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  1. I think Hype can really add to the experience. I remember with MGS I hadn't really read much about it but hearing people at school talking about it got me really excited then spending a saturday morning trying to find it driving into town not being able to find a copy then driving to the next town and searching for a copy and getting the last copy WHSmiths had all really added to the experience.

    I have found since I started reading forums reguarly that the current game is always more fun as the shared experience adds so much more to a game, being able to talk about your experiences in a game talk about certain events etc just makes it a fuller experience.

    I like the idea of mini groups, you could set up somthing similar to the book group.

  2. That's how I feel about The Wind Waker I'm at the point where I have to collect the Tri Force maps and I just can't be bothered. It's become so boring and tedious plus I'm trying to save the world why should I have to round up four bloody little truants and not even be able to use my sword to do it. I really don't see myself going back to the game any time soon.

  3. I'm in be nice to play with someone who isn't French or caonstantly asking people to suck a certain part of their anatomy. Should be on around 11 after Law and Order.

    Can you get cheaper communicator headsets anywhere as the clip on mine broke earlier.

  4. btw I thought the thread meant "share" rather then sell game engines, in which case why not huh? ;)

    Companies don't share engines because they are companies. They aren't going to give their technology to the competition for free, especially when for a good engine you can get $250,000 a go. That's for a relitively old and simple engine, imagine how much id and Valve will be able to charge for the Doom 3 and HL2 engines, I think the cryENGINE is supposed to cost $1,000,000 to license.

  5. This series is becoming ridiculous. BB need to realise that this show has been about the public deciding who stays in, not them. They are the ones who let her see everything and then put her back in drunk out of her mind. We voted for her to go to the bedsit and then come back in and they have ignored us.

    Bah. ;)

    I do think BB defintely bit of more than they could chew, it does seem to of all gotten out of hand. As you say one of the main attractions of BB is the control the public can have over the house and its inhabitants yet so far we've been denied this. Plus it gets annoying with the shows constantly being changed.

  6. Dont it cost companies to make game engines?? Why would they share it with competitors?

    To make money. id have licensed out all their Quake engines I think at release the License for the Q3 engine was around $250,000 plus 5% royalties per title, and the Unreal engine was a similar price. So I wouldn't be surprised if id have made as much money from licensing the engines as they have from selling games.

  7. Ha - I didn't know that. That's quite amusing.

    Well good luck to him - it's one of the most closed minded professions you can get into. I asked my wife how many openly gay lawyers she's ever met in 17 years. "None, openly", she said, "Although there's a couple I know that could be."

    The thing is he doesn't actually want to become a lawyer, which just makes him even more of a twat.

  8. Any normal person would just laugh at such a ridiculous dance and walk off.

    Because they would have somewhere to walk off to, which in the real world Jay may do that. But in BB he has no where to go plus he is going to have to see the little twat again, so letting him get away with it gives him the upper hand and I don't think half the house has the mental capacity to appreciate the idea of being the bigger man and walking away.

  9. Have to say well done to Victor and Jay. Personally I would have floored Marco ripped off his head to knock in Nadia's head, then used his arms to stuff down the throat of that gobby, cheap dumb little cow Emma.

  10. So how did Victor figure it out? The bedsit has no windows or anything, so he could not have seen anything other than an extra bit of building, which could have been anything. A store room or cameramens room or anything.

    On last Fridays show Davinas mike was left open and I think they heard somthing about it and then just worked it out. Also Shell felt their presence.

  11. I like the new Churchill ads, but I've only seen it once. "GO AWAY!"

    Thats one of my favourites, I'm just waiting for the real invasion. I can't think of any specific adverts but generally like the adverts used by German Car manufaturers, with VW probably being the best.

  12. I really enjoyed it a good mixture of close indoor environments and more open outdoor areas. But I found the train level abit of a dissapointment, as it had been built up to being the games jewel in the crown, but it just felt very linear and restrictive. I defintly found it alot less frustrating than the first game except for the very last section which took me close to breaking point. I did try Live this morning but I was awful but I guess it is one of those games that get better the more experinced you are.

    I'm currently playing through both MGS2 and SC:PT again in harder settings and I'm defintly enjoying SC more Which is a shock to me. I think one of the reasons is the freedom the SC camera allows you, you can swing it around and check your surrondings. But in MGS2 it's so difficult to to tell where you are in the room in relation to the guards, it just gets very frustrating.

  13. The Birds, Dial M for Murder and North by Northwest are my favourite of the Hitchcock films. Lawrence Of Arabia is also a must you have no excuse bot to as you should be able to pick it up cheap or in one of the many DVD offers. Also the Dambusters is one of my favourite war films, makes you proud to be British. Breakfast at Tiffiny's is a must and quite frankly if you fail to fall in love with it and Holly then you are dead inside.

  14. I got Disgaea and BF:V.

    I was always planning to get BF:V but wasn't going to pay £40 for Disgaea. In the end I couldn't really get into Disgaea so ended up trading it for the Xbox live starter kit, but I still thanks to the offer got the chance to try Disgaea. So it was a succesful offer allround for me.

  15. I was thinking the same thing the other day. The trailers are amazing I love watching them but I fear that the game won't actually be able to capture any of the excitment that the videos create. I remeber thinking the same thing about the Unreal II tech demo and an early Daikatana video and we all know how they turned out.

  16. ...and the so called "special" ending (when you got ALL of the orb things) on the original Jak and Daxters really pissed me off...lets just say it was hardly rewarding

    That really pissed me off I wasted hours trying to get the last few orbs for that.

  17. KOTOR endings where satisfying actually. I recent;y finished it off as a bad guy which was fun I kept thinking to myself I'm ****** and more powerful than the lot of you, you worthless pond life, very fun.

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