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  1. I hadn't seen that, I've been charged as well and nothing to let me know. Contacted them about it, but might just cancel it.
  2. JPR

    Formula One - 2020

    Of course, that's why I said it would be faster. Though being 2008 no less painful, those few seconds of joy at Massa looking like world champion. Quite looking forward to Mugello, something new yet nostalgic. Corners 2 and 3 give me instant flashbacks to MotoGP on the Xbox and many hours on the Forza 2 demo.
  3. JPR

    Formula One - 2020

    See Below Mugello in an F1 car and sadly Ferrari's fastest lap this week.
  4. He also says it's coming 2021. Hopefully saves transfer as I was about 40hrs into my replay on PS4 when I left it.
  5. Character Configuration > Hotbar Settings > Sharing, then click the hotbar you want to be shared and it will be available for all characters.
  6. My streak did reset so I sent support a message. Just checked the app to find my streak has been restored and they've added on the two weeks since then. Annoying it happened but good job on fixing it.
  7. Seems lots of people are having issues achievements with this. More annoyingly it's also not tracking achievements for the weekly set, I was on a 35 week streak.
  8. Gathering Storm contains all the gameplay changes from Rise and Fall, it's just missing the new civs and wonders, so if you just want to buy an expansion that's the one. It's what I did recently until I ended up upgrading to the platinum version anyway. I've also gone back to this recently and sunk many hours into it. Saying that, you can get a steam key for the Platinum version from CD Keys for £26.99 which is everything apart from the new Frontier pass.
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