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  1. Literally came on here to say that when will he learn..
  2. Elanga at LB Ole really wanted Telles off.
  3. Really unfortunate, he’s such a player.
  4. Whyyyy is Cavani not on the bench? Martial is such a waste of space up front on his own.
  5. Weren’t West Ham fans moaning all day last weekend about Ronaldo diving? Their players seem to be time wasting pros today.
  6. Great couple of chances created there. Much better since conceding.
  7. Embarrassingly sloppy and lazy defending.
  8. I mean have you seen the population size of Luxembourg compared to England?
  9. Presumptuous. Also yes, professional referees never make mistakes. Love you all
  10. Ahh right, forgot VAR operates on ‘serves him right’ basis. Also, wrong about the 2nd.
  11. I’m delighted, my friend. Just said watch the replays. Dig up history to your heart’s content, doesn’t change the present.
  12. watch them again and say that with a straight face.
  13. Hope someone runs over the fucking ref’s foot on his way home.
  15. Just hilarious, VAR. hilarious. No arguments with that being a pen but to not even tell the ref to check any of Ronaldo’s is just lol.
  16. Course they’re gonna give this. Despite not even reviewing any of the actual pens on Ronaldo.
  17. VAR continues to be an actual joke
  18. Bless him, sweet for not celebrating. Great goal
  19. We need a goal guys, but don’t worry! Matic is coming on.
  20. Also loved the commentator saying clearly not a pen, then remaining silent when the replay was shown
  21. They won’t give him a single penalty this season.
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