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    IGN: Omega Force is best known for its Musou/Warriors games, but this looks like a big departure from that approach. What was the spark of an idea for Wild Hearts?


    Kotaro Hirata: This project began as an attempt to create a Japanese-style hunting game that a new generation of players around the world could have fun with. It was informed by our experience developing hunting games, specifically the Toukiden series.

    Our goal of creating a Japanese-style hunting game for a new generation remained consistent from start to finish, but making this core idea a reality was not something that happened overnight. One challenge we faced was creating something unique with universal appeal that would be accepted by players around the world. To achieve this, we went through several prototypes and trial and error over a very long period of time.


    The ideas that formed the core of the project were Kemono, a fusion of nature and animals; and Karakuri, a craft element that was added specifically to suit the hunting elements of this game. We believe that Wild Hearts, born from these core ideas, is a hunting game that offers a new and innovative experience.


    IGN: Can you explain the building system we're shown in the trailer? Are you solely creating hunting tools, or can you build structures as in the likes of Fortnite?


    KH: Players hunt using a type of crafting called Karakuri, an ancient technology that allows for the creation of extremely flexible and creative hunting grounds to take on powerful beasts. Karakuri can range from types that can be built instantly during battle, to some that can be combined to create new Karakuri, and also types that are used to build hunting grounds by utilizing many different materials.


    Karakuri expand the freedom and possibilities of hunting combat and exploration in this game, so it differs from the direction of crafting in Fortnite which allows for the creation of huge structures.


    IGN: Is this an open world game, or is the world divided into zones?


    TE: Wild Hearts uses a zone-based system, which we believe has significant advantages in a hunting game in which the player repeatedly hunts. Each separated zone is a large area and players can reach almost any point in a zone using Karakuri, so it is possible to enjoy it like an open world game in which you actively explore the world.


    IGN Interview


    Enjoyed the Toukiden games so interested in seeing how this turns out.

  2. Apart from the broken Tomahawk I don't think I've used the any VGTs outside of the cafe menu, just don't see the appeal of them.


    The Nations race today was fantastic, the Supra GT500 was a joy to drive around Suzuka, a perfect match for the S curves. Almost a shame I had a good result first time out so I didn't race again, would be a great daily race.


    A bit early but I'll take it, daily roulette had trained me to expect something cheap that I already own, saying that I did get 1m credits today.



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