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  1. 6 minutes ago, SeanR said:



    German Ferrari driver who could have won the 1961 championship if it wasn't for his tragic death at Monza, in a crash that sadly also killed 15 spectators.


    Was always a favourite driver of mine partly for his name but also because I had a model of his Ferrari 156 F1 "Sharknose" which is one of the prettiest F1 cars.






    Sadly not genuine as Enzo scrapped them all.

  2. 5 hours ago, Waggo said:

    I won’t link it here because it was the shitty Sun, but they had the headline yesterday that Martin Braithwaite is holding Barcelona to ransom by refusing to leave until they pay his contract in full. 




    Plenty of other media outlets are giving similar biased reporting in favour of Barca and it stinks.  Just about any other club behaving this outrageously would be sanctioned in a heartbeat, yet where are UEFA?  


    There's a great piece on The Athletic about Barcelona’s financial crisis and there's bit in it about representatives of Barcelona players suspect the club have been leaking contract details and trying to turn the public against them, creating paranoia in the squad.



    Representatives of Barcelona players have noted how the Messi, Griezmann and De Jong contracts have all found their way into Spanish newspapers and several told The Athletic this made them suspect the leaks may have come from Barcelona themselves as attempts to put pressure on players by shaping public opinion against them. Barcelona were approached for comment.


    Agents of Barcelona players wonder privately who will be next, feeding a paranoia within the squad. Some wondered whether goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen, whose contract is set to rise in value significantly next year, may be the next one to come under pressure.



    In his book, Kuper claims the UEFA official dined with a Barcelona counterpart in February 2020 and, during the meal, the Camp Nou official complained about what he perceived to be the governing body’s light touch on Financial Fair Play when it came to Manchester City and PSG, who are both owned by funds or individuals linked to nation-states. This, the argument went, had created an environment in which Barcelona would struggle to compete financially, such is the wealth at the two clubs’ disposal.


    Kuper writes: “Eventually, the Barca official asked, ‘Is there anyone in your FFP department we could pay?’. The UEFA official understood that his counterpart was trying to find somebody to bribe.” 


    It is an extraordinary allegation and it was even more remarkable this week when The Athletic asked UEFA if their official in question had internally disclosed this conversation, in which a member club appeared to be testing the water on how to induce European football’s regulator. We also asked whether any investigation had been launched.


    UEFA said the organisation “is unaware of any such meeting or request”. Barcelona have been approached for comment.

    It should be said that this allegation, along with the appeal to UEFA to advance television money, precedes the Laporta regime.


    They tried to get around the registration problem with Raphinha but thankfully Leeds didn't play ball and got most of the money upfront.



    During negotiations with Leeds over Raphinha, Barcelona’s anxiety became apparent. For example, at one point, they wanted Leeds to legally agree the player’s transfer in this window, but potentially wait until the next one in January to actually process it and receive the cash for him if it turned out that Barcelona could not register him before deadline day at the start of next month.


    Leeds were not prepared to play ball and also stipulated that much of the money had to be paid upfront, while inserting a penalty clause into the contract, committing Barcelona to forfeiting an additional €10million if they failed to meet a fixed payment date.


    It all feels a bit like Ridsdale on steroids, he can only dream of the fishtanks the Barcelona boardroom could have.

  3. 38 minutes ago, Calashnikov said:

    Oh, and I never figured a way to copy hotbar layouts between different devices. I play mostly on a PS5 but occasionally on my old PS4 handed down to my sister if I was back visiting my family. I used to manually set it all up again, a particular ballache any time I unlocked a new ability for my rotations that I wanted to assign to the hotbar.




    It's using the server backup function.


    12 minutes ago, Calashnikov said:

    Anyone else ever played using the same account across different platforms while only owning the expansions on one of them? Curious how it would work in terms of accessing items, gear etc. I’d imagine it’s a mess.



    It's been a while I just used it to level low level jobs and do some crafting, sure I did some low level roulettes as well but no major issues with it. Only annoying thing was if I logged out in an expansion area, as then you can't login with the non expansion platform.

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