nd. Sony were not making any money off of hardware sales and relied on software sales to make things profitable, the last thing they wanted was movie fans buying the hardware and never buying a game. -Jools
  17. My mum bought a big sized brand new telly a year or so ago and it was 50hz. It had scart too. -Jools
  18. Psychologists would probably call that a familiarity and liking relationship. Maybe it would have been different if you had started with the pc controls. -Jools
  19. That certainly wasn't the point of my Xbox purchase. -Jools
  20. Now that is a very interesting question. Never thought of it like that before. Handhelds are very much Nintendo's cash cow these days not home consoles and every home version of pokemon so far has avoided treading on the toes of the portable versions by either been a completely different genre or merely being an interesting extra for the main game and not all that fun in and of itself. I like this theory, is seems quite reasonable (sadly). -Jools
  21. They only cost 40 quid round my way (Japan), boast boast! (sorry) -Jools
  22. I suggest we all ban play.com! -Jools
  23. GBC Pokemon TCG and PSO Ep III are some of my favourite games ever. -Jools
  24. I don't want to appear confrontational but I really didn't think much of crisis. The idea was certainly cool but the qulaity of the issues were pretty poor after issue one. And taking responsibility for the whole "multi-title event" thing must be one of the most shameful things in all of comics, they truly are a blight on the comics world -Jools
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