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  1. Games from the Hong Kong launch, so might be some differences for us and doesn't include the PS3 streaming. Handfull of games I'm looking forward to trying, especially Assetto Corsa Competizione and Ys VIII, so quite happy with that.
  2. Thanks and it wasn't cash, all tyre shaped fruit salads to use as racing softs, or at least that's what they feel like after a few laps. The Porshce is looking good, love the colours. I think at the moment I might be spending more time making liveries, messing around with Adobe Illustrator to make my SVGs small enough than actually driving but I'm enjoying it.
  3. Wordle 333 2/6* Took me a while to find a word that would fit, so got lucky there.
  4. I can't make art but I can copy it, thankfully an easy art car to copy.
  5. Can't say you didn't see me coming.
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