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  1. I'm a mod junkie. I can barely play any PC game without getting a mod of some kind for it. Sometimes, it's a bad habit I need to get out of and just enjoy the game, other times, it's the only way to play an otherwise dissapointing game.

    Oblivion is the latter. When I played it I really only used an anti-levelling monsters mod. Now, I want to go back to it, and play with the best set of mods, but frankly the amount available scares me. I don't want to install a bunch that are garbage, or play half the game having missed the best mod in town. Got any recommendations?

    Me too, I've started to spend more time reading about the mods than actually playing them. I would recommend:

    MMM (for great monsters and npcs) coupled with either Oscuros (for a very static game world) or Frans (for a semi static game world).

    Darnified UI improves the interface dramatically. Essential.

    AF Leveling mod improves the levelling system.

    Low poly grass improves your FPS for no real in game loss.

    Colored Enemy Health adds a colour system to enemies health bars. Makes a world of a difference.

    Streamline - optimises your FPS (makes a big difference).

    Qarls texture pack 3 (redomized version). Great if your GFX card has 512+ of ram.

    Oblivion Script Extender (needed for many mods to work)

    Oblivion Mod Manager essential for managing the above.

    Loads and loads of other fun mods, like Midas Magic, Deadly Reflex, Thieves Arsenal and Akatosh Mount. Try not to install too many mods though as it can have an adverse effect on your games content and performance.

  2. If your lucky enough to play this on PC you can use mods to customise to your own needs. Pretty much all gripes in this thread are easily solved with a quick search of the mod sites. For example, I'm currently playing through the game with a more static world (as opposed to everything levelling up with with you - though I think the default levelling system is ideal for your first play through), I've set the sneak and marksman damage to be through the roof, making rogue types very viable. I've got mods enabled that give the game a zillion extra items and monsters (lovingly hand crafted and balanced ones too, not haphazard crap), and I can write notes on the maps! There are mods that improve the whole UI by leaps and bounds, and new sets of textures for the game that radically improve the graphics, if your pc is up to it.

    Modded Oblivion is one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. You tailor the game to exactly what you want.

  3. Very interesting topic, its a shame most pots seem to have missed the main point of the OP: are Sony and MS going to change their business models after the Wii has shown an alternative (more lucrative) model. I think it has to. One option would be to release a machine thats cheap to develope for, with technical innovation replaced with interface and software innovation. Given Sony and MSs previous track record and inexperience in this regard I see this as unlikely (for handheld or living room gaming).

    How I think it will impact their business models is that future Sony and MS machines will have a much smaller jump in power, concentrating more on immediate profitability than their current models do. Empahsis will have to placed on making games cheaper to produce, allowing developers to take more risks with their creative projects. Like the OP, I think the days of loss leader consoles will be over in the next gen. I also very much agree that the gap between gens will grow significantly.


  4. Played and loved the Xbox version when it was "released" years ago. I had hopes that this properly released version would include the arena mode with random levels and enemies that was detailed in previews for game, but sadly not. The game really needed that too as campaign mode was a poor fit for a random game with mates. Ah well. Seems the cool mage character is available off the bat without having to be unlocked though.


  5. I played this pretty heavily when it hit the arcades in Japan. Its a great game very much in the mold of (and made by the same people as) GGX. Animation, music, and visual style are all absolutely lovely. Its very much a combo based game, which doesn't sit all that well with me as I'm a SF freak, but its still great fun. As pointed out earlier, it does have balance issues which will hopefully be sorted out in this version.

    I actually played the PS2 version at last years TGS too. It was much slower than the arcade, with the turbo button completely absent. It did look great though. I'd imagine they've had enough time to bring it up to speed by now.


    Edit: To appreciate this game you really need to watch the TV series first. You can see it here: http://www.heartofmadness.com/. Its not as bad as you'd think.

  6. I've had proper full screen youtube (and so on), controllable by my remote on XBMC for ages already, but its still fun to play around a little. For those not wishing to trawl through the thread for the reccomended URLs, here they are:











  7. I played this quite a bit when it first came out in the arcades, its a nice fighter. Real good fun for fans of SNK over the years and the graphics are better than the usaul SNK fighters.


  8. I've gone through all the songs now and while this game is a lovely, wonderful, highly reccomended thing, its not as good as Ouendan. Inis have clearly learned as they've gone along and there's lots of lovely improvements in EBA, especially in regards to presentation. The song choices however, were a bit lacking for me, probably spot on for many Americans though. And while its a lot easier to read than Ouendan, its Japanesey charm is not 100% intact in EBA.


  9. Heh, this thread is amusing. I've been playing the Japanese version for 6 weeks now and the network side of things has been an incredible cock up. For the first 3 weeks of the game it took 10-40 mins of retrying just to get into the game, and thats just the begining of the problems...


  10. I don't suppose I can use the same charecter/account on both PC and 360 versions?

    I'll probably get 360 version for now, and when the players dry up (and if it is indeed as awesome as PSO) I'll get the PC version.

    Yeah, here's some advice for some of you: don't buy the PC version. If you get it on PS2, you effectively have both versions for the price of one as you can just download the pc one and use your PS2 account info with it.


  11. I've been playing this in Japan for over a month now, it pretty good. You'll be happy if you liked PSO as its basically a considerably jazzed up version of that. If you play with friends (especially rl life friends), its great. If you're just playing with random strangers it may get a bit boring.

    Just like every online game though, it does have its flaws. Its equivalent of mags are just as tedious as before and navigating player run shops is needlessly time consuming. Sega also locked a lot of content at release and feed it to us in dribs and drabs in order to keep our interest and montly payments going, which is pretty annoying.

    I still reccomend it though.


  12. Only thing I can suggest doing is switch to another skin, delete the whole MC360 folder, then FTP it back again.

    Download it from here and then download this update patch and overwrite all.

    Yeah, simple re-install worked a treat :wub: Wasn't exactly much going on on that blade though. Any idea where they've hidden the file explorer now?

  13. Hmm, its not working properly for me. Chossing videos allows me to browse the files on my DVD drive and network, but not the files on my xbox's hdd. Also, the orange xbmc live blade is completely in accessable, merely takes me to the system one instead.

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