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  1. Apart from the broken Tomahawk I don't think I've used the any VGTs outside of the cafe menu, just don't see the appeal of them.


    The Nations race today was fantastic, the Supra GT500 was a joy to drive around Suzuka, a perfect match for the S curves. Almost a shame I had a good result first time out so I didn't race again, would be a great daily race.


    A bit early but I'll take it, daily roulette had trained me to expect something cheap that I already own, saying that I did get 1m credits today.



  2. Quote my post and pass it on to five friends and you too can get a high paying 6 star ticket.


    Mazda Roadster today, so had a decent little run. I already own the car but I'm sure I'll be able to sell the one I bought anytime now...


    Wasn't too keen on the time trial initially but quite enjoying it now, it's fun to find the balance and you can easily feel the improvements as you put the laps in. Surprised how generous the track limits are, you have to really push it to get a penalty. 22.8 is my best so far which will hopefully stay silver, can probably take a bit more off if needed but think gold might be a bit too far for me.


    Might try manual gears but always struggle with them on the pad. Shame GT doesn't let you have manual changes with the auto option, being able to keep it in a higher gear could help, plus in general I often feel the down shifts can be just that fraction too slow.

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