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  1. You have to claim one at a time, if you do them both together then you need to restart the game. Annoying I've only just seen this the day before they likely patch it.
  2. I had a run like that where after 8hrs of failing to beat the first boss it felt like the game was taking pity on me and saying if you don't do it now you never will. So I got to the boss with a great weapon, large and full health bar and a few healing consumables feeling great about it, dropped down and the bugger didn't spawn. I was really starting wonder if I'd made a mistake getting Returnal then. Took me another hour to finally beat it, but then I went and beat biome 2 on my first run, makes no sense. Glad I was stubborn and persisted though as I absolutely love it, should have known my enjoyment of anything Housemarque would be greater than my aversion to the mention of roguelike. Might have to go back to it this weekend and carry on up the tower.
  3. I've been enjoying the late bake into the inner loop.
  4. Source Always loved the Pikes Peak, wonder if it will be still as broken and good to see a new track with the Glen, looks like a good update.
  5. That race was amazing, only beaten by finally getting gold on the Spa test. End of the first lap in 7th place and it starts to rain as I'm coming up to the pits, nobody in front has pitted so I come in for wets thinking finally some good luck. Rain is brief so I get maybe a third of a lap before it's back to slick territory, but there's more rain on the radar but who knows if it will hit or if it will be just another brief shower. So do I listen to Brundle and pit to always be on the right tyre, or gamble and stick with the wets in the hope the weather comes back to me. I decide to stick with the wets and just hope I don't lose too much time or burn through them. Whilst it's easy to drive a wide car around parts of the ring I still end up losing places and time, I think I fell down to 11th and maybe 2:30 off the lead. Then towards the end of lap three the rain came in, even better the heaven's opened and my tyres where still in great condition. So I went from struggling with wets in the dry and falling back to flying on the last lap, taking huge chunks out of those ahead each sector, I got really dialled in. In the end I was 3rd I think 15sec off the lead. So in the space of a few laps I went from Vettel making his early bold gamble to Russell on Saturday then finally to Schumacher dancing in the rain. The Le Mans races in the Nations and Toyota cups have also been great. Which just adds to the annoyance, there's possibility for so much great racing but it feels like they don't mix it up much. Give us a daily race D, make it 25min with variable weather and light conditions. Have they ever said why there's only three daily Sport races?
  6. This week is a great example of this issue, start 7th or lower at Spa and you start in the Bus Stop. I didn't set a time for my first race so I was at the back of the grid, I was still in the Bus Stop whilst the leaders where going through La Source, kills the race before you even start. The variety is a real annoyance, feels like Brazil, Austria, Suzuka and Spa are on rotation for Gr.3 and little mixing it up with weather and laps. Then instead of adding a daily race without DR/SR as I thought they would they've just changed Race A, so if like me trying to improve DR is a driving factor it's one less race. Still enjoying it, I just wish there was more choice. In more positive news I got a BMW Z4 GT3 engine swap for my roulette today, which I could drop into an M3 '03. The M3 is ridiculous now, well in a straight line, far too much power for the chassis in the corners but still fun to drive. Was only a couple of second slower than a Gr.3 911 around Monza.
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