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  1. I just did a bit of sightseeing, but have read it's a very different experience now. Not sure where everyone is now, went to Al Zahbi, Windurst, San d'Oria, Jeuno and only saw a handful of people, likely enjoying the greatness that is Bastok. Think I'll do a bit more sightseeing and leave it at that, though getting a job to 76 is tempting, have to see if I left any close.
  2. The slow updates haven't changed, thankfully I kept my install from the last time as it was a pain to install. The music is as wonderful as ever, hits those nostalgia buttons, it feels like coming home.
  3. Free login campaign has started and runs until the 16th, so if you've been thinking of coming back now is the time to give it a go.
  4. Yes, if they haven't logged in for 35 days the ownership will transfer, think I was the only one that had logged in for months or years so ended up as owner.
  5. Yeah, things die in online and here there's more chance of people coming in and deciding to give it a go. Could be useful if we got a new first post, mention the generous trial for one thing. With regards to Free Companies, I know mention of starting a new one but do people want inviting back to the MUK Free company, no housing but it's nearly rank 8 and loads of points to spend on boosts and housing stuff so we could try and sort that out?
  6. Plus 15 days subscription time when you hit 30. It's not just new players current subscribers can create a new character to get the sub time and gil, doesn't take too long with the bonus.
  7. JPR


    Return Home to Vana'diel and play for free between the 9th and 19th of August. Thankfully I kept my install from the last time they did this, will login to see the old sights again.
  8. The dungeon closest to your level is a good source, can get a little repetitive but the added bonus of gear and don't forget to eat. Also if you have any of the lower level exp bonus gear, you can use that if you're synced down to that level via the roulette.
  9. I started thinking about the raids last week, partly just to clear the quests from my log so watched the strategy videos for the first one, but still a bit cautious. After this post decided to give them a go, had a refresher with the videos and went in. I probably spent more time preparing then actually in the raid, more of a blur than fun. Was still useful to watch the videos though, as there are parts that no matter your level you can mess up and cause problems. Was good to get the first one done though and can start working on the rest now.
  10. How have I missed this, only the other day I was wondering if there's anything useful to get with all these seals, now I can stock up on ventures and keep my retainer down the mines. I (Yavie Este) still need an invite, should be on in the next few evenings.
  11. Amazing, I wouldn't be surprised if the court order is also in play, they have to reveal all sales and the details/money involved in the Haas sponsorship by August 1st. Rich energy have been an interesting addition to the season, the Autosport forum thread has been diving into who they are. For a shorter summary Jalopnik did a piece on it.
  12. Character Configuration > Hotbar Settings > Custom Think I also had to make sure in the sharing tab the cross hotbars I use in the picture below are set not to be shared.
  13. The option below that to show another hotbar with a double tap of L2/R2 is useful. I've also set it so that when my weapon is sheathed it displays hotbar 1 which has all my movement, teleport and chocobo abilities, the stuff you need around town. Then when I draw weapons it goes to hotbar 2 which are my combat abilities.
  14. For those just starting out or old players who haven't done it yet, don't forget you can add two-factor authentication to your account, which is highly recommended.
  15. The Curse of Osiris and Warmind are now available to base game players. No need to do anything to get them, the missions are just there to play.
  16. There's a free trial which allows you to level all jobs up to 35 with no time limit, has some limitations. 35 covers a decent chunk of the original story and should give a good preview. Most of the main story is done solo, a handful of quests require a dungeon completion but there's matchmaking for all dungeons, story or not. I've been solo and using the matchmaking for dungeons daily since starting again with no issues.
  17. If one GT race isn't enough you can also watch the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship on the IMSA site.
  18. I've ended up as master of MUK free company, due to the fact that I've logged on and most people haven't since release so it's dead really. The linkshell is similar only the master doesn't change so if they don't log on that's it. I have a few MMO characters now in dead forum linkshells/guilds. I'm enjoying my time back so I've subbed for at least a few months, finally hit 50 and got my fancy Bard outfit.
  19. 2016, the Exor N.V that have a share in Ferrari also own 28.98% of Fiat. Exor N.V is majority owned by the Agnelli family and John Elkann the heir of Gianni Agnelli (Ferrari F2003-GA) is the Chairman of Ferrari, Fiat and Exor N.V. So Fiat might not own Ferrari any more, but they're both controlled and part owned by the same people still.
  20. I'm Yavie Este, see you're already on my friends list. I've still got a decent chunk of ARR to go, the free Heavensward should keep me going for quite a while.
  21. Heavensward is free until June 27th on PC (excludes Steam) and PS4. There's also a free login campaign for anyone whose account has been inactive for over 30 days. Quite enjoying my time back, will probably sub for a while, nothing quite like an FF MMO.
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