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  1. In just a little over an hour and a half's time. Most store in Japan open at 10am. -Jools
  2. Now that's the sound of desperate optimism... -Jools
  3. I dont think that means much, as you point out, GBA games have similar warnings on them. And even if Sony did (bizarelly) follow the DVD region coding model, it should be pointed that the UK and Japan actually share the same region, "Region 2". -Jools
  4. I'd consider it myself but I've got vicous flu. My short trip to Daiei earlier nearly did me in for good! -Jools
  5. Thats put me off getting one. -Jools
  6. To give you a further vague answer, I played some 3D game using the analogue controller at TGS and it was really rubbish, BUT it was a really unfinished game, and may not be indicative of the final product at all! -Jools
  7. And to think, if I'd pre-ordered one I could be playing it tomorrow... -Jools
  8. I prefer playing my GBA games on my more comfy GBA to be honest, and pictochat really isn't as fun as you'd think. However, the DS really is a fun machine, I'd reccomend it. -Jools
  9. Its the most common demo pod game here in Japan. It is indeed a lovely game, but it isn't quite as good as twist, which was released only about a month or so ago. Due to the timing, I think its a little disapointing for big Wario fans. -Jools
  10. Yeah, it works on the DS, but its loads more comfortable and easy to play in a GBA (be interesting to see what its like in an SP). And the game's fantastic, I'd heartily reccomend it. Better than a DS in my opinion. Going back to the Japanese launch, I played Pokemon Dash for about 10-15 mins on a demo pod and man that game is dull. Drag the stylus in the direction you want Pikachu to run and repeat (about a thousand times) as he runs around a huge race course competing with other pokemon. The only variation seemed to be a bunch of balloons that allow you to fly up high and get to different islands. On the plus side, Made in Wario DS is more fun the more you play it, and despite claims to the contrary, it does have 2 player modes to unlock, yay. -Jools
  11. I personally think that PSP users and DS users will be more inclined to pick up their respective "hub" machines. Its difficult to know how they will take advantatge of that connectivity just yet, but it'll probably be the usual things, downloading demos, playing online, browsing the net throught your hand held etc. I think the next gen will be particularly make a break for Nintendo vs Sony. If Sony thrashes Nintendo in the handheld market then I think Nintendo will be seriously (probably irrecoverably) damaged. And with this seemingly strong link between the handheld and home markets, it seems that Nintendo will really be taking it up the rear if they lose their stranglehold on the portable market. But the reverse, of course, could completely turn around Nintendo's fortunes, methinks. -Jools
  12. Source: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=5765 Looks like the PS3 and the Nintendo Revolution will act as wireless hubs, taking full advantage of the wireless features of the PSP and the DS. Looks like Xbox might be out in the cold on this one though. Looks to me like the next gen machines are going to be make or break for the big three, and the portable machines have never been so important. The online connectivity is a feature of real value and consequence (unlike Nintendo's previous GBA/Cube link up nonesense). If nintendo can defeat the Sony's PSP then the Revolution wll be the machine to get for many DS owners, possibly giving Nintendo the step up in the (non-portable) games race that it really needs. Similarly, if the PSP fends off the DS then Nintendo's last remaining cash cow will be stripped from them and PSP users will see little reason to pick up a Revolution. A blow of this magnitude would be un-recovorable for Nintendo I think, starting a downward spiral that I cannot imagine them recovering from (though they wouldn't be completely extinguished, they've got loads of cash stacked away). And as for Xbox, they seem to be out in the cold on this one, depite being the real fore-runners of popular online console gaming. It'll be interesting to see how this affects them Seems like the next gen era is going to be an interesting time... Personally I would like to see Sony's almost monopoly dented a little, a lack of competition is a really bad thing for the consumer. Who can forget Nintendo's god awful software prices back when they ruled the roost in the SNES days aye?. Eish! -Jools
  13. Here's some more interesting titbits of info for ya (if you didn't know already). The DS works as an alarm clock (exciting, aye?), there's a software option to turn off the back light, and it does actually work with GBA flash carts (much to my surprise). -Jools
  14. They're unskippable, god they're boring. They are (partly) interactive too, so you can't just close your DS for a few minutes and return later. Not always, anyway. -Jools
  15. Yeah, though Christmas is becoming a big deal here, too. The kdis all get Chrissy prezzies these days, and believe in Santa too. There's definitely more interest in the PSP with the kids (and with teachers too!). -Jools
  16. As an interesting aside, I asked three of the classes that I teach here in Japan if they were getting a Nintendo DS, and out of over a hundred first grade Junior High School students all of one said he was getting one. Shame, as I was looking forward to playing games with my students. -Jools
  17. Nah, I've got three versions of Mr Driller already, including the excellent GBA version. Just like Puyo Puyo, Mr Driller is a fantatstic game, but its just more of the same of what we've already seen before. -Jools
  18. OK guys, I've returned home with my DS. My experiences MMS's, there were plenty at Sofmap at lunch time, doesn't appear to be any shortages at all (although I pre-ordered mine just to be sure). I can verify that there is indeed no demo cart (sadly). The Japanese model definitely has English as an option for its GUI/OS, which is nice. I've been playing Wario Ware and its ace fun as you can probably imagine. BUT, from my limited experiences so far I can say that it isn't a patch on the incredibly good (and criminally under-looked) Made in Wario Twist for GBA. I'm starting to think that the incredibly low key and secretive launch for Twist was Nintendo making sure that it didn't steal any of the DS's thunder, what with it not really have a lot to go with at its launch. Still, its a good game and definitely reccomended. Though the language thing is definitely more of a barrier than the previous two versions of wario. There's also long (very long) cut scenes entirely in Japanese. They'll bore you whitless. -Jools
  19. I've got one pre-ordered at Sofmap, I'll clue you guys in later as to what its like (be interesting to see if there's a demo disk). I'll definitely be getting the new Made In Wario as well. -Jools
  20. Mr Driller, just like Puyo Puyo, is a magnificent game. But they're both old, and I already own at least three versions of both of these games, and they never really change that much. They're good games, but merely more of the same, and nothing at all to get excited about, in my opinion. -Jools
  21. If you're lucky you'll get a Mr Driller DS carry bag/pouch thing. Its a freebie for pre-ordered copies of the game. -Jools
  22. Lumines was nothing special after a short ten minute game, it didn't particularly grab me any. But maybe it will improve after more play. -Jools
  23. I live in Japan and was considering beeing a part of all the launch day buzz and waiting in line to get one but there just really aren't any games on it I want to play, sadly. -Jools
  24. Does Feel the Magic have a language option? If it has Japanese then its reasonable to assume that the Japanese version has English (allowing me to buy the Japanese version here and not have to import one from America). Anyone know? -Jools
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