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  1. As an interested bystander to the Evercade I have to say that the absolute masterstroke they pulled at the outset was to standardise the packaging on the games and print consecutive release numbers on the boxes. I reckon plenty of people are like I would be with this and have to have them all. Otherwise, being honest, a lot of these carts are far from essential.
  2. Really liking this but I'd prefer to use the face buttons for accelerator and brake but it seems it's not possible. I'm finding the shoulder buttons awkward and there's no point in forcing people to use them if they're not analogue.
  3. ......and scroll through loads of games, buy something, click Continue Shopping, and then end up back at the fucking beginning. 'A hateful piece of shit, designed by a cunt', as the saying goes.
  4. If you've got one of the 8bitdo controllers (I've got the original SNES one with no sticks, looks almost exactly like the original SNES controller) then they've added support for the suspend menu in a later firmware. I can get the suspend menu in NES and SNES games by pressing Start + Select + Y + B. And with Down + Select for the Home menu it's all good.
  5. Yeah, I always thought these guys were all over this and on the case (ha) but I've been thinking it all seems a bit shambolic for the last 6 months or so. Definitely starting to have doubts now, the updates feel like hot air, just bollocks to fill it out.
  6. If you're using an SD adapter slide the switch on the side of the adapter to make the Micro SD inside writable.
  7. I've just moved from a 128GB to a 400GB Micro SD without having to redownload by formatting the new 400GB in the Switch first and then copying the contents of the old to the new., just in case anyone is about to do the same. The 128GB was full and it took 1.5 hours to copy it off onto an external SSD and then 1.5 hours to copy back. Still loads faster than downloading the lot again on my shitty connection. This was PC by the way, it seems there are more issues with this on Mac.
  8. Would this work well in a cab? I have a cabinet with PC running an old version of MAME which is fine but I really fancy something newer and shiner as I am selecting games via a mini bluetooth keyboard. Would only be for arcade as I have a RetroPie for the rest.
  9. Right, it's time for an intervention with myself. I got into 40K rather late in life about 10 years ago and then bought absolutely loads of stuff over the next 7 or so years, opening building and painting some of it, but most of it stayed in the boxes until later. It's now clear that later will likely not be any time soon due to work and kids and the fact that the whole lot hasn't been touched for 4 years since the kids were born. So, it all has to go. I have started a Google sheet with it listed here :- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rYiRIAC2e-cNd6-doZSklMMP8wbKeURyN2utc6p1nLU/edit?usp=sharing This is not all of it by the way, and no, I don't own a shop, and yes, I realise I have/had a problem ;-) Would there be any interest here at all? I'm not sure of prices yet but think around 35% or so off current retail at GW plus P&P. The only issue may be that I am in the Isle of Man and postage may be pricy. Might not be an issue though as I'm hoping to sell lots in one go and will probably offer bigger discounts depending on quantity bought. If there is any interest then let me know and we can talk. I can always create a thread in Trading, with prices, if required. Cheers
  10. It's here. Wish I'd started the 1.7GB software download this morning before I went out though.
  11. I'm joining the club as well. £400 from Amazon for the Rift and Touch Controllers, I've been planning on getting one for a while but at that price I couldn't resist. I borrowed the first development version for a couple of weeks from a mate a few years ago and thought it was ace (especially The Chair) so I'm really looking forward to trying the latest version. I'm guessing it all 'just works' now as it was a right faff last time getting each demo/game to work? I've been playing games across 3x1440 screens but I can't wait to try pCars in VR, already got a wheel. How will I see my telemetry screen though with the goggles on. I've just bought the VR version of Superhot as well to go alongside the standard version. Should be here tomorrow. COME ON!
  12. It looks a bit like when they let Philips have a dabble with the characters for new games on the CDi
  13. Indeed, the 'baddies' in this are pretty bad but a lot of the 'goodies' aren't particularly good either. Just seems like loads of people have all totally lost the plot.
  14. I thought this was looking pretty good but I think it's starting to look like it might be PROPERLY GOOD
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