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  1. 5 minutes ago, TehStu said:


    Don't open if you haven't played Odyssey.

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    Technically possible, right? I have no idea what AC Infinity is going to be, but they could have Kassandra in pretty much any time period time.




    Yes I guess it should be technically possible if infinity is going to focus on multiple locations and periods they could go back to her.


    It's a while since I played it so not sure where the main story ends and the DLC starts, so I'll not risk spoilers by speculating.


    I just really enjoyed the Ezio trilogy and always wanted something similar with another character. Syndicate and Evie Frye where great but she got left behind, at first I was disappointed at the Odyssey announcement as I thought Origins perfectly set up a Bayek and Aya sequel. Odyssey did then go onto be one of my games of the generation with Kassandra but then we got Valhalla, which I'm fine to leave behind.


    Now it's onto Infinity which is years off and an unknown change and who knows what could change along the way.

  2. I found the DLC fairly substantial, 12hrs roughly for First Blade and 20hrs for Atlantis, that was after about 100hrs in Odyssey scouring the map which I absolutely loved. I did find myself starting to get burnt out in the DLC, First Blade wasn't as fun but Atlantis is much better, so take a break before that if needed.


    Still disappointed Ubisoft don't stick with a protagonist but especially so after Odyssey, a Kassandra trilogy would have been brilliant.

  3. 16 minutes ago, Fretnoise said:

    Oh and... if you're struggling to decide which Gr1 to buy, the Le Mans Time Trial lets you borrow any Gr1 car and take it for an extended test drive.  Those Group C cars are crazy in comparison to the more modern ones.  220mph in a bath tub with no brakes? Yee-hah!


    I didn't like it at first but the Toyota GR010 turned out to be pretty great at Le Mans, top speed of the Group C cars but much more stable, doesn't want to kill me when I tap the brakes unlike the XJR-9.


    Used it for the Nations race at the weekend, I was quite surprised when I breezed past a 919 down Mulsanne, I thought they must have been doing some extreme fuel saving but I kept passing them with ease. Checking the replay after the race and the Toyota was consistently 20-30 mph faster, I was slower in the corners but that's likely more me than the car, that straight line speed was key to the win.

  4. 7 minutes ago, Hanzo the Razor said:

    Will this be on consoles too? Can they upgrade RE3: Remake to put the rest of the game back in?


    2, 3 and 7 are getting free next-gen updates. Seems the updates have been added to the PSN servers, so hopefully not long to wait, maybe get a date or release on Monday when Capcom have their showcase.

  5. An update but not much of one, title and promise of more later this year.





    Who is the Dread Wolf?


    Solas, the Dread Wolf. Some say he might be an ancient elven god, but some say not. Others say a betrayer of his people…or a savior who now seeks to rescue them at the cost of your world. His motives are inscrutable and his methods sometimes questionable, earning him a reputation as something of a trickster deity—a player of dark and dangerous games.


    Whether you’re new to Dragon Age™ stories or you’ve experienced them all, using Solas’s namesake no doubt suggests a spectrum of endless possibilities on where things may go. But at the core of this, like every past game, is you. If you’re new to Dragon Age, you have no need to worry about not having met our antagonist just yet. He’ll properly introduce himself when the time is right, but we did hint at his return when we announced #TheDreadWolfRises back in 2018.


    More Dragon Age: Dreadwolf later this year


    We suspect you have questions and they’ll be answered in time. While the game won’t be releasing this year, we’re growing closer to that next adventure. Rest assured, Solas is placing his pieces on the board as we speak. That’s all we have for now, but we hope knowing the official title has sparked some intrigue, as we’ll be talking more about the game later this year!


    What do you think #Dreadwolf could mean?


    —The Dragon Age Team



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